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Juneau’s Muñoz should resign from Legislature

It may be time for Juneau Republican Rep. Cathy Muñoz to consider resigning – for poor judgment if nothing else. For the second time, she has written a letter – one of them on official legislative stationery, no less – to a judge showing her support for or seeking a lighter sentence for a defendant […]

So, what’s a few more?

Democrats must be perpetually horror-stricken as the Hillary Clinton email saga grinds on. Now, the FBI says it found 15,000 emails she did not turn over to the government and a federal judge says they must be released – and soon. In a late-night television appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” one of several she has […]

Where is Obama on Chicago bloodbath?

You have to wonder whether President Barack Obama might take a few moments from his busy golfing schedule to decry this past weekend’s violence in Chicago, which left seven dead and at least 49 others wounded. The wounded included a young girl shot in the wrist at a vigil for a 14-year-old boy killed early […]

Just think fish plant

Fish plant. Just think fish plant when you hear about the state taking the reins of the $55 billion Alaska LNG Project that aims to move North Slope gas south for liquefaction and then shipment to Japan. Fish plant. That long ago boondoggle cost Alaska $50 million and now the state – not unlike governments […]

Yet another lie

Ah, the Obama administration is caught in yet another lie. Ho-hum. The State Department admits the United States forked over $400 million in stacks of cash to Iran in January only after Tehran released four American hostages. President Obama two weeks early had insisted the payment was not a “ransom.” Since then it has been […]

Blasé police attitude about safety, security shocking

Imagine our shock when we learned the Anchorage Police Department does not give a hoot about the wellness or safety of its officers and has absolutely no idea how to provide security for its police buildings. While we had thought the police, of all people, likely would already care at lot about such things, apparently […]

Abandoning Indian Country appeal a mistake

Gov. Bill Walker’s administration has abandoned its appeal of an adverse court decision in its lawsuit challenging federal regulations that banned Alaska tribes from putting land into trust, thereby creating Indian Country. In our opinion, surrendering the state’s sovereignty is bad for the state and its citizens and likely will lead to myriad problems as […]

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