There is something particularly loathsome about cowards who slink around in the night defacing property with racist or anti-Semitic scrawls or stickers in attempts to intimidate.

During Reconstruction in the South, they were called night riders, intimidating, bullying, even killing those they opposed. These mice were as cowardly then as they are now. They wore masks. They hid their faces. They were – and are – trash.

Somebody – security cameras indicate it was a male – put three stickers emblazoned with swastikas on the Alaska Jewish Museum last week in the middle of the night. Cops found a similar sticker posted at Mad Myrna’s.

The Alaska Jewish Museum is linked to the Lubavitch Jewish Center of Alaska and vandals have targeted the center in the past.

You have to wonder why, if these night-riding miscreants actually have something to say, they do not stand up on a soapbox in the light of day, their faces unhidden, and say what they believe and debate those who disagree. We can only surmise these milksops know what they are doing is wrong and are afraid their neighbors and loved ones will find them out. That makes what they do all the more craven.

Our community should rally and be outraged at this latest display of ignorance and intolerance. It drags us all down and stains our social fabric.

Whatever we tolerate these creatures doing to any one group, after all, they surely will do to others.

History proves that.

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  1. Jack June 1, 2021 at 6:27 am

    But the left loves it.


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