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He feels your pain

Gov. Bill Walker addressed the Alaska Federation of Natives convention and zeroed in on Alaska’s budget deficit and his decision to cut this year’s dividend by more than half. He said Alaska is drawing down its reserves at about $12 million daily. “I cannot tell you, I cannot describe to you adequately how difficult of […]

When will he learn?

One might think that by this time Donald Trump, with all his experience in business and politics and entertainment, would know how to keep his foot out of his mouth and silence the talking heads hungry for a reason, any reason, to take off his head. That, sadly, does not appear to be the case. […]

Trust, but verify

It is interesting that President Barack Obama took the occasion of his last state dinner – with the Italian prime minister and his wife – to castigate Donald Trump for his charges that the election is rigged; that his “whining” sows doubts. Obama, like all liberals, has a short memory. Maybe he doe not remember […]

Museum needs a new name

The splendid new Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture should be renamed. It should be called: the “Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture – unless the African American just happens to be a conservative.” The museum, with half its $540 million price tag picked up by taxpayers, […]

So much for integrity in journalism

Journalists, honest ones anyway, generally are not the kind of folks who put political signs in their yards, or attend fundraisers for politicians, or make political contributions. They do not take sides or shade a story or set out to “get” somebody. They are people who believe in their craft; people who believe they are […]

More Obamacare problems

The bad news is that at least 1.4 million and perhaps more than 2 million people who depend on Obamacare are learning their health insurance plans will disappear next year, forcing them to find new coverage. The problem? They will have fewer options and prices are going up. Worse, those who lose their plans are […]

It is about time

The city is demanding something be done about the dilapidated Northern Lights Inn. Finally. City investigators got a search warrant for the run-down building and found evidence of illegal occupation and notified its owners that they must fix barricades,  the water, heat and fire alarm systems – and remove flammable materials – or face fines […]

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