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ANWR? Reid says ‘never’

As Sen. Mark Begich continues to promise Alaskans that, by golly, he will get the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge open to oil exploration, consider this: His mentor and boss, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, said it will not happen. As reported by Amanda Coyne on her website, Reid bluntly said as much. In a Dec. […]

Begich a fiscal whiz; yeah, right

It is hard not to laugh when you hear former Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich’s contention that he left the city of Anchorage in great financial shape when the Justice Department’s crooked investigation of Sen. Ted Stevens handed him Stevens’ Senate seat. He has an ad out now touting his fiscal prowess as mayor of Anchorage […]

Ask yourself: Am I more likely to be beheaded or infected than six years ago?

As the news media continues its extended and embarrassing fawning of Sen. Mark Begich in the last few weeks of his re-election campaign, there are serious questions going unasked. Why did Begich parrot Barack Obama and tell us we could keep our doctors under Obamacare? Why did the senator vote for it anyway knowing it […]

What else?

It is a question we are asking ourselves more often than we would like: If the AFL-CIO’s gubernatorial ticket of Republican-cum-independent-cum-undeclared Bill Walker and Democrat Byron Mallott are wrong about oil tax reform – one of the largest fiscal questions ever faced by Alaskans – what else are they wrong about? In addition to the […]

A lawyer for ‘Ebola Czar’

Count us among those more than a little confused by President Barack Obama’s selection of Ron Klein as this nation’s first “Ebola Czar.” Klein, who is a Washington insider, a lawyer and not a doctor, was chief of staff to Vice President Biden and former Vice President Al Gore. He has a reputation for having […]

Begich and delicious irony

There is an almost delicious irony in Sen. Mark Begich’s request that U.S Attorney General Eric Holder start a formal civil rights investigation in the case involving four men convicted in three separate trials of the 1997 beating death of a Fairbanks teen-ager. Begich, it turns out, has joined others in citing “allegations of prosecutorial […]

Delay, obfuscate, dodge

If you can say anything about American voters, you can say they are not paying attention. Or they are easy to fool. Or they just do not care. Any one of those is a godsend to the Obama administration. The Washington Times’ Valerie Richardson reports President Barack Obama has pushed back until after the elections […]

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