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Taxes and no kids

It is always a hoot to listen to our elected representatives, especially when it comes to what they say their constituents are telling them as opposed to reality. As the House debated the capital budget before approving it 21-15 – but without a Permanent Fund divided – lawmakers made their cases for funding more government […]

Just wondering

It is easy to understand why so many Alaskans harbor deep reservations about their Legislature. A “compromise” budget with no Permanent Fund dividend. A budget with no funding for constitutionally required K-12 education. The list goes on. Take, for instance, Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson, D-Anchorage, and her votes on this year’s statutorily required $3,000 Permanent Fund […]

‘Compromise’ budget, but no dividend … yet

While the Senate approved a $4.4 billion “compromise” operating budget, it effectively killed the $3,000 Permanent Fund dividend backed by Gov. Mike Dunleavy. The Senate yesterday voted on whether to reconsider its 10-8 vote last week in favor of the $3,000 dividend. Eleven votes were needed for it to pass and Sens. Tom Begich, D-Anchorage, […]

Invest in Alaska

It strikes us Alaska and Alaskans are missing a great opportunity to invest in, well, Alaska – for everybody’s benefit. Instead of using the Permanent Fund as simply a way to partially underwrite government and pay Alaskans an annual dividend, why not set up a system allowing, on a voluntary basis, those eligible to receive […]


On the heels of the deadly Virginia Beach shooting, the Left did what the Left does – it politicized the tragedy and is using it to further its agenda. A city employee walked room to room in municipal offices, using a .45-caliber handgun with a silencer, or suppressor, to murder 12 people. Virginia Gov. Ralph […]


For years, the Obama administration blamed George Bush whenever things went awry. It became a standing joke in many circles. My car broke down. Bush did it. My pencil broke. Bush did it. That is happening now in Anchorage as Mayor Ethan Berkowitz – apparently stung by state lawmakers’ jibes over the city’s handling of […]

A really bad idea

One need look no further than the Juneau Empire’s story headlined, “ ‘A slap to the face’: Legislators could change law to collect extra pay, despite not finishing on time” to see a really bad idea taking shape. The story by Alex McCarthy says there is talk in the Capitol about getting around a law […]

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