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Some recovery

While the national unemployment rate may have dropped to 4.6 percent and the economy added 178,000 jobs, a record 95,055,000 Americans were out of the labor force last month, Labor Department officials say. Those people were neither employed nor had tried to find work the previous month – and that is a 446,000 increase over […]

Plows? What plows?

We would like to thank, even congratulate all the brave motorists – veteran drivers and amateur alike – heading to work this morning who braved the cold and near-zero visibility on the two highways leading into Anchorage. It could not have been easy, but they managed to clear the roads in most places and stay […]

Palin? Really?

Sarah Palin is in the running to head the mammoth, complex Veterans Administration in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration? Really? Make no mistake, having an Alaskan in Trump’s Cabinet could not be a bad thing for Alaska, but our question: Is she qualified to run the controversial agency that is supposed to help men and women […]

Good news, bad news

There is good news and bad news today on the oil price front. OPEC says it will curtail oil supply – its first cuts in eight years – by 32.5 barrels a day and crude prices reacted by climb as much as 8.8 percent in London, but they still remain at about half what they […]

No ‘buts’ in constitutional rights

Somebody close to President-elect Donald Trump really should tell him he is the president-elect and not a candidate anymore, and then introduce him to the Constitution. While they are at it, they may want to shut off his Twitter account so that he will stop embarrassing himself and the nation. Trump tweeted he is proposing […]

Wanted: Salesman

If there is a symbol of abject failure in state leadership, a symbol of governmental tin ear, this must be it – an Alaska and University of Utah three-year study of moose-vehicle collisions with a price tag of $418,000. At a time when the state is more than $3 billion in the hole. At a […]

Sales tax?

As the state mulls all manner of taxes to deal with its $3 billion budget deficit, and the city anticipates reduced state funding, Anchorage Assemblyman Bill Evans is planning to soon introduce a 4 percent city sales tax proposal to the Assembly. If approved by the Assembly, the proposal would go on the April municipal […]

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