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Fool’s errand?

Watching what passes for news coverage of the city’s three town halls on possible new taxes, one might think saying “no” is not an option. The municipal presentations seemed to center on the question: Which of these taxes would you support? The meetings seemed as much grooming sessions as informational sessions. The taxes the Assembly […]


First, it was Senate President Cathy Giessel and her merry band of Permanent Fund dividend pirates on the hunt for ways to put government spending ahead of Alaskans’ receiving their annual piece of Alaska’s oil riches. Now, it is Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz looking for a piece of the dividend pie at Alaskans’ expense. As […]


If you were looking for an egregious example of the Left’s easy manipulation of Alaska’s news media, you would need look no further than recent reports by two Anchorage television stations. KTVA and KTUU both covered leftist organizations calling on Sen. Lisa Murkowski to back a “fair” impeachment trial for President Donald Trump, one that […]

A new flack

With the city putting on a full-court press to rake in more money from a proposed 5 percent retail alcohol tax and two general sales taxes, you have to wonder what kind of spending the new levies would underwrite. Here’s one thing: New tax revenues would pay for a “full-time public engagement officer and/or consultant” […]

Scared to death

Shortly after taking office, Gov. Mike Dunleavy proposed three constitutional amendments that would go a very long way toward handing Alaska back to Alaskans. The three, of course, drew little interest from the Legislature because each of the three would diminish legislative power and a vote would, once and for all, answer questions about who […]


In case you are not really sure how nuts the Left is on the subject of “assault weapons,” consider this: With 91 percent of Virginia counties declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries, Gov. Ralph Northam is calling for a $4.8 million, 18-officer team to enforce his proposed ban on semi-automatic weapons. Northam’s proposal comes as Democrats […]

How much does Anchorage need?

While the Anchorage Assembly could put as many as three tax questions on April’s municipal ballot, you have to wonder why it would bother just as the city is about to be hip-deep in revenue. When the Assembly, in a 10-0 vote last month, authorized the sale of the city-owned Municipal Light & Power to […]

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