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Elder: The Trump ‘resistance’ – Right-wing racists bad, left-wing racists not so much

By Larry Elder | Newly elected Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., in a recent “60 Minutes” interview, said there is “no question” that President Donald Trump is “racist.” If Democrats – the party of slavery and segregation and whose congressional members voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act at a  lesser percentage than Republicans – stand […]

Williams: Black education – a glimmer of hope

By Walter E. Williams | In reference to efforts to teach black children, the president of the St. Petersburg, Florida, chapter of the NAACP, Maria Scruggs, said: “The (school) district has shown they just can’t do it. … Now it’s time for the community to step in.” That’s a recognition that politicians and the education […]

Pruden: A tear for the schoolmarm teaching civics to the House

By Wesley Pruden | A schoolmarm’s lot, like that of a policeman’s, is not a happy one, particularly if her lot is a roomful of noisy children whose ignorance is boundless and who have only a small ambition to do anything about it. Shed a bipartisan tear for Nancy Pelosi. She presides over not only […]

Carpenter: Why Trump’s advisers keep quashing his realist whims

By Ted Galen Carpenter | Over a period of mere days in late December, the Trump administration made two troop withdrawal decisions that startled Washington. The first was announced in a tweet by Trump stating that the United States had accomplished its mission in Syria of defeating ISIS and that he was ordering the immediate […]

Brennan: Alaska’s people love challenge

By Tom Brennan | Sometimes you learn things about yourself and the people and places you love when somebody else asks you about them. Last Fall I was interviewed by a video crew working on a major program about Alaska, one that seems likely to become a national public broadcasting television show and/or a film […]

Akyol: China’s gulag for Muslims

By Mustafa Akyol | One of the darkest episodes of the 20th century was the gulag — the Soviet system of forced labor camps where dissidents were imprisoned in terrible conditions, often to perish. The camps were established by Lenin, expanded by Stalin and finally exposed to the world by the great Russian author Aleksandr […]

Pruden: A lot of noise before the storm

By Wesley Pruden | Thursday was a strange day in Washington. There was the changing, not of the guard but of half of the Congress, and Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats acted as if she were Franklin D. Roosevelt (in drag) and it was 1932 and “happy days are here again.” She told The New […]

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