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Good ol’ days

If you can say anything about Alaskans it is that a very large percentage of them are a hard-headed lot. They show it in a variety of ways. Some refuse to clean off their windshields after a storm, allowing the wind to do it for them. Some wear sandals and shorts in the dead of […]

Another fib

Anti-gun factions are champing at the bit to destroy the American firearms industry. To that end, they like to pretend the industry is immune to lawsuits; that it is able to do as it will while Americans have no recourse in court. “This is the only outfit that is exempt from being sued,” President Joe […]

Who is David Chipman?

President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is David Chipman, a longtime BATF special agent and fierce advocate for gun control, the perfect guy to head an agency that enforces gun laws and regulations for an anti-gun administration. He is a senior policy adviser at the organization led […]

The example

Imagine our surprise when we learned Alaska legislators, their staff and guests held an after-hours event in the COVID-restricted Capitol complex in Juneau just before Easter weekend. Surely, we thought, that cannot be right. But, yes indeedy, it turns out they got together for music, pingpong, basketball, board games and some beer in the Capitol […]

Here we go again

Here’s a surprise: The Alaska Legislature is likely to blow by its statutory 90-day session limit and head for a 121-day session as it weighs how to spend more than $1 billion in American Rescue Plan funding approved by Congress. That’s not the only reason, of course. There was the House’s month-long tussle – read […]

Thank you

As Anchorage election officials sort out and tally Tuesday’s Anchorage election results, we would like to take a moment to thank all those, winners and losers alike, who jumped in to offer themselves for the more-often-than-not thankless mayoral and School Board posts. Kudos also for those who, win or lose, campaigned for or against the […]


Today is the day. It is time to vote if you have not yet cast your ballot. It is no small thing. You get to pick a mayor, choose your candidate in four School Board races and decide on eight bond proposals that could raise your taxes for the foreseeable future. You can be certain […]

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