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Elder: What Michelle Obama leaves out about ‘White Flight’

By Larry Elder | Michelle Obama recently complained about “white flight” in her old Chicago neighborhood. By “white flight ” she means that whites left her neighborhood as it became increasingly black. “Upstanding families like ours, who were doing everything we were supposed to do and better – as we moved in, white folks moved […]

Williams: Disproportionalities – Whose fault?

By Walter E. Williams | Jews have been awarded 40 percent of the Nobel Prizes in economics, 30 percent of those in medicine, 25 percent in physics, 20 percent in chemistry, 15 percent in literature and 10 percent of the Nobel Peace Prizes. Since the beginning of the 20th century, there have been just over […]

Grabow: Want Americans to buy U.S. products? Dump the Jones Act.

By Colin Grabow | Jones Act supporters often argue that the law, which mandates the use of U.S.-flagged, U.S.-built vessels that are at least 75 percent U.S. owned and crewed for purposes of domestic transport, epitomizes President Trump’s philosophy of “America First.” But as a new Wall Street Journal editorial points out, the truth is […]

Brennan: Priority soars on climate problem

By Tom Brennan | With much of California going up in flames due to undergrowth dried by a warming earth, the time may be nearing when the nation makes a real effort to reduce human impact on climate. The world has been growing more apprehensive every year as new evidence emerges that humans are endangering their […]

McCluskey and Straus: Elizabeth Warren’s and Bernie Sanders’ ‘free’ college idea would be a disaster for international students

By Neal McCluskey and Catherine Straus | Higher education is a major U.S. export, a reality that presidential candidates calling for “free” public college have overlooked. Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in particular have placed the idea of offering “free college” among their signature issues, but when asked about the likely effect on international students the […]

O’Toole and Legras: Congestion kills, so why are politicians making it worse?

By Randal O’Toole and Christopher Legras | After evacuations bogged down during 2008 wildfires near the town of Paradise, California, a grand jury warned that Butte County needed to upgrade evacuation routes, which then consisted of three two-lane roads and a four-lane road. Instead, officials put the four-lane road on a “road diet,” reducing it […]

Elder: The ‘lynching’ hypocrisy

By Larry Elder | President Donald Trump ignited yet another controversy when, on Twitter, he compared the Democrats’ pursuit of his impeachment to a “lynching.” His tweet that launched a thousand denunciations read: “So some day, if a Democrat becomes President and the Republicans win the House, even by a tiny margin, they can impeach […]

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