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Leave the flowers alone

First, it was cops or snowplows. Now it is flowerbeds, hanging flower baskets and public greenhouses, or, homeless camps. It is just another in a lengthening line of lousy ideas. The Anchorage Assembly is looking at a $3.2 million budget deficit – although nobody is saying why – and is scratching for ways to make […]

In defense of earmarks

A reader takes us to task for, on the one hand, opposing profligate spending by the federal government and, on the other, supporting the very notion of congressional earmarks. The two are not connected. Earmarks do not increase spending; they simply change who decides where that spending will go. Congressional earmarks, which, by the way […]

Where only government and criminals …

As Democrats prepare to assume control of the U.S. House of Representatives and promise a new and vigorous campaign against Americans’ Second Amendment rights, we are reminded of something the late Orlando Sentinel columnist Charley Reese wrote some years ago. Reese was not somebody who trusted government and who was especially leery when it came […]

Something in common

The federal government shares a regrettable trait with Alaska: Both spend money like drunken sailors – no disrespect to drunken sailors intended. Alaska chronically posts deficit budgets. The feds? They bathe in red ink. The bottom line is both spend far too much money. The most recent in a long list of cases in point: […]

Solar minimum

Something called the ‘solar minimum’ is expected to occur over the coming months, bringing with it frigid temperatures. During a solar minimum, sunspot activity falls and temperatures on Earth plunge, perhaps even enough, as in the past, to trigger a mini-Ice Age. The next solar minimum is predicted to occur in 2019 or 2020. The […]

Tough row to hoe

It is nice to see, finally, a governor who is not intimidated by the oh-we-cannot-cut-government-any-more crowd, a governor who actually gets it when it comes to Alaska’s bloated budgets. Gov. Mike Dunleavy has promised to offer “significantly lower” budgets and sees, as many do, that Alaska has much more government than it can afford. “Our […]

Time for questions; time for a reality check

Gov.-elect Mike Dunleavy is tapping former Gov. Sean Parnell as a special adviser on matters pertaining to the proposed $43 billion AK LNG Project. It seems a good choice. “Sean Parnell, in his previous work on AK LNG, moved the project along to a point it had really never reached before,” Dunleavy’s transition chief, Tuckerman […]

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