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Free stuff

While the Democratic Party continues its head-long stampede to the Left, now turning on its own, even attacking immigration policies promulgated by former President Barack Obama, conservatives can only watch with amusement. Take, for instance, the so-called Democratic debates that featured wide rifts in the party’s leftist and moderate wings, and one ridiculous idea after […]


The Environmental Protection Agency has come to its senses about the effort to develop the Pebble Mine and shelved its outrageous plan for a preemptive veto of the project. The veto idea was hatched during the Obama administration. The agency used a laughable botched Bristol Bay risk assessment to justify putting its administrative and regulatory […]

The nuttiness begins

The misguided signature-gathering effort to begin a recall effort aimed at Gov. Mike Dunleavy because of his deep budget cuts kicks off statewide today. The Recall Dunleavy effort is set to begin rounding up signatures in Juneau and Yakutat this morning as well as in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Wasilla and several other coastal communities. The bid […]

What will it take?

What is it going to take? Now, 24-year-old newly wed Veranika Nikanava has died just outside of Denali National Park as she and her husband tried to recross the rain-swollen Teklanika River after spending two nights at the infamous “Magic Bus.” The dilapidated bus, Fairbanks Transit Bus 142, is located some 20 miles down the […]

What gives?

Here is something that caught our eye: Morning Consult’s Q2 polling shows Gov. Michael Dunleavy’s approval rating actually increasing to 49 percent. While 32 percent of the poll respondents said they disapprove, 19 percent said they were uncommitted. Whaaaa? How can that be? we wondered. How can his approval rating be going up when all […]

It is a start

Considering Anchorage’s sad inability to deal with its burgeoning homeless camp problem, an ordinance giving the city’s fire department chief authority to declare “wildfire danger areas” subject to quick clearance only makes sense and long overdue. The Assembly is to consider the proposed ordinance next month. Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel is sponsoring the proposal. The Midtown […]

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