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Just a reminder: Tuesday is the last day of voting in the municipal runoff election pitting Dave Bronson against Anchorage Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar. These two have distinctly different visions for the city and its future and you can have a say in which one holds sway for the next three years. Bronson, a conservative, is […]

Close the book

The headline on the Alaska Public Media piece says, “A state corporation is still pushing a massive gas line plan in Alaska,” and then asks: “Is it a pipe dream?” From where we sit, the answer, unequivocally, is: You betcha! The article details how the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. believes Alaska LNG, a three-part, $38.7 […]

Bearly spring

Authorities are warning that bears are awakening from hibernation and the public should be aware of the potential conflicts – anywhere and at any time. If you are out on the trails, or even walking in neighborhoods, be alert, pay attention to what is happening around you and carry a deterrent device, from bear spray […]

What about the rest of us?

Guess who is financing the outfit running the Al Gross-below-the-belt-style ads against Dave Bronson? If you guessed unions and fellow travelers, you win. The Putting Alaskans First Committee, which busily is punching away at Bronson, has gathered up $34,624 to slap him around à la Gross in the hopes of getting their pal, Forrest Dunbar […]

What else?

Excuse us for asking, but how is it that two Alaska legislators appear to each be holding two state positions at the same time – something barred by the Alaska Constitution? Where is the news media? Reported only by MustReadAlaska.com, Democrat Rep. Liz Snyder, District 27, is a member of the Alaska House of Representatives […]

At what point …?

At what point will the people of Alaska have had enough of a Legislature that cannot be bothered to follow the law? The Alaska House Finance Committee voted down a $3,000 dividend for this year. That amount would have followed the statutory formula for calculating the dividend, established in 1982. The 1982 statute laying out […]


It is difficult in these troubled times not to be cynical when it comes to local government, but the Anchorage Assembly’s turnaround on its year-long lock-down of businesses, along with its limitations on the size of indoor gatherings, makes it even more so. A cynic might believe the Assembly turnaround was triggered by its desire […]

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