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Huge response, indeed

We suppose former Republican Gov. Sean Parnell and former Democratic Sen. Mark Begich could not be further apart on the political spectrum, but they are on the same page when it comes to Alaska’s fiscal future in these troubled times. Alaska’s Legislature should take heed. The two were tapped by Gov. Mike Dunleavy to head […]

Just thought you’d like to know

In our continuing quest to weigh the impact of public employees unions’ political contributions on Assembly races, we took a look at the District 6, Seat K, race in South Anchorage featuring challenger Rick Castillo and first-term incumbent Suzanne LaFrance. It was easy to pore over Alaska Public Offices Commission records in search of Castillo’s […]

Everybody gets a piece

One need only look at the humongous $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act to know that what this country badly needs is a single-subject rule for legislation. In this instance, everybody, every special interest, got a piece of the pie. Never let a crisis go to waste has become never let a […]

April elections?

As the municipal election looms, we again are left to wonder why Anchorage has its elections on the first Tuesday in April – this year on April 7 – instead of in November. Oh, there are the usual explanations: Municipal candidates have trouble getting heard – read, get enough money – in November elections which […]

Fee suspension? Fix the mess

We are huge fans of politics, with its attendant legerdemain and practiced sleight of tongue. Show the people one thing; hand them another. A case in point: Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s showman-like dispatch of the city’s ridiculous 10-cent fee for disposable paper bags in retail establishments, such as grocery stores. The fee is suspended for […]

Bag the ban

Communities across the nation rightly, understandably and quickly are ditching their single-use plastic bag bans as the coronavirus spreads the land. They are going back to single-use bags, much hated by the Left and environmentalists, because the deadly virus can live for an indeterminate time on surfaces, and customers schlepping their own bags, cloth or […]

Just thought you’d like to know

As we continue to look at how much cash public employee unions pour into Assembly races, we turn our attention to the Eagle River/Chugiak District 2, Seat C, race featuring candidates Jamie Allard, Stephany Jeffers and Roger Branson. Allard and Jeffers both ran unsuccessfully for the Alaska House in 2018. Jeffers won the Democratic primary […]

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