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An unending, expensive mystery

The federal government raked in $471 billion in all forms of taxes during October and November, the first two months of fiscal 2020. To nobody’s surprise it still managed to post a $343 billion deficit by spending $814 billion – the second-highest spending for that particular two-month period in the nation’s history. It trailed only […]

Income tax, anyone?

As Democratic lawmakers in the state Legislature, along with Republican fellow travelers, inexorably move to embrace taxes – on income, oil and anything not nailed down – as way to continue feeding Big Government, we are left to wonder what happens if they succeed. Make no mistake the House majority, Senate Democrats and a stray […]

Is Anchorage’s charter worthless?

Is it just us, or is the city charter worthless when the Assembly decides it really, really wants something? Consider the proposed 5 percent alcohol sales tax. To give it even a fighting chance at the polls, voters also would be asked – at the same time – to change the charter for the umpteenth […]

Here we go again

It you can say anything about the Left-leaning, pro-tax members of our Assembly it is this: They never give up. They again are setting sail to impose a 5 percent sales tax on alcohol, despite voters in Anchorage’s April election overwhelmingly nixing the idea, 54 percent to 46 percent. If you will remember, the last […]

Remember Amelia

A note to the Anchorage Assembly: Residents of a 119-year-old Ohio town who had grown weary of government taxation have voted to dissolve and disband their city government. That’s right: Seventy percent of Amelia’s 5,000 residents voted to shut it down after a year-long slugfest over a dead-of-night income tax. What set it all off? […]

Bloomberg panders on guns

Billionaire presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg is joining the rest of the herd seeking the Democratic nod in the 2020 election in backing onerous, ineffective gun control policies. Bloomberg, former New York City mayor and businessman, has over the years spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the gun-control movement, or what he calls his “life’s […]

Impeachment a loser?

There may be a message for Democrats in last week’s Google searches. More people, it turns out, Googled “Peloton” than “impeachment.” That, despite a House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing in the middle of the week, according to Google Trends search numbers. You would think such an historic hearing, aimed at impeaching Donald Trump, would have […]

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