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An upcoming pain

Brad Keithly is a guy who knows a lot of stuff about oil, gas and fiscal policy issues and a guy who is about to become a pain in the patoot for political candidates in the upcoming general election. He plans to send out questionnaires to them to identify their positions on oil, gas and […]

Hansen dead; poster boy for the death penalty

Serial killer Robert Hansen, a man who was evil personified, is dead at 75. The world will not miss him. Nobody is sure how many women he killed. Many of them were the nameless, faceless women who lived in the shadows of this city and he preyed upon them, even hunting them like game in […]

Shame on us

The ho-hum turnout for Tuesday’s election should be a wake-up call for Alaskans who talk a lot about being involved, stand-up, independent sorts. There are 735,000 people, give or take, living in the Frozen North and 494,900 of them are registered to vote. Of the registered voters, only about 157,000 voted, or about 31.7 percent. […]

It’s over; it’s just beginning

The turnout in yesterday’s election, hovering near 31 percent of Alaska’s 494,000 registered voters despite the important decisions to be made, was disappointing, but the often raucous campaigns leading up to the balloting were spirited examples of what is good about free and open election We would like to take this opportunity to thank each […]

Vote, and Vote No on 1

Today’s election is pivotal for Alaska’s future and perhaps the most important in the state’s recent history. In addition to the gubernatorial primary contest, the congressional primary and the important GOP Senate primary, which will pick a Republican candidate to run against Democrat Sen. Mark Begich and perhaps return Senate control to the Republicans – […]

This just in

Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Begich still is refusing to say where he stands on Ballot Measure 1, that contentious bit of liberal nonsense front and center on Tuesday’s ballot, a question that risks putting Alaska on the road to fiscal ruination. Ballot Measure 1 would repeal oil tax reform that went into effect in January […]

Bless his heart

Billionaire environmental activist and hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, a liberal who is pushing, among other things, the notion of global warming, thinks it likely you are not among the .5 percent of Americans who are not “super sophisticated” – another way for a  liberal to call you “stupid.” It is sort of like southern […]

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