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Pruden: A bigger bed for the honeymoon

By Wesley Pruden No closet was big enough to hold Anthony Kennedy, but he came out of something dank and dark somewhere to liberate the gay caballeros. It certainly wasn’t the law. Not even the law could accommodate the purple emotional theatrics he poured into the Supreme Court’s decision rendering the Defense of Marriage Act […]

Sowell: Random Thoughts

By Thomas Sowell Random thoughts on the passing scene: Edmund Burke said, “There is no safety for honest men, but by believing all possible evil of evil men.” Evil men do not always snarl. Some smile charmingly. Those are the most dangerous. If you don’t think the mainstream media slants the news, keep track of […]

Willams: Bit by bit strategy

By Walter E. Williams There’s a move on to prohibit Washington’s football team from calling itself “Redskins,” even though a 2009 U.S. Supreme Court decision said that it has that right. Now the name change advocates are turning to the political arena and intimidation. The NCAA has already banned the University of North Dakota from […]

Pruden: Barack Obama’s enduring ineptitude

By Wesley Pruden Barack Obama’s critics are loud enough and persistent enough, but maybe we’ve been baying at the wrong moon. It’s not the president’s ideology, his arrogance, his attention-deficit disorder, his endless deference to alien religious faith and his contempt for the faith of those close to home (or even his backswing) that’s what’s […]

Jenkins: Here is a goofy idea

By Paul Jenkins It is always delicious to listen to the Left fulminate as its ox is being gored. Opposition to its goofy ideas are no more, in its view, than an assault on mom and apple pie, or on, as one hack put it over the weekend, “the bedrock of democracy.” I’m not kidding. […]

Tanner: What Frederick Douglass stood for

By Michael D. Tanner Wednesday, Congress will dedicate a statue of Frederick Douglass in the Capitol Rotunda. The dedication ceremony has unfortunately become wrapped up in the politics surrounding the District of Columbia’s lack of representation in Congress, but that controversy aside, it is hard to think of a man more deserving of the honor. […]

Brennan: Lisa Murkowski shows political courage

By Tom Brennan Lisa Murkowski stuck her neck way out this week when she announced her support for same-sex marriage. Taking such a position in Alaska – one of the first states to attempt a legal definition of marriage as between a man and a woman – is an act of political courage. Such acts […]

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