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Brennan: Heroes proceed with caution

By Tom Brennan | My first experience with segregation was an eye-opener in a very real sense. My eyes literally went wide. I grew up in Massachusetts outside a military base where my dad worked. The military was very much integrated in those days and my parents had several black friends. The base had a […]

Rufo: Critical race theory – What it is and how to fight it

By Christopher F. Rufo | The following is adapted from a lecture delivered at Hillsdale College on March 30, 2021. Critical race theory is fast becoming America’s new institutional orthodoxy. Yet most Americans have never heard of it—and of those who have, many don’t understand it. It’s time for this to change. We need to […]

Singer: My oral testimony to the Alaska Senate Labor and Commerce Committee

By Jeffrey A. Singer | I gave oral testimony to the Alaska Senate Labor and Commerce Committee today regarding legislation it is considering that would repeal the state’s Certificate of Need (CON) laws. These laws require health care facilities to obtain permission in order to open, expand, or add new equipment to health care facilities […]

Elder: Derek Chauvin – The Great White Defendant

By Larry Elder ||In the brilliant novel, “The Bonfire of the Vanities,” author Tom Wolfe describes what he calls the intense media interest in covering “The Great White Defendant.” A review of “Bonfire” explains: “The overarching theme of the book is the search for the great white defendant. The vast majority of defendants in New […]

Yeatman: Supreme Court signals its interest in limiting the president’s leeway for irrational policy making

By William Yeatman | The Supreme Court recently signaled its interest in limiting the president’s leeway to make irrational policy. Such a curtailment is long past due, as modern presidents increasingly have abused this latitude to push the envelope of unilateral executive power. Usually, Congress grants regulatory power to administrative agencies (think: EPA, SEC, FERC, etc.). […]

Burrus, Spiegelman: Will the Supreme Court overturn the infamous takings decision of Kelo v. City of New London?

By Trevor Burrus and Sam Spiegelman | In the infamous case of Kelo v. City of New London, the Supreme Court allowed the city of New London, Connecticut to take Susette Kelo’s little pink house (also the name of a very good movie about the case) via eminent domain for the “public use” of furthering economic […]

Brennan: Facing holes in history

By Tom Brennan | The Covid 19 pandemic has created for much of the world what I would call a hole in history. That hole is a year-long gap in normal activities, plans set aside for months or longer, a problem unlikely to disappear for years to come. It is a huge deficit in the […]

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