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Citizen patrols

Count us among those who remain leery of the Anchorage Police Department’s plan for weekend deployment of police citizen academy graduates to watch for and report drunken drivers. With an alarming five dead in the past two months because of drunken driving, we understand the sense of urgency attached to the issue. That said, we […]


It is difficult to fathom the mindset of someone who could beat an 88-year-old World War II veteran – a veteran wounded in the Battle of Okinawa’s ferocious fighting – and leave him for dead in a parking lot outside an Eagles Lodge where he had gone to play pool. What is even more difficult […]

That time of year

It is getting to be that time of year again in Southcentral Alaska, when darkness comes earlier and the highways become more dangerous because of animals in the roadways. A woman driving alone in the evening this week on the Richardson Highway, near the Tonsina River Lodge, was killed when her car collided with a […]


It is good news that recently confirmed Environmental Protection Agency chief Gina McCarthy will be visiting Alaska next week and plans to visit the proposed Pebble Mine site in Southwest Alaska as she decides whether to block the massive project to protect one of the world’s last, big, wild salmon fisheries. Too often, decision-makers decide […]

A ferry tale

Taxpayers in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough can tell you better than almost anybody else that it is always a good idea to look a gift horse in the mouth. Really look. They have taken a shellacking trying to deal with their “free” $80 million ferry. In the beginning, the idea was to ferry vehicles from Anchorage […]

School security

The Anchorage School Board is authorizing $6.4 million in state funds for school security upgrades including such things as better alarm systems, internal communications and surveillance. We hope it works. We have our doubts. The funding is to pay for video surveillance equipment in 16 elementary schools that have none, and upgrades to intercom systems […]

Just wondering

Nobody, we suppose, should take it upon themselves to tell a church what it should or should not be doing. That strictly is the business of the church, its leadership and its members. But we can wonder. The Anchorage Baptist Temple has dropped its sponsorship of a scout troop that used the church’s Christian Schools […]

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