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Camp Berkowitz

Nobody should be surprised that squatters and their tents have taken over a section of the Delaney Park Strip. After all, legislators and city officials pay scant attention to the law, why should what has been dubbed “Camp Berkowitz” be any different. The growing camp of protesters who oppose Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s defunding of homeless […]

If it seems too good to be true …

The way the talking heads and pundits are accusing Gov. Mike Dunleavy of telling a whopper or two or maybe three while campaigning for the state’s top executive post, it would be easy to believe he was the only Alaska politician who ever did such a thing. But he certainly is not – not by […]

A ‘leftovers’ dividend

It is breathtaking to watch our august Legislature in action. It is like watching a slow-motion car crash that just will not end. Undeterred by the law or Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s vetoes of $444 million in state spending, it is trying to use a bill that would have set the Permanent Fund dividend at $1,600 […]

What’s not to understand?

The asinine fight over where the Legislature should meet for a special session called by Gov. Mike Dunleavy is not the first time the Legislature and a governor have tangled over the question. Dunleavy called for the special session to determine this year’s Permanent Fund dividend to meet in Wasilla and 22 lawmakers did just […]

Showing its face

At some point, a rational person must simply marvel at the Democratic Party and its pell-mell rush to the political Left. During its first two presidential debates, the party offered up enough new “programs” to further bankrupt the United States, everything from forgiving more than $1 trillion in student loan debt to free health care […]

Spend, spend, spend

In a world of constant change, there is one thing that seemingly never does: The federal government’s penchant for spending more than it receives. It seems, at times, as if red is the national color. The Treasury Department says the federal government spent a record $3.35 trillion through June of the 2019 fiscal year. Prior […]

Missing? Absent?

We note with some amusement that the heady air in Juneau has Senate President Cathy Giessel befuddled. Ensconced in a faux joint legislative session in the faraway state capital, she continues to refer to lawmakers who answered Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s call to meet in Wasilla for a special session as “missing legislators” or “absent colleagues.” […]

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