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Alarm bells

Alarm bells should be going off in Juneau over the size of state government. Faced with crashing oil prices, ConocoPhillips, this country’s largest independent oil company, is reporting a first-quater loss of $1.5 billion and has slashed its 2016 budget for the second time this year. The Houston-based company also is cutting its cut its […]

Mackie Plan, anyone?

While the governor, his henchmen and the Legislature continue hungrily eyeing the Permanent Fund, its earnings and its dividends to shovel money into a more than $4 billion budget crevasse, perhaps it is time to resurrect a plan that would fix the problem once and for all. Back in 2000, then-Craig Republican lawmaker and majority […]

Surplus? That is your money

Where we come from, if somebody takes something from you by threat of force and refuses to give it back, it is called theft. In Anchorage, it is called a surplus and you might someday get part of it back. Maybe, but do not hold your breath. The Assembly has raised taxes and there is […]

More dueling lawyers at the public’s expense

Is it any wonder why many Alaskans are losing faith in their state and local governments? There are plenty of reasons, we suppose, but the food fight over who is responsible for a section of one of the state’s most dangerous and deadly highways takes the cake. The troopers say they are driving way from […]

Did Halcro Facebook us to drydock?

Politics at times is a wonderment; its practitioners often inscrutable; its bedfellows odd; its feet shot full of holes. Take Andrew Halcro’s frothy Facebook entry and tweet yesterday and listen for the echo of the latest bang! Halcro, as you may remember, is a former legislator, former Chamber of Commerce chief and now heads the […]

Tax Freedom Day

You may have missed it, but Americans finally have reached Tax Freedom Day, a mere 114 days into the year. The celebrated day was Sunday, but it would have occurred 16 days later if annual federal borrowing were added, which the Tax Foundation says represents future taxes owed. Sunday was the day when Americans had […]

Chelsea and guns

None other than Chelsea Clinton, daughter of presidential contender Hillary Clinton, says with conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead, the left most certainly is going to use the opportunity to enact gun control. The Washington Beacon reports her as saying: “It matters to me that my mom also recognizes the role the Supreme Court […]

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