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Comrade Putin

Imagine our relief when we heard Commie-in-Chief Vladimir Putin has no use for our great state. During his annual marathon question-and-answer session, Putin – who actually was wearing a shirt  – was asked by a Russian woman if Alaska would be his next conquest in the wake of his Crimea adventure and Ukrainian meddling. “What […]

Senate Bill 108

At the outset, we agreed with Sen. Fred Dyson’s Senate Bill 108, which would block access to records of criminal cases that end in acquittals or dismissal. We thought that was the most fair and equitable solution to the problem of having a criminal case that went nowhere following a person for the rest of […]

Voter fraud?

For diehards – mostly Democrats – who actually believe voter fraud is a figment of the GOP’s imagination there is this: Kim Strach, North Carolina’s elections director has identified 35,750 people who voted in North Carolina and who shared names and birth dates with people who in 2012 voted in another state. The massive interstate […]

Hateful Westboro

The despicable Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, says it will picket the Alaska Native Heritage Center on Sunday, June 1. It members plan to be at the educational and cultural center in Muldoon at 8:45 a.m. because, “God hates your idol,” a flyer published online Sunday says. “There is nothing appealing or holy about […]

Political just got more political

The debate over raising the minimum wage is incredibly political – and is likely to get even more so. The question about whether to raise the state’s minimum wage – now on the August primary ballot – no longer is just about the Democrats’ desire to keep it on the ballot to draw Big Labor […]

Something odd

Here is something odd: While the Anchorage Police Department has seen a sharp drop in the number of traffic tickets its officers have written in the past five years, that decrease – they are writing fewer the half the tickets they did – has not sparked an increase in the number of traffic accidents. In […]

Be bear aware

Good grief, it is that time of year already. Bears are schlepping out of their dens and will be meandering around our neighborhoods, looking for goodies to eat. It is time to pull down your bird feeders – before they do – and ensure that your garbage cans and dog food bowls are put away. […]

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