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Last laugh

As the left and its complicit media pals race pell-mell to bite President Donald Trump on the ankles for the decades-old immigration problems the U.S. faces, they too often throw caution to the wind and cannot help but embarrass themselves. Pictures of the “cages” children separated from their illegal alien parents were supposed to be […]

Confusing? Not really.

Sometimes it seems a confusing world we live in. Mere days ago, our friends on the left were howling that President Donald Trump cold heartedly had broken up families at our nation’s southern border, stripping away children from their illegal immigrant parents; that he must change his administration’s “policy.” All that is poppycock, of course. […]

It is almost impossible: Traini is right

It is difficult to remember the last time we agreed with Assemblyman Dick Traini. His government-first, private-property-be-hanged stances all too often advance a liberal agenda. But on the issue of how the city is handling its homeless “crisis,” we can find common ground. As the city debates expediting removal of homeless camps by making swaths […]

If Congress wants something done, it should get busy

It is déjà vu all over again with Sen. Lisa Murkowski and her liberal Republican pals. Remember the failed effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare? She joined liberal Republicans and Democrats in blocking its repeal. She was, in fact, a deciding vote. She voted no the motion to proceed with a repeal […]

Congress, fix the law

There was a very telling exchange during DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s very animated news conference on family separation at our southern border. It shows how the left conflates this fact with that fantasy to conjure up a scenario that is outrageous and largely untrue as it casts about for a campaign issue – and another […]

More school resource officers?

The Anchorage School Board is asking the city to assign additional police officers to the district’s middle schools, in addition to those already posted in high schools. Board member Dave Donley proposed the idea, and the entire board unanimously went along. The board met with the Assembly on Friday. Donley is hoping to get 10 […]

Giant leaps in the right direction

Gov. Bill Walker has signed into law House Bill 312, a measure primarily sponsored by Rep. Matt Claman, D-Anchorage, that finally fixes the state’s pre-trial catch-and-release system. The state’s Pretrial Risk Assessment system was flawed, freeing dangerous people to commit more crimes – so they could be freed again to commit even more crimes. The […]

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