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It’s back

Taking a page from the Anchorage School District when it comes to bonds – if at first you do not succeed, try, try again – proponents of a bond to increase the number of ambulances in the city are offering up a bond similar to one that failed in the spring election. Voters defeated what […]

What’s the plan?

It must be uncomfortable nowadays for Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, a guy who ran for the city’s top executive post on a public safety platform, as the public grows ever angrier about crime in Anchorage. Much of the blame is being placed on Senate Bill 91, the criminal justice reform measure signed by Gov. Bill Walker […]

Time for the Mackie Plan

Since our Republican-cum-independent-cum-undeclared governor, Bill Walker, and the Legislature cannot keep their mitts off Alaskans’ Permanent Fund dividends, why not put an end to what likely will turn into an annual dividend theft. Last year, you lost more than half your potential dividend. You can thank Walker. This year, you lost more than half your […]

PFD questions

Do you remember when governors treated the announcement of the annual Permanent Fund dividend amount as a huge deal? The fanfare? The carney atmosphere? The jockeying for space in the limelight hoping some of the credit might wash off on them, even dragging kids center stage to make the announcement? Golly, it was fun, but […]


Here’s something you do not see every day: The University of Alaska Board of Regents gave UA President Jim Johnsen a $50,000 bonus for meeting performance goals – and he promptly donated it to the university. The school is being battered by reduced state funding and wants tuition hikes for the next few years.  “This […]


Barely a day goes by that the left does not show its complete disconnect with anything resembling reality. Take, for instance, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government’s inviting Chelsea Manning to be a visiting fellow. It set off a political and public relations storm. Former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell on Thursday resigned as a senior […]

Ermalee Hickel

Alaska lost a shining light with the passing of former first lady Ermalee Hickel at the age of 92. Married to former Gov. Walter Hickel, she  raised six children and will be buried at the Anchorage Memorial Park next to her late husband, who was buried standing up, facing toward Washington, D.C., so he could […]

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