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Bonds equal debt

When it comes to asking you to approve bonds, or self-imposed tax increases, the municipality and the school district are not bashful – and they seemingly never give up. We are beginning to believe that going along with the incessant requests to borrow money you will have to repay is a sucker’s game; that they […]

Finally, a good idea

The notion of banning overnight recreational vehicle camping in parking lots of stores such as Wal-Mart or Cabela’s is back for round two, this time courtesy of Assemblyman Eric Croft. Last year, it was Assemblywoman Elvi Gray-Jackson’s idea. It was a good idea then, though it drew fire from tourists, and she withdrew her proposal […]

Good grief

Prompted by Rep. Les Gara’s latest round of absurdity vis-à-vis the state budget, we took a look at his Alaska House of Representatives page on the Internet where he posted an opinion piece headlined, “Arming you with facts: Time to fix the budget, protect the economy.” It would make any reasonable person wonder what color […]

Will Assembly move to the right?

Early voting begins today in Anchorage’s April 4 nonpartisan – nudge-nudge, wink-wink – municipal election, with races in each of the city’s six election districts. There are four seats open, and Assembly incumbents Tim Steele, a darling of public employee unions, and Pete Petersen are trying to get re-elected. Turnout is expected to be lousy […]

Political judges endanger nation

We are entering a perilous time, a time when our most important institutions appear to be at war with President Donald Trump in what some on the political right are calling a silent coup. Trump’s enemies in Congress, the news media and now some in the judiciary appear to be doing their best to undermine […]

Makes you wonder

Here is something odd: The state of Alaska, as lawmakers look for ways to plug a more-than-$3 billion budget gap, even to the point of considering taxes and cutting Permanent Fund dividends, even to the point of gutting the Alaska State Troopers, is about to launch a $55 million runway project in Aniak that local […]

Leave troopers alone

Government has only a handful of legitimate responsibilities; providing for public safety is one of them – a big one – but you would not know that in Alaska. The director of the Alaska State Troopers, Col. Jim Cockrell, says budget-cutting is pushing his over-stretched agency to the very brink. “It wouldn’t take much to […]

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