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Biggest ever

The Anchorage Assembly gave its stamp of approval to Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s $520 million city operating budget – a record amount in the city’s history, topping the last record by about $12 million. The vote to approve the budget was 9-2, with Assembly members Amy Demboski and Fred Dyson voting “no.” “In good conscience, I […]


Despite the wiggling, side-stepping and spin about Alaska’s economy, there are a few truisms that cannot be ignored: This is an oil state running a $2.8 billion deficit that needs either more oil or higher prices. There simply is no diversification of the economy that will fix the red-ink problem; no magic revenue enhancement; no […]

A good first step

The Anchorage Daily News – late the Alaska Dispatch News – announced over the weekend it was reinstituting its editorials, with one every week or so, on Sunday. The newspaper’s former owner, socialite-cum-publisher Alice Rogoff, drove a stake in its editorial heart in a fit of egalitarian breathlessness after she bought it from the McClathcy […]

Why not?

In addition to an Assembly-approved 10 cent-a-gallon fuel tax to help reduce property taxes, Mayor Ethan Berkowitz is proposing an increase in the residential property tax exemption to further ease the load on property taxpayers. The exemption now is $20,000. With voters’ approval, he would raise it to $50,000. The average home in Anchorage is […]

Anchorage Times?

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Take, for instance, the Anchorage Daily News-cum-Alaska Dispatch News-cum-Anchorage Daily News again. The new owners of the state’s largest newspaper and digital Internet site announced on Facebook this week they would be changing the publication’s name this weekend. “You may have noticed we’ve changed the […]


It will be interesting to see how – or if – the Anchorage Police Department is able to sell the Assembly and public on the idea of using drones for everything from search and rescue, to evidence gathering, to tactical situations. At a meeting of the Assembly’s Public Safety Committee, Alaska Public Media reports, the […]

Go home

While Alaska posts a $2.8 billion budget deficit and House Democrats busy themselves trying to find a way to reach into Alaskans’ pockets, the House stubbornly remains in session, collecting pay and per diem, after the Senate gaveled out and went home. It plans, according to Must Read Alaska, to stay in session and hold […]

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