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Eagle River election oddity

This, indeed, is the election silly season and a good example of how silly it has become is in the District 14 House race in Eagle River to replace Republican Lora Reinbold. Purportedly, there are three Republican candidates – Jamie Allard, Eugene Harnett and Kelly Merrick – and one nonpartisan, Joe Hackenmueller, who is running […]

Even more media hypocrisy

Just when you think the media have hit rock bottom in the hypocrisy department, they manage to stoop even lower, dig even deeper. Take, for instance, ProPublica’s appeal for dirt on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s baseball outings. The Pulitzer Prize-winning, self-described “nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism with moral force” is asking readers to […]

Bear proof

The most dangerous words in the English language, at least when it comes to government, are: ‘Something needs to be done.’ It is enough to make any normal person’s hair stand on end. It portends bad things to come. This city’s problem with bear-human interactions has some folks saying that very thing as the Assembly […]

A grave mistake

There is something more than a little unsettling in the news that more than 100 of this nation’s newspapers have signed up to publish editorials targeting President Donald Trump for his repeated attacks on the media. Those newspapers, enlisted by the Boston Globe to publish their own editorials with a unified theme –  rather than […]

Beyond time for shock

The video is shocking and disturbing. It shows a woman sitting on a curb, shooting up drugs in downtown Anchorage. On a busy street. In broad daylight. In front of people walking down the sidewalk. A passerby captured the image on video and it later was broadcast on KTVA. In a city where homeless camps […]

Why not in January?

Well, it is that time of year in Alaska. The news is that federal pooh-bahs are being herded around the state by some of our congressional delegation to give them a first-hand look at our problems and the grandeur that is Alaska. Sen. Dan Sullivan is touring the state with the secretaries of the Army, […]

An unenforced law is no law

The current noisy flap over political campaign signs sprouting willy-nilly – and illegally – along roads carries with it a message. Owners of the signs – people who ironically are asking us to put them in a position to make laws – are breaking the law. With abandon. And in ever-growing numbers. But, they complain, […]

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