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Here is something we just do not understand: The state is paying $4,000 a month – or $350,000 so far – in storage fees for $8.2 million worth of steel bridge pilings sitting in a storage yard in Seattle. The pipe, 24 to 48 inches in diameter, was bought by the state three governors ago […]

Nice work, guys

Federal prosecutors did us all a huge favor when they tried six very dangerous people tied to a violent drug trafficking ring – and won convictions. Prosecutors say the court effort sprang from an April 2013 case and the hard work of a cop in Valdez. Before it was over, state troopers, Anchorage police and […]

A peek

Every now and then, Alaskans get a peek inside government, a glance at how things really are. Take North Pole Republican Tammie Wilson’s attempt to reach into the state Labor Department and fire Joe Thomas, a former Democratic state senator from Fairbanks and Zack Fields, the former communications director for the Alaska Democratic Party, A […]

A great idea

Once in a while, a great idea comes down the pike. Commonwealth North has one that is a winner in its recently released state budget analysis. It is suggesting that in the face of a $3.5 billion budget deficit, the Walker administration and state labor unions should renegotiate contract terms to reduce health care costs […]

And another thing

The other day we wondered why Bethel District Attorney June Stein really was fired – the first prosecutor in state history, by the way, to meet that fate – from her post as top prosecutor in a busy rural office. It turns out her office handles a large number of sex crimes and assaults. Now, […]

Obama’s back door gun control

Obama promised to completely transform – that is Obamaese for destroy – this nation in the next two years. He may be the only time he has told the truth. Republicans swept into office in the midterm elections to stop Obama’s insanity should be paying attention. Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner is reporting today […]

Who needs prosecutors when we have politicians?

One can only surmise why Bethel District Attorney June Stein really was fired from her post as lead prosecutor in a busy rural office that handles a large number of sex crimes and assaults. Hers was the first such firing in state history. The governor says she was “not a good fit.” Bethel lawyer Jim […]

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