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There’s that thumb again

Some are suggesting the fix may be when it comes to the Alaska Supreme Court’s decision on the Recall Dunleavy effort now waiting to be heard by the court. From all appearances, they may be right. The court, without even hearing the first argument going to the heart of the case, lifted a lower court’s […]

Lying on two counts

If anybody tries to tell you the effort to rejigger our electoral system to make it easier for Democrats, “independents” and progressives to win elections is an Alaska grass-roots operation, they are not telling you the truth. In fact, as of Jan. 16, the group backing the effort had taken in $619,598.87 in contributions – […]

The march continues

As the march to cheapen and undercut our election system continues, it was only a matter of time, we suppose, before voters could post selfies with their ballot on social media. That day has arrived. Posting a photo or video of your municipal ballot previously was illegal, but a recent Anchorage Assembly ordinance sponsored by […]

Time to pay attention

Virginia has given gun-owning Americans a peek at what is in store for them if Democrats are successful in winning the White House later this year. A few days ago, the Virginia House of Delegates passed stringent gun control proposals 51-48, with all Republicans and several Democrats voting against the bill. The legislation includes a […]


Sen. Mike Shower on April 24 introduced Senate Joint Resolution 3, a proposed constitutional amendment that would give Alaskans more say over membership on the Alaska Judicial Council. The Alaska Judicial Council is the body responsible for screening and recommending to the governor candidates to fill judgeships. The panel has seven members appointed to staggered […]

Enjoy the show

It is hard not to chuckle when Democrats get their undies in a bunch, sharpen their teeth and go for blood. Take, for instance, this week’s nasty, noisy brouhaha featuring former Bill Clinton strategist James Carville and apparent Democratic 2020 frontrunner Sen. Bernie Sanders. Carville surfaced from the Democratic swamp to call a head-to-head face-off […]

Sen. Stevens would agree

The Roger Stone sentencing uproar is the source of much tut-tutting among the powers-that-be and pundits in the nation’s capital. Federal prosecutors recommended President Donald Trump’s friend, confidante and aide Roger Stone be sentenced to as many as nine years in prison for lying, witness tampering, and obstructing a congressional investigation during the Russian interference […]

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