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Time for a new partner?

Seventeen members of the Alaska House signed a letter to Goldman Sachs protesting its decision not to finance oil and gas drilling projects in the Arctic, specifically the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Polling, the lawmakers pointed out to the investment giant, consistently shows a significant majority of Alaskans support drilling in ANWR. The Inupiaq living […]

Spring is coming

Today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year in the Frozen North, and the good news is that Alaska stops losing daylight and begins its second-by-second to march to the warm embrace of Spring. The sun will rise at 10:14:23 a.m. today and set at 3:41:57 p.m. – for five hours, 27 […]

Who would?

With the Iowa caucuses looming, the latest Democratic debate featured the remnants of what once was a clown car packed full of 2020 hopefuls – seven rich, mostly white, crazy people. Entrepreneur Andrew Yang was the only person of color on stage, and he and fellow longshots Sen. Amy Klobuchar and billionaire Tom Steyer were […]

New tax scheme … Project ’20s Anchorage

While you might not ever know it from local news media, a shadowy group has formed to push a sales tax initiative, “Project ‘20s Anchorage,” onto the city’s April ballot – while dodging the city charter’s 60 percent vote requirement for such levies. The proposal, which needs eight Assembly members’ support to reach the ballot, […]

Real ID planning?

It seems incongruous that a state with billions of dollars socked away in savings is asking for $60,000 in public donations so some rural Alaska communities can sign up for Real ID by next year’s deadline. The Alaska Department of Administration says budget uncertainties have its Division of Motor Vehicles seeking the donations to pay […]

How long?

The proposed 5 percent retail sales tax on alcohol – and the charter dodge to make it possible – has a spot on tonight’s Assembly agenda. Voters rejected such a tax only eight short months ago, 54 percent-46 percent. Last time around, our Left-leaning Assembly wanted the levy so desperately some of its members even […]

No favor

The U.S. Supreme Court is doing western cities, including Anchorage, no favor in declining to hear a landmark case on homelessness that could have allowed communities to deal differently with homeless people sleeping on their streets. Without comment or dissent, it let stand a 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in Martin v. City […]

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