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Income tax? A bad idea

If you are looking for even more good reasons to object to Gov. Bill Walker’s suggestion of a “quick fix” state income tax to help Alaska deal with its nearly $4 billion budget deficit, take a look at “Alaska Has A Bigger Problem Than Low Oil Prices,” a piece by Travis H. Brown in Forbes. […]

Stick ’em up!

Once in a while, you come across a news story that just makes you giggle. Here is one that should make you guffaw: Democrats in Juneau, in the minority because most of Alaska rejects their political philosophy, want to “share” power with Republicans. Can you believe it? The idea, they say, is to form a […]

Why not vote?

Here is something clear about the Alaska Dispatch News’ poll that found a “majority of Anchorage voters” would not repeal the city’s new ordinance barring discrimination against the gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual community: The Berkowitz administration apparently does not believe the results. Why in the world would we think that? Well, Berkowitz’s city attorney, […]

So much for that …

So much for President Barack Obama’s concern about Alaska. It seems when his global warming photo-op here was over, Alaska rejoined “flyover” America as far as he was concerned. How do we know? Well, the White House recently hosted an earthquake preparedness summit to talk about testing of a new earthquake warning system called ShakeAlert […]

Looking more like a backwater Louisiana parish

For the record, the deadline to put a proposed ballot initiative on the April ballot repealing Assembly-approved special anti-discrimination protections for the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans-sexual community has passed, thanks to city attorney Bill Falsey and Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s administration. So, instead of allowing a vote by the people on whether to repeal a […]

First things first

Well, Gov. Bill Walker’s proposal to use Permanent Fund earnings – and cutting its annual dividends – to close the state’s $4 billion fiscal gap ran into a stone wall when the public had its first say on the idea. If you did not think Alaskans distrusted their government before, you certainly must have after […]

The real good news

As President Barack Obama works hard to take credit for what his administration says is a 4.9 percent unemployment rate – the lowest since February 2008, it says – and job growth, somebody should ask him about the 94 million people who cannot find work and are not included in his bogus percentage. When you […]

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