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The bar is high for a reason

Some lawmakers meeting in the faux legislative session in Juneau are blaming the Alaska Constitution for their 37-1 failure to override Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s $444 million in budget cuts. “Alaska has, in its Constitution, the highest requirement for a veto override vote of items struck from a budget – 3/4 of the Legislature need to […]

A fine mess

Lawmakers at the faux special session in Juneau failed Wednesday to override Gov. Mike Dunleavy”s $444 million in budget vetoes in a 37-1 vote. With 22 legislators camped out in Wasilla answering Dunleavy’s special session call, the Juneau faction did not even have the 40 votes necessary to call itself into session, much less the […]

Lawless Legislature

The ridiculous, unprecedented dueling special legislative sessions underscores the growing notion that the Legislature passes laws it believes it does not have to follow and gives the constitution short shrift. Gov. Mike Dunleavy called a special session in Wasilla this week to have lawmakers determine the size of this year’s Permanent Fund dividend. He is […]

The big fib

University of Alaska supporters and officials want you to believe Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s $130 million state budget cut for that institution represents a 41 percent slice of its entire budget. That is patently untrue. It is a 41 percent cut of the Legislature’s proposed $322 million contribution to the university. It is shocking that anybody […]

Knock it off. Do the work.

Today is a good example of why many Alaskans are not all that fond of their government. Legislators are set to meet in two different cities for a special session to determine the size of the Permanent Fund dividend in a show of unrivaled silliness. One group will be in Wasilla, where Gov. Mike Dunleavy […]

320 days, but who’s counting?

How time flies. Here we are, 320 days – coming up on a year – and still no state action on the House District 15 Republican primary election scandal that had dead people lining up to vote. Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, a staunch Republicrat, was facing a challenge from political unknown Aaron Weaver. Election officials found […]

Saving grace

Watching Democratic 2020 presidential candidates jabbing at each other, we could not help but wonder: Who possibly would vote for any of these people to lead the greatest nation on Earth? What have they promised Americans so far? That say they will, if elected: • Use executive orders to confiscate guns;• Raise taxes;• Reinstitute the […]

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