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Again, the booze tax

In front of a sparse crowd and after rejecting a broad-based sales tax that actually would have helped property taxpayers, the Anchorage Assembly put on the April 7 ballot a 5 percent retail alcohol tax – the same tax voters rejected just nine months. Only Assembly members John Weddleton and Crystal Kennedy voted against putting […]

On again, off again

Good grief, you need a program just to keep up with whether the Recall Dunleavy campaign’s signature-gathering is on hold or can continue. When the recall petition was rejected by the state as having insufficient grounds, Recall Dunleavy sued. Anchorage Superior Judge Eric Aarseth on Jan. 10 ordered signature-gathering booklets be printed by the Alaska […]

Put a fork in it

It is time to put a fork in what passes for journalism in this country today – it is cooked. The circus surrounding the nomination and confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court was among the worst examples of the news media taking sides and spreading outright lies and baseless assertions. You might […]

More contempt

While the Anchorage Assembly is slated Tuesday night to mull whether – or, more likely, which – sales tax should be put on the April 7 ballot, at least one of its members wants another delay. KTVA reports Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel as saying: ”It’s just too fast for something which could be such a game changer […]

523 days, but who’s counting?

Good heavens! Has it really been 523 long days since dead people – yes, that’s right, dead people – lined up to cast ballots in the House District 15 GOP primary election in 2018? How time flies. If you will recall those thrilling days of yesteryear, Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, a staunch Republicrat and the District […]

Left’s contempt

If you do not believe the Left holds you in nothing less than utter contempt, consider this: House Judiciary Chairman Adam Schiff says President Trump’s alleged misconduct cannot be dealt with at the ballot box, but only by his impeachment and removal. During his opening statement, the California Democrat accused Trump of attempting to use […]

It’s good news, but …

So, the news that a plan to transform the structures that holds two city parking garages and the downtown bus station is about to become a 13-story mixed-use building housing, among other things, a five-star Indigo Hotel and new apartments is good news. But it is good news that carries with it a host of […]

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