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Where’s Begich? Where’s Murkowski?

At the risk of appearing pushy, we are wondering what Sens. Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski’s stands might be on the ridiculous proposal to roll back the state’s recently enacted oil tax reform. There is a petition drive under way to put a referendum on the ballot asking Alaskans to do just that. We refer […]

Stay off the mudflats

The Anchorage Fire Department says a man was missing on the Cook Inlet mudflats last night after getting caught in a fast-moving tide while walking back from Fire Island. Another man – hypotyhermic and in shock – escaped with his life. Both were caught by a fast-moving tide, one of the most extreme of the […]

Journalist? Really?

A report in Politico is more than a little disturbing. It says the Justice Department considers Curtis Morrison – a liberal activist who secretly tape-recorded Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in February at a campaign meeting in Louisville – a journalist. Why? “Morrison was previously a paid freelancer for a Louisville-based, online news outlet, even […]

Obama gives pause

President Obama’s suggestion to crowd of about 2,000 in Northern Ireland that a parochial education leads to division in a community gives yet another window into his administration. Obama was in Northern Ireland for the Group of Eight summit when he put his foot in his mouth. “If towns remain divided — if Catholics have […]

Fire danger

With the Summer Solstice upon us and people expected to be enjoying the outdoors in huge numbers, we should note that the fire danger in Anchorage is off the charts. Our dry and hotter-than-normal start of summer has left the Hillside and other areas of Anchorage a veritable tinderbox of dangerously dry timber and underbrush. […]

Investing in the future

It is good to see a mining company, Sumitomo Pogo Mine, pledging $1 million over a three-year period to the University of Alaska Fairbanks for an engineering endowment that will allow graduate students to work on long-term projects. The gift, an extension of a $1 million pledge in 2011, is to provide funding for as […]

A Woods Hole in Alaska?

With the state planning to shut down the Kenai River’s early-run king salmon sport fishery beginning early Thursday in a determined bid to boost flagging escapement, we are left to wonder whether we are loving the river to death. The alarming reports indicate that this year’s run in Alaska’s most popular fishing river is the […]

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