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Assembly redundancy

This just in from the Anchorage Department of Redundancy Department: The Assembly is calling a special meeting this afternoon to override Mayor Dave Bronson’s veto of an ordinance creating a nine-member “Houseless Lived Experience Advisory Board.” A pet project of Assembly members Felix Rivera and Meg Zaletel, the panel would be made up of homeless […]

Let ‘em

Nobody, and we mean nobody, enjoys a government knock-down, drag-out dustup more than we do. The Anchorage Assembly leftist majority’s rude and often childish sniping and determination to block, hinder and delay anything and everything having to do with the administration of newly elected Mayor Dave Bronson is a good case in point. The Assembly […]


You have to love class in government. That leaves out of the mix most of the Anchorage Assembly, of course, but nonetheless, you have to love the concept. Doing the right thing. Putting office and duty above personal aggrandizement. No resorting to sand-bagging or sniping from the sidelines. No cherry-picking. No losing a political race […]

Good riddance

The moribund Recall Dunleavy effort is closing up shop as of today. Or so says the campaign’s chairwoman, Meda DeWitt, in op-ed pieces in the Anchorage Daily News and Cordova Times. While there was a media frenzy when the effort to unseat Gov. Mike Dunleavy got off the ground on Aug.1, 2019, there has been […]

Not a bit

In an apparently never-ending quest for a widened political base and the power, and the cover it could bring, Assemblyman Felix Rivera is offering up the idea of creating a nine-member Houseless Lived Experience Advisory Board. It is unclear to us how the homeless suddenly became the “houseless,” but the panel’s members would have “current […]

Going to be fun

If you happen to be a political junkie, the 2022 gubernatorial election in Alaska is shaping up to be, well, interesting. So far, Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy says he is in the race, and former Republican-cum-independent-cum-undeclared-cum-independent-again Gov. Bill Walker says he is in it, too. Former Democratic Rep. Les Gara says he will run and […]

Working so hard

Deprived of a solid law school foundation in science, it is increasingly difficult for us to understand why federal courts seem to work so hard, and reach so far, to find reasons to block development in Alaska. Alaska’s Willow Project, a proposed oil and gas development project in the northeast part of the National Petroleum […]

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