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Christmas tree

Those who drive the Glenn Highway have, over the years, been treated to a lighted Christmas tree in the middle of nowhere near the Old Glenn Highway overpass northeast of Anchorage. Over the past few years, the lighted lone tree has struggled, appearing ever more scraggly, and eventually it died, but Jason Tolstrup stepped up […]

Black Friday

Today is the day when shoppers, here and around the world, set sail in a mass of humanity to buy … stuff. And more stuff. And even more stuff because the prices may, or may not, be right. This morning’s news reports include stories of mayhem and near-rioting, fights and stampedes, as shoppers across the […]


Let us give thanks on this uniquely American holiday for: A world in which oppressed people strive for life and liberty; A nation where freedom reigns; A city with a prosperous future and bright hopes for its young people; A military that is strong, strengthened by the heart and spirit of young men and women […]

If not here, where?

A group of Democratic and independent state representatives is cobbling together a measure that, beginning next year, would block Alaska inmates from being transferred to Outside prisons. The bill, offered by Rep. Zack Fields, D-Anchorage, is aimed at the Department of Corrections’ plan to house 250-500 Alaska inmates out-of-state because of prison overcrowding. The DOC […]

Uniquely vulnerable to corruption?

In an unsigned opinion, the U.S. Supreme Court has told the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider its opinion upholding Alaska’s $500 limit on annual campaign contributions. The high court vacated the 9th Circuit’s decision upholding the $500 limit, saying the appellate judges who rejected the lawsuit by three Alaskans failed to consider […]

Glenn Highway

Count us solidly among those who believe government task forces are nifty tools to obfuscate, delay and bury real problems so they will simply fade away – until the next time. But maybe it is time for one, involving police, the Department of Transportation and others to determine the best course of action on the […]

What’s next?

It is amazing what some of the Democrats’ 2020 presidential hopefuls do not know or are choosing to play stupid about. Take their fervor to rid America of guns. California Sen. Kamala Harris is a prime example. During an interview with a talking head on NBC the other day, she responded to a question about […]

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