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PFD is $1,884

By Sean Doogan, ADN ANCHORAGE – $1,884: that’s the amount of this year’s Permanent Fund Dividend check distributed to Alaskans, as announced by Gov. Sean Parnell in downtown Anchorage Wednesday morning. Read More:


Now we have political opponents of Gov. Sean Parnell whining about his stepping up to announce the amount of the 2014 Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend. Honest. Like he is supposed to ignore a political bonanza and let one of his minions get the publicity. They complain he did not announce earlier ones, so he is […]


We find ourselves more than a little disappointed this morning at the news Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan has changed his stance on the state’s minimum wage initiative. He told the Wall Street Journal in a story yesterday he will vote for the initiative to increase Alaska’s minimum wage to $9.75 an hour by […]

The left really should stop whining about the Koch brothers

The wealthy Koch brothers are evil incarnate to the left, especially in Alaska, where Sen. Mark Begich and Democrats are dying to link them to every problem extant, making them the boogiemen for any and all our ills. But it is all a silly diversion and part of their shell game. The problem? The brothers, […]

Begich’s campaign funding scam

Sen. Mark Begich’s cockamamie constitutional amendment to curb big, outside spending in political campaigns is deader than a skunk in the Senate. This is the same guy, it should be noted, who balked when his Republican rival for his Senate seat in the November election, Dan Sullivan, challenged him to limit outside spending in their […]

A painful exercise

Watching the White House stumble this way and that, scrambling to deal with the growing Islamic State threat, promising a “steady, relentless effort” to “eradicate” the danger, is nothing short of painful. Now we learn, to get to where we are, President Barack Obama – a guy who likes to telegraph this nation’s each and […]

It’s not about revenue

The Anchorage Assembly finally got around to doing the right thing by changing city burglar alarm policies that were punitive and unfair to homeowners and businesses. The shift came despite the objections of the Anchorage Police Department, which estimated a revenue loss of $265,000 for the department as a result of the new ordinance, and […]

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