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Any bets?

Our august Assembly is mulling the purchase of two hotels, a former Alaska Club building and the Bean’s Cafe Campus for the sum of $22.5 million – with all the dough, supposedly, coming from Anchorage’s cut of federal CARES Act funding. The idea, it says, is to combat homelessness. But money provided to states and […]

How many angels …?

It must be maddening to be a desperate small-business owner forced to watch the continued wrangling over the state’s disbursement of federal COVID-19 relief as your business slides ever closer to the brink. Take, for instance, the Dunleavy administration’s attempt to expand the number of small businesses that can receive federal CARES Act funding approved […]


The Anchorage Assembly this evening is likely to take up, for a third time, the issue of government mandating the wearing of face masks in public to combat the spread of coronavirus. Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel, the Anchorage Daily News reports, wants Mayor Ethan Berkowitz to use his emergency powers to order use of the masks […]

Wiping out Cooks

History mavens railing from their mothers’ basements are demanding removal of a statue of Captain James Cook that now stands in Resolution Park overlooking Cook Inlet in Downtown Anchorage. Why? Our social media betters say Cook had the temerity to unapologetically explore the world and claim what he found for Great Britain without bothering to […]

How much can we afford?

Our fair city is weighing the purchase of four individual properties – two hotels, a former Alaska Club building, and the Bean’s Cafe Campus – to be used in the seemingly never-ending fight against homelessness. A proposed ordinance (AO No. 2020-66) authorizing the purchases limits their cost and any possible renovations to $22.5 million. That […]

Good riddance

Finally, the bus made famous in the 1996 book “Into the Wild” has been unceremoniously yanked from the backcountry along the Stampede Trail where it has sat for the past six decades. The abandoned bus was the site of the 1992 starvation death of 24-year-old Virginian Christopher McCandless. His ordeal was depicted in the book, […]

When you need a cop …

Anchorage’s top cop and mayor during a virtual town hall-style this week indicated they support the notion of having professionals with therapeutic training be the first to show up during a mental health crisis – rather than the police. “We want to make sure that when there are behavioral health issues, that you have behavioral […]

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