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Read the charter

The angst over filling the seat vacated by Ethan Berkowitz continues unabated. What should we do? the Assembly asks. What should we do? Which alternative should we follow? Headlines are indicative of our betters’ fretting: “Anchorage Assembly weighs how to fill the mayor’s seat” and “Anchorage Assembly grapples with how and when to fill mayoral […]

If it is good for Alaska …

Horror of horrors. Democrats in Alaska are in a frightful snit since Sen. Lisa Murkowski said she would vote to seat Amy Coney Barrett on the U.S. Supreme Court. The senator earlier had voted “no” on procedural matters leading up to Monday’s floor vote, but now says, in the end, she will support Barrett, giving […]

What about guns?

If you are like us, you are wondering why, in the campaigns, debates and discussions leading up to the Nov. 3 election there is little-to-no talk about the Left’s plans for mandatory and onerous gun control across the nation. Democrats out to save the nation are planning confiscation and registration schemes, mandatory buybacks and the […]


While city and Assembly lawyers do their level best to ensure Anchorage’s top executive position, freed up by the resignation in disgrace of Ethan Berkowitz, remains safely in the hands of the political Left we are left to wonder if any of them understand the word “shall.” In the aftermath of Berkowitz’s resignation, which takes […]

Sullivan a vote for Barrett on Monday

Sen. Dan Sullivan says he will vote to seat Amy Coney Barrett on the U.S. Supreme Court bench when the time comes to vote Monday in the U.S. Senate. It is good that at least one of Alaska’s two senators is on record. Sen. Lisa Murkowski has not indicated what her position will be on […]

Because she says so

We constantly are tickled by the media’s Left-leaning antics in putting their favorite candidate’s best foot forward. Take, for instance, a piece that appeared on KTUU headlined, “Fact Checker: Alyse Galvin ‘isn’t a liberal’ campaign ad.” Galvin is running to unseat Congressman Don Young. The campaign ad in question, paid for by the Alyse for […]

Just thought you should know

Our brand new mayor, Austin Quinn-Davidson, assumes office – or it was handed to her by her Left-leaning Assembly pals – in the steamy wake of former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s sex scandal, which involved who-knows-what? One thing can be said of Quinn-Davidson with certainty: Unions love her. In the April 7 election, she ran as […]

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