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Williams: Unappreciated Crime Costs

By Walter E. Williams | Criminal activity imposes huge costs on black residents in low-income neighborhoods of cities such as Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis, Philadelphia and many others. Thousands of black Americans were murdered in 2019. More than 90 percent of the time, the perpetrator was also black. Leftists and social justice warriors charge […]

Jenkins: Note to government. Enough. Make it work.

By Paul Jenkins | When dealing with our government betters bent on do-gooderism and civic improvement, the question eventually comes to this: How much taxpayer cash do they need to make our lives better? In Anchorage, there is only one answer: More. Our august Assembly is proof positive. Almost out of the blue, it is […]

Brennan: Climate problem v. smoking

By Tom Brennan | A prediction: The warming climate crisis will be resolved the same way the cigarette smoking problem was. It will be messy, some people will participate and many won’t but awareness is now very high and enough people will participate to make a difference over time. The good news is that most […]

Arnn: Four pillars – Educating for America

The following is adapted from a speech delivered on December 6, 2019, during a Christmas Open House at Hillsdale College’s Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship in Washington, D.C. By Larry P. Arnn | This Fall at Hillsdale College, we did something strange, stranger than if we had found a unicorn […]

Olson: Progressive governments’ economic war on the NRA fails in court

By Walter Olson | Some politicos just can’t stop grandstanding, even if it means their court case goes down in flames. Consider what just happened in a federal court in Los Angeles. Not long ago, progressive state and local officials nationwide were vowing to take down the hated National Rifle Association by targeting its pocketbook. […]

Elder: The great recession – ‘Reparations’ gone bad

By Larry Elder | Some of the Democratic candidates for president support studying reparations to blacks to compensate for slavery. But in many ways, America has made reparations to blacks. What are race-based preferences if not a form of compensation for historical wrongs? Many cities have “set-aside” programs that award government contracts to minority contractors. […]

Williams: The New Racism

By Walter E. Williams | A voter may dislike a black, homosexual or female candidate, but it’s not likely that he would openly admit it. However, diversity-crazed leftist/progressive Democrats have openly condemned the physical characteristics of some of their 2020 presidential candidates. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are to be leading the polls despite the […]

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