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Happy New Year!

With 2020 safely behind us – we thought it would never leave – and with COVID-19 vaccines being administered across the land, this is shaping up to be an exciting New Year for Alaska and for the nation, with a new president and high hopes. Last year, at this time, we wrote we expected: “In […]

Be safe

If you are reading this, you likely will be around to see the end of 2020 tonight, chasing it into history as one of the most miserable years ever. On this, the last day of 2020, let us take a moment to wish you and yours a happy and prosperous New Year. While many of […]

Hose job

We are not legal experts. We are not lawyers. We are, however, able to know a hose job when we see one. Take, for instance, Anchorage Superior Court Judge Josie Garton’s dismissal of Republican Rep. Lance Pruitt’s complaint against the Division of Elections. Pruitt lost the House District 27 election on Nov. 3 to Democrat […]

A bad idea. A really bad idea.

We note with more than a little interest that the Legislature, in its vast wisdom, has decided to bar the news media from the state House and Senate chambers during the upcoming legislative session. The public, just for good measure, is to be barred, too, under a set of stringent, new anti-COVID-19 rules adopted by […]

Another year

Here we are, about to embark on a new year and Alaskans still do not have a single, solitary clue about who is bankrolling the struggling Recall Dunleavy attempt to chase out of office the state’s duly elected chief executive, Gov. Mike Dunleavy, for sins mostly imagined. The effort launched Aug. 1, 2019, with much […]

Thursday will tell the tale

Alaska received something like $1.3 billion of the $150 billion available to states, territories and tribal governments from the CARES Act’s Corona Virus Relief Fund. Anchorage’s share was in the neighborhood of $156 million. That is a lot of money on all levels and the federal deadline for spending it – or at least nailing […]

Color us curious

While our city’s mayor-select and her pals on the Assembly muck about, trying their best to throw away millions on aging hotels to house the city’s homeless population, we learn this: It is reported by MustReadAlaska.com that 120 homeless are being housed at the Aviator Hotel on 4th Avenue, a structure acquired earlier this year […]

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