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Too bad

Now that President Barack Obama has taken his traveling dog and pony show back to Washington, D.C., we are left wonder why he did not see more of Alaska, although we suspect that did not fit in with his agenda. Going to Kotzebue and Kivalina and Seward and the Exit Glacier was a nifty start, […]

Obama’s sweet tooth

We note with more than a little interest President Barack Obama’s stop at a downtown Anchorage eatery, where he ordered a boatload of pastries to go – $18.25 in cinnamon rolls and muffins – before jumping on a helicopter to Seward to again offer his phony global warming spiel. “I’m about to go hike on […]

How would Obama explain the Grand Pacific Glacier?

With President Barack Obama such a staunch and vociferous acolyte of the man-made climate change religion, it is too bad he has no time while in Alaska to visit the Grand Pacific Glacier or Glacier Bay in Southeast Alaska instead of the Exit Glacier near Seward. It would be enlightening for him, and educational – […]

Denali is nice – but what about King Cove?

With the stroke of a pen – Presto! Just like that! – President Barack Obama was able to change the name of Mount McKinley to Denali – a name Alaskans have used for years, a name Native Alaskans, the first to see the mountain, gave it eons ago. Doing, finally, what Congress for years has […]

Obama visit

It is too bad that President Barack Obama will not get to talk to ordinary Alaskans, or see how well the North Slope oil industry operates, or view the grandeur and monstrous size of our state, or learn how much we depend on the very things he and his environmental pals want to lock up […]

Make up your own joke

Here is something fun from the Washington Free Beacon: Democrats apparently are at a loss when it comes to telling the difference between foreign troops and U.S. military veterans. The Democratic National Committee’s website, the Beacon reports, has been mistakenly identifying foreign troops as U.S. military veterans, according to Military Times. The committee’s “Veterans and […]

One for the states

A U.S. District Court judge in North Dakota handed the Obama administration a temporary defeat in its quest to gain jurisdiction over some smaller waterways by imposing stringent rules that would have cost millions and delayed projects unnecessarily. Alaska was among 13 states asking the judge for the ruling. U.S. District Judge Ralph Erickson in […]

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