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A day to remember nation’s heroes

For those who have died in America’s wars of days gone by, we pause today to remember their valor and pay tribute to their sacrifices. For those who have died in America’s war of today – a war on terror and against those who practice terrorism – we offer a special tribute and grateful thanks […]

Nanny State alive and well in NYC

Because the powers-that-be in New York City believe people there are not smart enough to know whether their  food is salty, they plan to start enforcing an unprecedented  requirement for chain restaurants to use icons to warn patrons of salty foods – and plans to issue fines to offenders beginning next week. While the law […]

Fire danger

The National Weather Service is saying to expect dry conditions and warm temperatures over this long holiday weekend – and that means increased fire danger. The service has issued fire weather watches for the Susitna Valley and the Copper River Basin, and warns conditions could allow for rapid ignition, growth and fire spread. As Alaskans […]

Legislators can do the right thing

Legislators have the opportunity during the new special session just called by Gov. Bill Walker to address a wrong and pass a measure that would guarantee state health insurance benefits to families of Alaska law enforcement officers and firefighters slain in the line of duty. Public safety unions and survivors of recent incidents that claimed […]

Tear down the fountain? Is this a joke?

Excuse us for noticing, but how is it that Mayor Ethan “Spendowitz” Berkowitz is planning to spend $50Gs in the next two weeks to tear out the fountain in Anchorage”s Town Square Park – as if it were his own fountain. He says the aging structure gives bad people a place to hide and contributes […]

Alaska 2.0

A Bloomberg TV story points to a painfully uncomfortable truth: The days of $100-a-barrel oil likely are behind us, at least that is what Norway’s petroleum and energy minister says. “It’s better to plan for $60 and let the people who want to hope for $100, hope for $100,” Tord Lien said in Tuesday’s interview. […]

The irony

It is always interesting to see the dichotomy between private business and state government when it comes to dealing with fiscal challenges. In Alaska, the irony is even more telling. BP, like other oil companies, has taken a horrific beating because of bottom-of-the-barrel oil prices. Alaska, pummeled by the same numbers, is facing a $4 […]

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