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Left’s contempt

If you do not believe the Left holds you in nothing less than utter contempt, consider this: House Judiciary Chairman Adam Schiff says President Trump’s alleged misconduct cannot be dealt with at the ballot box, but only by his impeachment and removal. During his opening statement, the California Democrat accused Trump of attempting to use […]

It’s good news, but …

So, the news that a plan to transform the structures that holds two city parking garages and the downtown bus station is about to become a 13-story mixed-use building housing, among other things, a five-star Indigo Hotel and new apartments is good news. But it is good news that carries with it a host of […]

Judicial thumb on scale?

What we first thought was a return to common sense in the misguided recall effort aimed at Gov. Mike Dunleavy turns out to only be a reaffirmation of earlier silliness. For reasons only he knows, Superior Court Judge Eric Aarseth on Jan. 10 ordered the Division of Elections to issue signature booklets to the Recall […]

Bad news in the Senate

One could, we suppose, be forgiven for believing the Alaska Senate is sliding to the left, split on the question of whether the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend should be calculated in such a way to allow government more money to spend at the expense of Alaskans. The Senate, led by Republican Sen. Cathy Giessel – […]

Uh-oh. It’s the Legislature

Alas, it is at last upon us: The second session of the 31st Alaska State Legislature is to gavel into session today in Juneau. It likely will be a rowdy few months ahead as lawmakers hash through the state’s problems and challenges. Will the formula for the Permanent Fund dividend be changed to allow more […]

Martin Luther King Jr.

The third Monday in January is set aside yearly by the federal government as the day Americans remember and honor the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., a lion of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. King, born Michael Luther King, Jr., on Jan. 15, 1929, later changed his name to Martin […]

A tale of two headlines

There were two headlines last week that should have caught the attention of Anchorage voters. One, in the Anchorage Daily News – “Anchorage paid to power nonexistent streetlights, missed out on savings from LED bulbs” – topped a story about how a city audit found Anchorage has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in over-payments […]

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