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Barone: To avoid a 269-269 deadlock, add one member to the U.S. House

By Michael Barone | Here’s a thought exercise. What would have happened if Donald Trump had won 42,921 additional votes — 10,458 in Arizona, 11,780 in Georgia, 20,683 in Wisconsin? That would have given him 269 electoral votes and would have left Joe Biden with 269 electoral votes. Neither would have had the 270 electoral […]

Bandow: Australia faces an angry China: What should America do?

By Doug Bandow | Never underestimate the fury of a totalitarian state scorned. That seems to be the lesson of China, which is angry with Australia. Xi Jinping’s government is acting like, well, the Trump administration, using its economic clout as a weapon. And average folks Down Under are paying the price. The People’s Republic of China […]

Brennan: Let’s move Inauguration Day

By Tom Brennan | It’s time to get rid of the 2 1/2 month wait between Election Day and Inauguration Day. The delay is a relic of years past and should be changed. It is a distraction from doing the nation’s business and an invitation to political mischief. Since our current outgoing president is mischievous […]

McCluskey: Canceling student debt by presidential decree is wrong on many levels

By Neal McCluskey | If you lent someone money to start a business that made big bucks, you would expect to be repaid, right? You took a risk, and the borrower profited. Federal student lending is kind of like that, only you did not choose to lend, and now there is a movement to let the borrower just […]

Parker: Raphael Warnock would take Georgia and America in wrong direction

By Star Parker | What would our nation look like if every day, every American — of every background and ethnicity — were to wake up with the conviction that they are 100 percent responsible for the circumstances of their lives? No blame, no victimhood, no excuses saying that what is happening to them is […]

Neily: Why are people so mad at police?

By Clark Neily | Unless you’ve been hibernating this year (for which you could hardly be blamed), you’ve probably noticed that some people are really angry at cops these days, whereas other people—mostly conservatives and members of law enforcement—are mystified by this and consider the anger almost entirely misplaced. As explained below, I think the anger […]

Barone: Immigrant voters trended toward Trump

By Michael Barone | Like Sherlock Holmes’s dog that didn’t bark in the night, so in politics: Uncharacteristic behavior can turn out to be crucially significant. Uncharacteristic behavior in politics being defined as one demographic group unexpectedly trending one way when most of the electorate trends the other. Such behavior was the subject of the […]

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