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Brennan: Misbehaving in the workplace

By Tom Brennan | Unprofessional behavior was big in the Alaska news this week. And one incident brought back memories of a case from the distant past. The first one, which worried Christmas shoppers everywhere, was a video posted on Facebook showing workers at an Anchorage warehouse roughly throwing around packages shipped by Amazon. The […]

Bandow: 2020 could bring a U.S.-North Korea crisis. Here is how it could unfold.

.By Doug Bandow | In fall of 2017, threats of fire and fury filled the air. President Donald Trump applied his “maximum pressure” policy to North Korea, tightening sanctions while sending the “armada” to sit off the North’s coast. Pyongyang responded with a cascade of unique insults and threats. Reflexive hawks such as Sen. Lindsey […]

Carpenter: NATO Summit 2019: The remnants of a ‘Zombie Alliance’

By Ted Galen Carpenter | When French President Emmanuel Macron said that NATO was experiencing “brain death,” he spoke an important inconvenient truth. Unfortunately, it appears that the ongoing NATO summit intends to focus on traditional burden-sharing issues. In the days before the summit, European members released a plan to great fanfare that would increase […]

Elder: Michael Bloomberg – Tax the poor for their own good

By Larry Elder | Let’s examine some of the many reasons why billionaire Michael Bloomberg is wasting his money on his bid to win the Democratic nomination for president. First, none of the Democratic candidates can win the nomination without the black vote. That means the former New York City mayor needs to pry black […]

Williams: Fraud in higher education

By Walter E. Williams | This year’s education scandal saw parents shelling out megabucks to gain college admittance for their children. Federal prosecutors have charged more than 50 people with participating in a scheme to get their children into colleges by cheating on entrance exams or bribing athletic coaches. They paid William Singer, a college-prep […]

Neily: The Second Amendment returns to SCOTUS

By Clark Neily | Based on today’s argument in New York Rifle & Pistol Association, the unconstitutionality of New York City’s obscure transportation restriction on licensed handguns seems to be a foregone conclusion, with the only real question being how the Supreme Court will respond to the City’s strategic attempt to moot the case by […]

Brennan: Jolly isn’t really my thing

By Tom Brennan | ‘Tis the season to be jolly, so I’ll try. But it won’t be easy. For one thing the news out of Washington is not what you would call up-lifting. The constant focus on the effort to impeach President Donald Trump is a major downer, and it’s hard not to think that […]

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