Chocolate mousse, of course

We note with some interest the Alaska Division of Elections’ newly set up mock election aimed at helping Alaskans better understand the ins and outs of voting in future elections under the state’s new, narrowly adopted voting system.

The mock election would have you select the best Alaska seafoods from a list of 18 choices, everything from black cod to king crab to weathervane scallops. The idea is that you pick just one in the “primary” that currently is ongoing. You can then look to see the top four primary winners that will head to the “general election.”

Right now the leaders are king crab, halibut, sockeye salmon and king salmon.

The top four vote-getters out of the 18 possibles will advance and be the only choices available to voters in the general election. That election will use ranked-choice voting to determine any winners.

Make sense?

We picked black cod in the “primary,” but always have believed seafood would sell better if it tasted more like chocolate.

It would be nice if the field were widened to include Alaska wildlife. In that case, the choice would be incredibly obvious: chocolate mousse, of course.

2 Responses to Chocolate mousse, of course

  1. Proud Alaskan June 6, 2021 at 8:50 am

    It took weeks to know who won the mayors race.
    It’s going to take years to know now.
    Let the Cheating begin

  2. Dave June 5, 2021 at 6:49 am

    This is a stupid idea out of Myers book of stupid ideas and a stupid editorial. I think the subject line should be Myer is a criminal and is trying to promote his criminality by this obvious attempt at being a game show host called “Get Your Eyes Off The Fraudulent Election”!
    Where the hell is our so called governor and what should be expected “oversight ” ?
    I am so disappointed, how bout the rest of you?
    The screaming pitch ought to be deafening


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