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New tax deadline?

There may be some good news nestled in next Tuesday’s Assembly agenda for property-owning Anchorage residents and businesses hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic. A resolution, AR No. 2020-2, submitted by Assembly Chairman Felix Rivera at Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s request, would set the payment date for the first half of a property owner’s annual tax bill […]

Who’s signing the checks?

The news was not unexpected and the headline in the ADN no surprise: “One year in, the recall campaign against Gov. Mike Dunleavy has slowed.” It seems the poorly conceived effort to recall Dunleavy, which got underway before the ink on his oath of office was dry, is losing steam because of coronavirus restrictions and […]

A step backwards 200 years

Now and again, our elected officials say or do things almost incomprehensible to us ordinary folks. Take, for instance, Assembly Chairman Felix Rivera and his recent bold assertion that federal CARES Act money disbursement to businesses and non-profits hard-hit by the pandemic must take racial inequality into account. Rivera says he floated the notion at […]


As the city zigs and zags, trying mightily to spend $22.5 million in CARES Act funding to buy two hotels, a former Alaska Club building and the Bean’s Cafe campus to deal with a few hundred of Anchorage’s homeless, now comes word the facilities’ annual operating costs will be in the neighborhood of $7 million. […]

Even more guns

It would appear the great American arms race continues. Amid nationwide protests, a pandemic and a battered economy, Americans are continuing to buy guns at a record pace. There were at least 3.9 million requests for purchase or possession background checks in June. The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System says the surge last […]

July 4th

On this day 244 years ago, our nation’s founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to establish a new nation that has evolved to become “a city upon a hill” for much of the world. Their bold Declaration of Independence from King George’s England led to a long, bloody war, one in […]

Nothing to see here

The Alaska Public Offices Commission and Recover Alaska, an organization that played a role in Anchorage’s adoption of a 5 percent retail alcohol tax, have entered into a consent agreement that levies a $4,312.50 penalty against the nonprofit for its actions during April’s election. The tax had been roundly rejected by voters only last year. […]

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