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Ferguson and the new justice

The level of public discourse during and after last night’s burning, looting and gunfire in Ferguson, Mo., showed shocking ignorance. The mindless violence in that small bedroom community was matched only by the utter stupidity proudly put on display. It was a benchmark in the downward slide of our society. There were those – people […]

Consider the consequences

One recommendation that came out of a three-day transition confab for Gov.-elect Bill Walker at the University of Alaska Anchorage was to look for other sources of revenue before re-examining Senate Bill 21, the oil tax reform that has spurred investment and production on the North Slope. Count us among those who believe that would […]

Walker’s olive branch has thorns

The headline was interesting enough: “In speech to industry groups, Walker says he’s not their enemy.” The story in the Alaska Dispatch News went on to say Gov.-elect Bill Walker is working to assure the state’s resource industry that he is not its enemy. He was offering his olive branch in a speech to the […]

Slipping numbers

President Barack Obama’s leadership rating among Americans is nothing to write home about, as the midterm elections – remember, he told voters his policies were on the ballot – seem to bear out. Rasmussen Reports polling says for the second time this year, the number of voters who rate President Obama’s leadership positively has reached […]

United States of Obama

President Barack Obama’s reckless lawlessness and arrogant disdain for this nation’s Constitution has put the United States on a dangerous path away from anything the Founders may have envisioned. There, indeed, is a name for a country whose leader does what he wants, when he wants and how he wants. There is a name for […]

It is about time

Be still our beating hearts. Assemblywoman Amy Demboski wants Anchorage to join the Matanuska-Susitna Borough in becoming the second Alaska government to dump expensive – $170 per vehicle – registration fees for older vehicles and trailers. She – along with co-sponsor Bill Evans – introduced a measure Tuesday that would opt Anchorage into a new […]

Uber and a level playing field

After lengthy testimony Tuesday night, the Anchorage Assembly voted 8-3 to take the first step toward possibly giving its approval to allow ride-sharing Uber to operate in Anchorage as a paid service. The ordinance the Assembly approved, offered by members Dick Traini and Amy Demboski, exempts Uber from Anchorage’s municipal taxi code, or Title 11. […]

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