It is difficult in these troubled times not to be cynical when it comes to local government, but the Anchorage Assembly’s turnaround on its year-long lock-down of businesses, along with its limitations on the size of indoor gatherings, makes it even more so.

A cynic might believe the Assembly turnaround was triggered by its desire to help one of its own, liberal Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar, in the May 11 mayoral runoff election.

Dunbar has been a vocal and ardent supporter of the lock-downs – voting for them again and again – and it has cost him politically. Scores of Anchorage businesses have been forced to close because of the city’s actions.

Downtown Assemblyman Christopher Constant – the guy who likes to rough up rabbis during Assembly meetings – and Dunbar, his pal and political ally, during Tuesday’s meeting offered an amendment to the notorious Emergency Order 20 to remove all emergency order requirements on businesses and gatherings.

As one might expect of our Left-leaning Assembly – after a year with its knee on Anchorage businesses’ necks – quickly fell into line, dumping all restrictions as of May 3, except a mask mandate.

How nice. Our only hope is that Anchorage voters are not nearly as dumb as Dunbar, Constant and their chums on the Assembly seem to think they are.

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  1. Dave May 1, 2021 at 7:40 am

    While we’re on the subject of cynicism let’s not forget our stand for nothing governor and lieutenant governor
    Governor ” we’re doing an investigation on the information of people and their vac status leaked out of the department of health and human services ” can you say STONE WALL!
    The governors own AG’s can’t keep their pants up during work hours. Incompetent while making promises that always have the tag line of “I’m optimistic for our future ” after hiding in his basement for a long season of tyranny and lock down, by again his incompetent staff namely Zinc while her hubby and kids head off toCalifornia beaches! Now the governor is pumping his chest out threatening to sue someone for something that nobody can follow except the hibernated idiot who looks and thinks this is what leading looks like. I can’t even get beyond the fact that this very afraid governor has sent out multiple emails requesting help and money because someone or something out there doesn’t like him!?! We have our own wisord of oz small man .
    His side kick is no better,Myer has been an incredible looser. He has one job. Yah 1 job. Senator Shower had to sue the department of elections to do there job! Say it again with me STONE WALL. This idiot Myer doesn’t realize he’s in charge!?
    Courts suggest no signatures required.GeeOKBe it so!.?
    Senator Shower again had to write a law to mandate Myer to do his job, changing verbiage from intend to shall, so this derelict old man would be required to do his job.
    After being told specifically not to Myer purchased the Dominion machines.
    113 thousand Alaskans identities were stolen by who we’ve never been told. Myer is responsible.
    Cynical really!? To the daily planet editor and chief I suggest you dedicate May as cynical month and expand your horgizons and forcibly encourage the exposure of all of the power players around us to reveal the depth of their naffariuos activities into the light and at least try to implement a little accountability into these efforts

  2. AK Fish April 30, 2021 at 10:38 am

    Anchorage Assembly does what it wants to if it wants to protect one of their own.

    “An assembly ordinance and ballot proposition passed in Anchorage in 2003 had lowered the threshold required to avoid a mayoral runoff from 50% of the vote to 45%. Since Begich surpassed this margin, no runoff was necessary [and George Wuerch was denied a runoff election against Begich].”

  3. RevBill April 29, 2021 at 7:07 pm

    Don’t mourn the passing of those restrictions. They’ll return within seconds should Dunbar be anointed.

  4. Elizabeth Henry April 29, 2021 at 4:12 pm

    Call me one of those cynics. Without a doubt it was political maneuvering by the leftist decision makers to aid Dunbar. I do hope and pray voters are not fooled.

  5. Angry Viking April 29, 2021 at 10:18 am

    I find it remarkable that Dunbar was allowed to act on the motion that would benefit his Mayoral race.

    If that’s not illegal, at bare minimum it must be called out as a raw violation of ethics.

    We do not need a Mayor willing to cheat to win.


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