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Time to breathe

President Barack Obama would be far ahead of the game to seek congressional approval before going off half-cocked on Syria. The American people, after all, are weary of war. Whether Syrian President Bashar Assad did or did not use chemical weapons on his populace in Damascus eventually will be sorted out – the memory of […]

GOP miss

If Republicans are going to unseat Democrat Sen. Mark Begich next year, they are going to have to do better than a National Republican Senatorial Committee robocall about his support of a energy taxes. In that call, the GOP says Begich supported a radical carbon tax. Begich says, “Uh-uh.” What he supported, he says, was […]

Gun control

A rational person might wonder when President Barack Obama and his gun control pals will finally get it: All the rules in the world will not keep criminals from getting or misusing  firearms and punishing the law-abiding does absolutely no good. Obama, unable to get Congress to trash the Second Amendment earlier this year, has […]

No surprise

If you drive in Anchorage, here is something you already knew: It ain’t safe out there. In fact, based on collision frequency, the city ranks 132 out of 200 of the nation’s largest cities on the Allstate Insurance Co.’s ninth annual “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report.” The 2013 report concludes the average driver in Anchorage […]

Take a breath

Before President Barack Obama commits American treasure and blood to a punitive exercise against Syria, would it not be in this nation’s best interest to at least know whether that government truly is responsible for gassing its citizens? The facts suggest this nation should proceed with utmost caution. Obama is a liar. Secretary of State […]

Education: Money is not the answer

We note with more that a little interest the news that a Republican-led task force is going to be appointed to make school funding recommendations to the Alaska House of Representatives. Before appointment, applicants will be asked, among other things, 10 questions, including whether they believe increasing the Base Student Allocation – the amount schools […]

Citizen patrols

Count us among those who remain leery of the Anchorage Police Department’s plan for weekend deployment of police citizen academy graduates to watch for and report drunken drivers. With an alarming five dead in the past two months because of drunken driving, we understand the sense of urgency attached to the issue. That said, we […]

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