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Less that spectacular

No matter how you dress it up, the recent, first-ever, ballyhooed oil and gas lease sale in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was less than spectacular despite politicians calling it “historic” and “tremendous.” After 40 years of concerted state and private efforts and millions of dollars being spent in pursuit of opening a portion of […]


It is difficult to fully grasp the seriousness of what happened yesterday in Washington, D.C., as rioters invaded the U.S Capitol, threatening our most cherished institutions. For those of us who have grown up believing to our core the United States is indestructible, that it just “is,” and will be forever, the scenes of chaos […]

Many a slip …

Folks trying to recall Assembly Chairman Felix Rivera say they have gathered more than the 2,735 signatures they need to force a vote to remove the assemblyman from office. The recall petitions, with about 5,000 signatures, claim Rivera, who represents Anchorage’s District 4, did not perform his duties as Assembly chairman during an August meeting. […]

What is it hiding?

There is a certain bureaucratic arrogance in Alaska state government that is palpable at times. It was rampant during the Palin years, alive and well in the years since and apparently remains embedded in the nooks and crannies of Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s administration. The evidence is clear in the Anchorage Daily News stories about the […]

The trough

If you are looking for sources of disdain for government, you need check no further than the Alaska Health and Social Services’ spending more than $3.2 million in federal COVID-19 aid with two public relations firms for public communications and education. Oh, and by the way, one of the firms tapped for the contracts – […]

We’re dead last

Anchorage, as you may already suspect, is at the very bottom of a list of the safest cities in Alaska. Unalaska is at the top, followed by Sitka, Homer, Palmer and Soldotna. The list, compiled by Safewise, an outfit that conducts research and reports on, and ranks, home security systems and smart devices, puts Anchorage, […]

White, cisgender, heteronormative

Anchorage’s Z.J. Loussac Library has an interesting view of the past and a different take on how it influences the institution in managing its collection books and other materials. Take, for instance, this part of its “Collection management” policy: “The library recognizes the role of hundreds of years of assumptions that white, cisgender, hetero-normative (sic), […]

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