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Judicial poppycock

Here is some bad news for elected office-holders in Alaska who thought they could be recalled only for serious infractions. It turns out, they can be recalled on simply a whim, or a policy disagreement, a philosophical difference or, well, just because. Alaska now has “standardless” recalls. Most of the Alaska Supreme Court says so. […]


It was only a matter of time before the Alaska Legislature would get a chance to wade in on the latest leftest fad, Critical Race Theory. Anchorage Republican Rep. Tom McKay of Anchorage has prefiled a bill for the coming legislative session to prevent Alaska’s public schools from instructing, adopting or adhering to tenets of […]

Winter is coming

Well, so much for all that nonsense about getting along. It did not take long for the Anchorage Assembly to show newly elected Mayor Dave Bronson its “our way or the highway” colors. Bronson had sought $15 million from that august body to construct a temporary, huge tent-like structure to serve as a large-scale homeless […]


As Alaskans, here is a headline we should never want to see over a story about our state, calling it: “America’s worst state for business in 2021.” Ouch! Yet, a CNBC story by Scott Cohn this week carried that very headline. The bullet points: “Squandered opportunities, high costs — and historically low oil production — […]

At least they could pretend

One need look no further than Texas to see a cheesy assault on democratic principles. Nearly 60 Democratic lawmakers have bolted the state to stonewall Republican-backed voting bills that would require voter ID and ban drive-through voting. The horror! The majority flew by private plane to Washington, D.C., to meet with the feds about a […]

Don’t count her out

If there is a takeaway from the Alaska Republican Party State Central Committee’s endorsement of Kelly Tshibaka over incumbent Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate it is this: If you are elected as a Republican, with Republican support, you should act like a Republican. Eagle River’s Rep. Kelly Merrick is a case in point. Republicans from […]

Nice, indeed

The Anchorage Assembly, in its drive to nail down its “wants list” before Mayor Dave Bronson could take office, told appointed acting mayor, Austin Quinn-Davidson, to clear the homeless out of the Sullivan Arena and come up with a plan. As usual, taxpayers were left holding the bag. Quinn-Davidson entered into an agreement to buy […]

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