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Here we go again

The Legislature begins a 30-day special session in Juneau on Monday to – hopefully – hammer out a new Permanent Fund dividend formula and decide whether to protect it and the dividend by ensconcing them in the state constitution. Without that formula, there will be no Permanent Fund dividend this year and other spending – […]

It means what a judge says it means

As we all have come to know, the state and federal constitutions, no matter how clear they may seem, mean only what judges say they mean. Take, for instance, this week’s decision by Anchorage Superior Court Judge Josie Garton that the state’s Power Cost Equalization Fund, money appropriated annually by the Legislature, actually is a […]

Philosophy of failure

Well, the Anchorage Assembly is hard at it again in its never-ending and childishly enthusiastic embrace of socialism. Now, through resolution AR No. 2021-262, it wants to add “equity” to the Assembly’s list of priorities, which already includes “Quality of Life, Public Safety, Economic Development and Homelessness.” The priorities have existing since 2019 after the […]

Third World

If the idea were to show Anchorage to the world, a film crew could not have done better than to have been set up at the intersection of North Lights Boulevard and A Street just a few days ago. In broad daylight, with cars containing children waiting at the busy intersection’s traffic signal, the camera […]

Bad news for Alaskans … and bears

Political season is revving up and there is much in the way of speculation, rumor and rumors about rumors when it comes to possible candidates for next year’s race for governor or Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s seat, or for any number of other positions up for grabs next year. Many potential candidates showed up in Ketchikan […]

Odds are against you

You have to wonder sometimes whether Anchorage’s news media are asleep at the switch or whether their failure to report the news goes to something deeper. Take, for instance, Assembly Chairman Felix Rivera’s assertion there are too many white males in public office. Rivera, an Hispanic gay Assembly member, made the comment during an Alaska […]

Do it. Just do it.

So, the lovely Sarah Palin is stirring the political pot by dropping hints here and there she just might challenge Sen. Lisa Murkowski in next year’s Senate election – if called by a higher power to run. “If God wants me to do it I will,” Palin said during an interview last month with Ché […]

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