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You may want to watch Round 2. Or testify.

Public testimony about the city’s plan to spend $22.5 million in CARES Act funding to buy two hotels, an Alaska Club building and the Beans Cafe campus for homeless services continues tonight. A flood of people wanting to speak about the potential purchase closed out last night’s Assembly meeting and the panel again will hear […]

SeaLife Center needs help

It is not often we find ourselves urging readers to open their wallets to support this organization or that, but Alaska is in danger of losing one of its most precious resources because of the COVID-19 virus: The Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward. The virus this year drastically has cut visitation to the center, Seward’s […]

You may want to watch

If you ever were going to attend or watch an Anchorage Assembly meeting, tonight’s would be a top choice. The panel has a full plate and you can watch the show at www.muni.org/watchnow. Along with myriad other items, its agenda includes an extension of the payment date for the first half of a property owner’s […]

Office of Equity and Justice? Good grief.

Now and again, we are treated to a mind-numbing political spectacle that reminds us why we must never trust government. Take Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s suggested virtue signaling waste of $180,000 annually to set up an office an Office of Equity and Justice, led by none other than a Chief Equity Officer. We need it because […]

The commonality

While some of the nation’s larger cities struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, financial catastrophe and massive protests, now they now find themselves confronting a startling spike in violence. New York, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Baltimore. All are facing increased violence and bloodshed. And the summer is yet young. Is it simply the perfect storm […]

Worth watching

Tuesday’s Assembly agenda includes a proposed ordinance that would allow homeless and transient shelters in B3 zoning areas primarily intended for general commercial uses in commercial centers. A memorandum accompanying the proposal by sponsors Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and Assembly members John Weddleton and Meg Zaletel asserts the most incredible thing: “This ordinance has no […]

Money for politics

So, let’s say you own a small business in Alaska hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and you are desperate for help to stay afloat. You will be happy to note that instead of you getting any of that $2 trillion in federal CARES Act funding, it went to Democratic political consultants in Seattle. Oh, and […]

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