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Authentic Mexican cuisine in Midtown

640 West 36th Avenue, 744-1555.  Every day the cooks at Serrano’s Mexican Grill arrive at the restaurant at 6 am and begin to cook ensuring everything is fresh and made the same day it is served. After your first bites, you’ll be glad that owner Josh Picasso and his crew like to get up early. After I […]


Everyone eats in at least one restaurant where they always order the same dish. They don’t even consult the menu. In fact, the servers won’t ask you what you want because they already know. The list below includes some of my favorites, including a couple of out-of-towners. Famous Wok – If you are hungry, or you and […]


343 West 6th Avenue, 865-9198. If there is one reason to go to Crush Wine Bistro and Cellar, let it be for the bread pudding. Oh. My. God. Light, sweet, studded with white chocolate and garnished with dried cranberries. Our party of four ambushed my wife’s portion and cleaned her out. But I get ahead of myself. […]

Best Burgers Battle

Wading into the “who makes the best-tasting burger” argument usually ends up in fisticuffs with everybody Kung Fu fighting. Ask six people and you’ll hear six different answers. Maybe that’s why snooty, foodie magazine, Saveur, called hamburgers “the ultimate culinary chameleon, changing themselves to adapt to every craving, every situation.” To help in the decision-making process, ask […]

Samurai Sushi makes the cut

Samurai Sushi, 1265 Muldoon Road, Phone: 332-1020. Outdoor Taco Bell décor meets indoor Asian décor at Samurai Sushi at the east end of Debarr Road. The Asian ambiance and wait staff take over once you step in the door leaving Mexico on its proper continent. We found a lot of love at what most of the regulars call […]

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