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Veterans Day

The guns of World War I fell silent 101 years ago today when the Germans signed the 1918 Armistice agreeing to end hostilities between the Allies and Germany, signing the momentous agreement in a railroad car at Compiègne, France, ending the bloody conflict. The armistice was signed earlier that cold, drizzly November day and went into […]

It’s the drugs, stupid

The USA Today headline was stunning in its egregious oversight: “Made in America. Dead in Mexico. The massacre of a family this week highlights ‘grave problem’ of gun smuggling.” Talk about missing the boat. It is the drugs, stupid. The story referred to the three women and six children, all members of the same family, […]


For those who contend illegal aliens pouring into our country pose no risk to Americans, that they do no harm, consider this: August’s immigration raids at seven Mississippi poultry processing plants netted 680 illegal immigrants. About 400 of them were working under stolen American identities, the Department of Homeland Security told Congress this week. With […]


It is good that a group has formed to defeat those who so short-sightedly would try to wring another billion dollars or so out Alaska’s North Slope oil producers. Calling itself OneAlaska, the group’s members span a spectrum of business, Native, industry and union interests. Chaired by Chantal Walsh, former director of the state’s Department […]

The petition

Now and again, the media does its level best to ensure the public continues to believe they are absolutely, positively in the bag for the Left. Take, for instance, the petition to recall Gov. Mike Dunleavy. MustReadAlaska.com obtained the initial signature lists turned in to the Division of Elections by the Recall Dunleavy folks and […]

How can a judge weigh a veto of court system funding?

A Superior Court in Anchorage is deciding whether to dismiss an American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska lawsuit claiming Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s veto of nearly $335,000 from the state court system budget was unconstitutional, even retaliatory. We wonder how that can be. How can a judge in the state court system rule on the constitutionality […]


Who could have seen that coming? Attorney General Kevin Clarkson declared the stated reasons for a recall of Gov. Michael Dunleavy are insufficient, “failing to meet factual and legal requirements under the controlling statutes.” Director of the Division of Elections Gail Fenumiai then notified the sponsors that a certification of their recall application was kaput. […]

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