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Something fishy

Looking at the Division of Elections mock election aimed at helping voters understand the new, complicated electoral system put in place when Alaskans voted for Ballot Measure 2, something smells more than a little fishy. The election was split into a two-week open primary election and a general election. The division says all votes are […]


Once in a very great while, the truth finally sees the light of day. East Anchorage Democrat Rep. Geran Tarr is severely ticked off because the Conference Committee of the Legislature, in a bid to hard-knuckle a budget, is trying to force a majority vote. It wants to use the Constitutional Budget Reserve and is […]

No brighter, indeed

You go into the woods for a few days and when you come back you learn the Biden administration is no brighter than when you left. Now, these guys want to “repeal or replace” the roadless rule in the Tongass National Forest – or as greenies and liberals call it, the Tongass National Park and […]

Ronald Reagan’s D-Day Speech

On June 6, 1984, President Ronald Reagan spoke at the dedication of the U.S. Ranger Monument at Pointe du Hoc, France. In the audience were 62 of the surviving Rangers who attacked the cliffs of France 40 years before. These words are from Reagan’s speech that day. We stand on a lonely, windswept point on […]


We join with all of Anchorage in mourning the passing of Tom Fink, a former House speaker and two-term mayor of Alaska’s largest city, at the age of 92. He had been hospitalized and succumbed Friday to “complications from old age,” his family said. Fink was mayor of Anchorage from 1987 to 1994, and speaker […]

Hunger a great motivator

Here’s an idea: Instead of wasting money at $1,200 a pop to get Alaskans to head back to work – as one state senator suggests – why not spend the dough on hiring more state troopers? Sen. Bill Wielechowski wants to spend $10 million to “provide a one-time bonus of $1,200” to get folks back […]

Chocolate mousse, of course

We note with some interest the Alaska Division of Elections’ newly set up mock election aimed at helping Alaskans better understand the ins and outs of voting in future elections under the state’s new, narrowly adopted voting system. The mock election would have you select the best Alaska seafoods from a list of 18 choices, […]

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