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Pebble veto should be shelved

The House Science Committee has asked new EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to rescind the agency’s 2014 veto of the Pebble Mine based on preemptive Clean Water Act restrictions . Those restrictions were put in place after at questionable Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment, and the agency put them in place with the support of, and help […]

Stars and Bars

Thank goodness students at Chugiak High School are now safe from the evil Stars and Bars of the Confederate flag. The school, the Alaska Star reports, has banned display of the flag for all but educational purposes after students posed with a stylized version of it for photos inside the school. It drew complaints of […]

Free speech?

George Orwell must be spinning in his grave. Much of what he wrote about in his dystopian 1949 novel,  “1984,” is coming to pass. Writing in the Washington Examiner, Adam Steinbaugh reports hundreds of university campuses encourage students to snitch on fellow students or professors for offensive speech. which, it turns out, can be just […]

Sleepless in Anchorage

We are not ones to say we told you so, but we told you so. It turns out, as Municipal Light & Power crews swap out 4,000 orange sodium-vapor streetlights for bright, blue-white, energy-saving LED bulbs this year, some people do not like them. The Alaska Dispatch News reports a Government Hill family is asking […]


Here is another of those tin ears so often encountered with Alaska’s lawmakers and governor. It turns out, the Alaska Dispatch News’ Nathaniel Herz reports, that three of Juneau’s state legislators – Sen. Dennis Egan and Reps. Sam Kito III and Justin Parish, all Democrats – are receiving thousands of dollars in state per diem […]

What’s good for the goose …

The news media is all in a dither because President Donald Trump and his family jets here and there, causing great expense to the Treasury and consternation among his government security apparatus. Yet, when President Barack Obama and his family racked up nearly $100 million traveling or vacationing or taking golf outings, there was barely […]

It is not me, it is you

It is entertaining to watch the news media biggies and talking heads come unraveled in dealing with President Donald Trump, a guy who simply will not do what they believe he should. When he lambasted the news media the other day for not reporting what actually is going on in his administration, he was sounding […]

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