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Who knew?

Who knew there could be so much dough in trying to persuade Alaskans to screw up a fairly straight-forward election system? Alaskans for Better Elections is pushing a 25-page ballot initiative that would, if it wins a spot on the ballot and voters eventually approve, would make transformational changes to the state’s election machinery – […]

If it is good for the Left …

Here is an interesting theory: The push to radically transform Alaska’s electoral process is little more than an effort by the Left to help ensure moderate Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski could win another term in office. Many believe Murkowski, because of her often-moderate positions, would find it difficult to win a closed Republican primary. It […]

Silly people

Our friends on the Left will, if we listen, tell us exactly who they are. Take, for instance, the discomfiting recent remarks by a paid staff member of Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, remarks captured on an undercover video by Project Veritas. An individual identified as Sanders organizer Kyle Jurek suggests on the video that […]

Elections mean nothing?

When Superior Court Judge Eric Aarseth ruled the effort to recall Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy may proceed, it was no real surprise. All sides believe the case eventually must be settled by the Alaska Supreme Court. The court case sprang from Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai’s decision, based on an opinion from Attorney General […]


With the legislative session looming and with Democratic lawmakers in the state Legislature, along with Republican fellow travelers, pushing collaboration and cooperation on taxes, it is enough to make you want to hide your wallet. The big enchilada, make no mistake, is an income tax. The House majority, Senate Democrats and a stray Republican senator […]

Ask not …

It is a hoot to listen to our friends on the Left talk about taxes, a subject always near and dear to their hearts. Take Anchorage Democratic Rep. Andy Josephson, for instance. During a recent KTVA interview, he bemoaned the suffering of Alaska communities because of state budget cuts and reduced revenue-sharing. He said the […]

Lousy idea gets signatures

Backers of a proposed ballot initiative aimed at massively changing elections in Alaska have turned in more than 41,000 signatures in a bid to qualify the measure for this year’s ballot. It needed only 28,000. It is discomfiting so many people were duped. Backed primarily by moneyed Outside interests, the initiative boasts 25 pages of […]

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