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Something often overlooked in ongoing debates over election campaign reform is the notion of instant campaign contribution transparency in state and federal races of all types. For example, the campaign of Democrat-cum-independent Al Gross, who is facing off with incumbent Republican Dan Sullivan for one of two Alaska U.S. Senate seats, says it has raised […]

Birds of a feather …

If you do not believe Democrats are pining to take your guns consider this: Democratic Senate candidate Barbara Bollier in Kansas appears to be all for that. Bollier said U.S. gun-control measures are too lax. She praised a controversial gun-confiscation program Australia instituted in the 1990s. “They have no guns. They don’t allow them. They […]

Still surging

American firearms sales continue to set records as fears of Democrat-imposed, draconian gun control and civil unrest fuel the surge. September was a record month for firearm sales and National Instant Criminal Background Checks System background checks, which reported 2,892,115 of such checks in September. That is the highest number of background checks done in […]

A hand

Anchorage small business owners hard-hit by city and state COVID-19 restrictions should pay attention to an ordinance on the agenda for the Anchorage Assembly’s Oct. 13 meeting. Offered by Assemblywoman Crystal Kennedy, AO No 2020-17 would offer tax relief for business personal property to “eligible taxpayers financially impacted by government orders….” Mayor Ethan Berkowitz on […]

Taxpayers’ pockets … again

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz will be proposing that taxpayers underwrite a $1.8 million bond annually to outfit Anchorage law enforcement officers with bodycams and provide technological upgrades for the police department. He plans to introduce the proposal at the next Anchorage Assembly meeting, news reports say. Outfitting Anchorage police with bodycams is a great idea, in […]

What’s good for the goose …

Performing Arts Center managers have brushed off Save Anchorage’s request to hang a banner on the side of the PAC’s downtown building. No matter that a Black Lives Matter banner was hanging there with city approval for weeks. Jamie Allard, Assembly member for the Eagle River area, tells MustReadAlaska.com that PAC management told her current […]

What’s next?

We’re not lawyers – thank heavens – but it would seem the U.S. Supreme Court has tossed a monkey wrench into the argument in Alaska over whether absentee ballots, to be valid, require a witnessing signature. Anchorage Superior Court Judge Dani Crosby on Monday ruled the witness requirement for Alaska absentee ballots “impermissibly burdens the […]

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