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Barone: Will Biden’s payoff to teacher unions repel suburban parents?

By Michael Barone | You expect a certain number of stumbles from a new administration. The incoming Biden team professed dismay at its predecessor’s “nonexistent” coronavirus vaccine distribution program, and this week President Biden complained of the vaccine, “which we didn’t have when I came into office.” He promised to deliver 1 million a week. […]

Jenkins: How can we trust these guys with an income tax?

By Paul Jenkins | Another year, another Legislature, and lawmakers are hard at it again, scratching hither and yon for ways to dig into Alaskans’ pockets to pay for our over-size government. Faced with a full fiscal plate, a yawning budget gap, the question of the Permanent Fund dividend’s fate, a pandemic, a comatose economy […]

Brennan: Admirable customer service

By Tom Brennan | Those who struggle to keep barbecued meat on the table through the Alaskan winter will appreciate an experience I had the other day. It was the most interesting and welcome example of customer service that I’ve ever encountered. I am one of those fanatics who fell in love with a Traeger […]

Grabow: Archaic protectionism is set to sink Alaska cruises

By Colin Grabow | Anyone considering a cruise to Alaska this summer should probably make alternate plans. Even as the global cruise industry has gradually begun to restart operations after a lost year due to the pandemic, the large ships typically found in Skagway, Ketchikan, and other Alaskan towns during the summer months will likely be absent […]

Elder: If Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the standard, what about Democrat ‘kingmaker’ Rev. Al Sharpton?

By Larry Elder | Because of offensive tweets posted by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., before she won office, House Democrats joined by 11 Republicans voted to strip her of her committee assignments. If this is the new standard, can we apply this to the Rev. Al Sharpton, aka a Democratic “kingmaker,” whose support was […]

Barone: The Republican Party won’t fall apart this time either

By Michael Barone | When you’ve been consuming and producing political commentary for many years, you get used to certain recurring themes. One is the imminent disappearance or relegation to permanent minority status of the Republican Party. This was widely predicted after the Goldwater defeat in 1964, after Watergate in the 1970s, and after the […]

Davidge: The how question

By Ric Davidge | Almost any candidate for public office can tell you the following: Who am I? Why am I running for this office? What are the Issues I’m (or the people are) concerned with? What do I plan to do? When do I plan to do it? But very few if any will […]

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