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Drilling finally starting

The news that Royal Dutch Shel has at long last started drilling an exploratory well in Alaska’s offshore waters is a good thing – for Alaska and for the nation. The company says its Transocean Polar Pioneer – one of two rigs under contract to Shell – started drilling at the company’s Burger prospect in […]


Oops! While do-gooders and our friends on the left said Seattle’s mandatory $15 minimum wage would not be subject to the laws of economics and be a nifty deal, lifting workers out of poverty and off public assistance – there are flies in the ointment. It appears some workers are asking their bosses for fewer […]

Time to step up

It is disquieting and disheartening to see headlines such as “Anchorage police ask witnesses to dance-floor killing to come forward.” It leaves you to wonder whether some young person saw a person murdered and then simply opted to stay silent. Detective David Cordie is the lead investigator in the Alano Club shooting in Spenard that […]

What the …?

Do you ever have those moments while you are watching government where you just shake your head and wonder, “What the heck…..?” Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott’s abrupt dumping of Alaska’s longtime elections chief was one of those for us. He said – through an aide, no less, as he was comfortably in Canada – that […]

Diversity nincompoopery

Pardon us for noticing, but the Alaska Dispatch News’ diversity nincompoopery is in full bloom. Look at this lead paragraph on a story announcing the appointment to the Superior Court bench of a highly qualified member of the Bar: “Alaska Gov. Bill Walker announced Friday his appointment of the second ever – and only current […]

Keep smoking; pay more

The newspaper headline – “Tobacco taxes increasingly popular throughout Alaska” – was disheartening and points to a paradox. Government pretends it wants smokers to quit, but prays they do not; it needs the money. There is something eminently wrong about government – or voters – deciding to target only one segment of the population, for […]

Allen West’s Times Square speech

Former Florida Congressman Allen West’s fiery speech about the Iran nuclear deal during a “Stop Iran Deal Rally” in New York City’s Times Square was, not to put too fine a point on it, simply exhilarating in a time when mealy-mouthed politicians rule the day. Describing himself as a U.S. Army combat paratrooper, West said […]

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