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Old, expired medications? Drop them off today

If you are like us, your medicine cabinet likely is packed with old or expired prescription drugs that the powers-that-be urge be disposed of safely to prevent unauthorized use or environmental damage or whatever the latest good reason is. The problem? How to get rid of them. Well, today – April 29 – is National […]

Dunleavy’s fiscal plan makes sense

Wasilla state Sen. Mike Dunleavy is offering a fiscal plan that deserves a hard look. It includes no new taxes. None. Nada. Zip. No income tax. No state sales tax. No this tax or that tax. Instead, it would use Alaska’s more than $14 billion of existing savings to help bridge to a sustainable budget […]

California insanity

As California continues to lead the nation in a head-long sprint over a fiscal and cultural cliff, it now is looking hard at what Democrats have lusted after for years – government run, universal health care, the so-called single-payer system. California’s example would cover everybody, even illegal immigrants. The state’s Senate Health Committee approved the […]

Going up

If you thought the Anchorage Assembly is not clearly in the bag for the political left, consider last night’s vote to jack up spending and increase taxes by $243 on a $300,000 home, about the average in this city. Before it was over, property taxes were boosted by 5.3 percent and the city budget – […]

Spread the pain?

The inane mantra of late for Democrats and their fellow travelers in Juneau desperate to sell the notion of a statewide progressive income tax is this: An income tax spreads the pain equally. Does that even make sense? Well, there were 245,647 people with paying jobs in Alaska during 2015, the last year for which […]

Keep up the good work

It is amusing that Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez simply cannot stop himself from being a Class A pottymouth, but rather than criticize, we want to encourage him to continue at every opportunity and in every venue, shouting his vulgarities to the four winds, if he pleases. After all, we are staunch believers in […]

Time to get real about REAL ID

As yet another deadline approaches for Alaska’s compliance with the federal REAL ID Act, not much is happening. Failure to comply would mean Alaskans might have problems using their driver’s licenses or other state ID to enter military installations or board commercial aircraft. Alaska now is operating on an extension from the Department of Homeland […]

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