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Murkowski’s ‘stirring of conscience’ does Alaska little good

It is more and more difficult to fully understand what The New York Times is referring to as Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s “Stirring of Conscience in the Senate.” With the nation’s news media acting as her cheerleaders, Murkowski is doing what Murkowski does: She is waffling about where she stands on issues important to Republicans. This […]

First, the Second; second, the First

Virginia’s Gov. Ralph Northam, late of blackface fame, appears to be backing away from the state Democrats’ stampede to ban assault-style weapons. A Democrat himself, Northam says he would, by golly, allow gun owners to keep their current AR-15s and similar rifles – if they registered them. It apparently is no concern to Northam or […]

Bright lights

There is little doubt the ultra-white, ultra-bright headlights becoming all the rage on Alaska roadways can present some safety challenges, such as blinding oncoming drivers. Seemingly, the lights are getting brighter and brighter in some kind of light war. We have found ourselves being forced to slow, even to a crawl, when the road vanishes […]

Targeted or irresponsible?

There are those who seem to believe Anchorage’s scofflaw list, which goes after the vehicles of those who refuse to pay their traffic fines, is unfair, harsh and focuses on those with lower incomes. They are dreadfully wrong. Police, it turns out, can seize vehicles when they have racked up $1,000 in unpaid traffic fines […]

Who are they?

There is something disturbing about faceless entities being allowed under law and regulation to mount an initiative petition campaign in Alaska and not be required to reveal to the public, from Day One, the names of its backers or its funding sources. The latest such effort has something called “Project ‘20s Anchorage” pushing for a […]

Christmas joy

In this world of secular pleasures, it is often said that Christmas is a day for children. They await this morning in eager anticipation. They are filled with glee by packages they find under the tree. Their happiness bubbles over with every toy the wrappings yield. Indeed, we all find joy in the laughter and […]

Christmas Eve

The clock is ticking down for those brave souls who put off Christmas shopping until the last possible moment because they need the pressure, the adrenaline rush that comes with outright frenzy. By now, most of us are done with our shopping and are taking a breather as families gather and Santa loads up, but […]

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