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Jenkins: Whistling our way past budget graveyard will not work

By Paul Jenkins | For years, too many Alaskans have whistled their way past Alaska’s fiscal graveyard, scurrying along, averting their eyes when deficit ghosts drenched in red ink reared their heads. Those days are gone. Alaskans are getting the idea: We have too much government and not enough dough; and we cannot spend what […]

Brennan: Slower pay might be acceptable

By Tom Brennan | Note to Governor Mike Dunleavy: you have my permission to pay me a regular Permanent Fund dividend this year and get caught up on the balance outstanding in future years. This is a serious offer though I realize having one person volunteer— or even a few — won’t make much of […]

Davidge: No new alcohol tax until funds truly dedicated

By Ric Davidge | Since 1791, we have been ‘sold’ the same story and in every case, it has been a false promise. No, I’m not calling for a new rebellion, only that we think seriously about root causes and target any new alcohol tax revenue, as a function of law, to them. Politicos in […]

Pruden: Some old rages return to ride again

By Wesley Pruden | There’s no new thing under the sun, as Ecclesiastes tells us, and the politics of the nation proves it. A senator’s declaration that she was raped many years ago recalls the struggle of feminists to send women into combat. Some of the arguments survive to be ventilated again. Joe Biden’s soon […]

Elder: To pay for reparations, will Democrats sue themselves?

By Larry Elder | After the election and re-election of the country’s first black president, who would have thought that, less than two years later, leading Democrats would seriously debate paying blacks reparations for slavery? Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi supports a bill that would set up a commission to consider reparations, which she says […]

Williams: Our planet is not fragile

By Walter E. Williams | Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims that “the world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.” The people at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change agree, saying that to avoid some of the most devastating impacts of climate change, the world must slash carbon emissions by […]

Pruden: Where a little learning would be unusual

By Wesley Pruden | It’s too bad so many of the reporters and correspon­dents of the mainstream/legacy media never went to Sunday school. Not for what that might have done for their immortal souls (many of them don’t believe they have one, anyway), but for their educations, which many of them have yet to complete. […]

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