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Ninth Circle?

Lawmakers are expected to gavel in the 32nd Alaska Legislature in Juneau on Tuesday. You have to wonder who would want to? The state is slogging through a COVID-19 pandemic. Its economy is on life support. Its cash reserves are dangerously low after years of profligate spending. Its unemployment rate is through the roof. And […]

How about some normalcy?

It is nice to know that members of our august Assembly were fully protected as they met Jan. 12. Somewhere between 15 to 20 of our city’s finest were deployed in and around the Loussac Library as members of the panel met, with six officers inside the Assembly chambers, MustReadAlaska.com reported. That represents a large […]

Speech the first target

It is bothersome to watch the crackdown on free speech in this country by business and tech giants in the wake of the Capitol invasion. To control the narrative, the Left always leans toward censorship of what it does not like and depends in large part on tragedies or disasters or civil disorder to ram […]

The best

The headline was pretty ominous: “Lincoln Project Teams Up With Billionaires, Left-Wing Activists to Punish GOP, Elect More Democrats.” The Lincoln Project? It was difficult to know whether to gasp or just laugh aloud. Surely, you remember these clowns. After spending $12 million to generate some of the most obnoxious political ads in human history, […]

A bond is a long-term tax

The Anchorage Assembly tonight is slated to vote on a list of about $60 million in bonds to appear on the April 6 election ballot for approval. There is $3.6 million for trail and recreational facilities, $1.95 million for fire protection capital improvements, $5.3 million for safety and transit improvements, $8 million for capital improvement […]

Two questions

There really are, and have been, only two questions that must be answered when its comes to the annual Alaska Permanent Fund dividend. First, are we going to continue to even have the dividend, set up in 1980 to ensure continued public support of the Permanent Fund to keep politicians’ mitts off the fund’s corpus? […]

Is he hiding something?

Last week was the deadline for Anchorage officials to disburse $156 million the city received from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act to help businesses and residents survive the pandemic’s economic effects. Any money left over after Dec. 30 was supposed to be returned to the federal government. You probably would like […]

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