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Happy Mother’s Day

Today is that special day when we set aside to salute and honor our mother’s, who have the toughest, most thankless jobs in the world. Imagine a world without them to make the thorny path easier. Mother’s Day has a long history in this country, dating back to Ann Jarvis, who wanted to honor her […]

Watered down

You have to wonder sometimes what lawmakers in Juneau possibly could be thinking. Gov. Mike Dunleavy in February offered a tough criminal justice bill. Instead of using the opportunity to make Alaskans safer, the House Majority watered down the measure, and then rushed to pack it with amendments and other bills over a few days, […]

Earnings shift

A measure in the House would move $12 billion of the roughly $18 billion now in the Permanent Fund Earnings Reserve into the corpus of the $65 billion fund. A Senate bill would move $8 billion. The idea, apparently, is to make the money unavailable for easy spending and force a quicker compromise on how […]

Fudging on SB91

Proponents of the infamous Senate Bill 91, a controversial law blamed for the rising crime across Alaska, have stepped over the line and appear to have been caught red-handed by Rep. David Eastman. The Alaska Criminal Justice Commission — which helped craft SB91 — issued a report late last year that the number of people […]

Not as great as advertised

At a campaign rally in South Carolina, 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg told the crowd the past President Donald Trump is promising to return us to “was never as great as advertised…..” With millions of people from every back alley and corner of the world, from Uganda, to Haiti, to Central and South America, […]

The Left and totalitarianism

As the Democratic clown car veers to the left end of the political spectrum for 2020’s presidential contest, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and California Rep. Eric Swalwell apparently are trying to elbow their way to the front seat. The two Democrats are vying to see which of them could most egregiously abridge the Constitution. […]

Jumping ship

Surprise! Anchorage Republicrat Gabrielle LeDoux has jumped ship – yet again. This time, she broke with the House’s Democrat-led caucus to be the only “yes” vote for the Senate’s $3,000 Permanent Fund dividend – while her caucus-mates voted “no.’ Not toeing the party line is a no-no among our betters, and the coalition showed her […]

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