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Is it a wonder?

While third-graders in Anchorage schools have a hard time reading, you might be interested know the school district is working on how kids feel and interact. Alaska Public Media reports the district for 20 years has been gradually, mostly informally introducing “Social-Emotional Learning,” which emphasizes social skills and emotional management, which educators say is critical […]

Quite a change

Nine years ago, when the Anchorage Assembly laid out for the administration its policy guidelines and direction for the city’s collective bargaining and contract negotiations, it was a different world. Republican Dan Sullivan was mayor and the Assembly was, well, a trifle more conservative about most things. Comparing the 2010 policy resolution to one offered […]

Secrets, secrets, secrets

Here we are, into December, and months since the Recall Dunleavy charade began collecting signatures to undo last year’s election, and Alaskans still have no idea who – or what – is picking up the tab for the effort. Its Alaska Public Office Commission report is replete with zeros when it come to listing income […]

Bad public policy

The Anchorage Assembly, apparently in the interest of speed, has approved a $100,000, sole-source contract for a study on how the city would build a waste-to-energy incineration plant. The money would come from the Solid Waste Services budget and the study would be completed within 90 days, the Anchorage Daily News reports. The study does […]

Christmas tree

Those who drive the Glenn Highway have, over the years, been treated to a lighted Christmas tree in the middle of nowhere near the Old Glenn Highway overpass northeast of Anchorage. Over the past few years, the lighted lone tree has struggled, appearing ever more scraggly, and eventually it died, but Jason Tolstrup stepped up […]

Black Friday

Today is the day when shoppers, here and around the world, set sail in a mass of humanity to buy … stuff. And more stuff. And even more stuff because the prices may, or may not, be right. This morning’s news reports include stories of mayhem and near-rioting, fights and stampedes, as shoppers across the […]

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