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Early voting

Today is the day we celebrate Alaska Day – and also marks the start of early voting. From today until Nov. 2, Alaskans will be able to cast their ballots in the state and national elections at elections offices or through absentee ballots. You can find an early voting location here. As we have mentioned […]

Another bad call

Count us among those who wonder how in the world Anchorage Superior Court Judge Jennifer Henderson found that Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s veto of $334K of the court system’s budget was unconstitutional. It is not often we see outright judicial nincompoopery, but this appears to be an exception. Henderson, a Gov. Bill Walker appointee, is no […]

A way out?

A few weeks back, we offered this website link as a way for Alaskans to come up solid answers in trying to find ways to deal with Alaska’s budget dilemma. We offer it here again. The state’s red ink is measured in billions of dollars, and with the legislative session a few months away, it […]

It’s coming

The next legislative session, depending on who is elected to office next month, likely will devolve into a knock-down-drag-out affair over the budget. For Alaska, the wolf is at the door in a fiscal sense. Alaska House of Representatives Speaker Bryce Edgmon underscored that when he warned the Alaska Federation of Natives annual convention of […]

Clear the air

A group of Republican women lawmakers are dusting off claims that U.S. Senate hopeful Al Gross’ campaign manager, David Keith, left his post as political director of the Progressive Caucus PAC after allegations of “sexual harassment, abusive behavior, and inappropriate language.” The letter to the Alaska Democratic Party was signed by Sen. Shelley Hughes, R-Palmer […]

Battle royale?

Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, snared in a nasty scandal, is calling it quits as of Oct. 23, and the jockeying begins to replace him until a special election can be scheduled. Under the city’s charter, whoever is Assembly chairman or chairwoman on Oct. 23 will take the city’s reins and that could set the stage […]

Let the inquisition begin

We find ourselves waiting with bated breath for the news media’s outright indignation, its thunderstruck fury at Democratic Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s confession to some sort of hanky-panky in recent years with a reporter. After all, unless he resigns, he is mayor of Anchor Town for about six more months. Plenty of time for the media […]

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