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Hanson: This isn’t your father’s left-wing revolution

By Victor Davis Hanson | Starry-eyed radicals in the 1960s and 1970s dreamed that they either were going to take over America or destroy it. One of their favorite mottos was “Change it or lose it,” even as protests focused on drugs, music, race, class, sex, fashion—almost anything and everything. Sixties radicals tutored America on […]

Brennan: Big dividends will end someday

By Tom Brennan | It seems likely that we will have a Permanent Fund dividend of $2,350 this year. Governor Mike Dunleavy and the Alaska Legislature both appear ready to sign off on such a deal. That will make everybody happy for awhile but it really seems likely to speed up the time when we […]

Brennan: Tough decisions on horizon

By Tom Brennan | A top Russian official warns that current efforts to reduce air pollution could cause the price of oil to skyrocket. Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak raised the question — greatly exaggerating, I hope — whether the price of crude oil might rise to $200 a barrel if the world pursues current […]

Barone: Facebook’s speech suppression argues for repeal of Section 230 and a Facebook stock price of zero

By Michael Barone | A lot of people have egg on their face for dismissing the COVID-19 lab-leak theory. As ABC News’ Jonathan Karl said this week. “Some things may be true even if Donald Trump said them.” Or if Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton said them. “We still don’t know where coronavirus originated,” Cotton said […]

Brennan: Wipe out germ warfare

By Tom Brennan | If the worldwide virus outbreak originated in a Chinese laboratory, that suggests the country is experimenting with germ warfare. And if that proves to be the case, China should be held to account as much as possible by the international community. It is unclear what the other countries could do, but […]

Elder: On reparations – John F. Kennedy v. Robert F. Kennedy

By Larry Elder | When did the civil rights movement go off the rails? The answer is when proponents went from justly demanding equal rights to unjustly demanding equal results. As to exactly when this occurred, that’s more difficult to answer. But consider statements, made five years apart, from the Kennedy brothers, John F. and […]

Rufo: Does ‘Housing First’ help homeless? Here’s what happened in Los Angeles

By Christopher Rufo | In 2016, influential political leaders, activists, and media outlets in Los Angeles said they had a simple solution to homelessness: Build more housing. Echoing an argument heard across the country, they claimed that rising rents have thrown people onto the streets and that by directly providing free “permanent supportive housing,” cities […]

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