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Bandow: A modest proposal to solve our North Korea problem

By Doug Bandow | North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong‐un, recently reemerged after a three‐ week absence only to disappear again for another couple of weeks. Indeed, some observers believe that the well‐ publicized “reappearance” was fake news, the work of a body double to maintain the fiction that Kim is alive and well amid widespread speculation. […]

Elder: Joe ‘You ain’t black’ Biden: Please see ‘Uncle Tom’

By Larry Elder | June 19 is the premiere of “Uncle Tom,” a documentary on which I am the executive producer. Through interviews with black conservatives, some well-known and some not, the film asks a simple question: Why are independent-thinking blacks, who believe in limited government and personal responsibility, denounced as “sellouts” and “coons” and […]

Williams: Insane news tidbits

By Walter E. Williams | Is it important to have racial or sexual diversity in our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic? Heather Mac Donald suggests that some think it might be in her City Journal article “Should Identity Politics Dictate Vaccine Research?” The funding priorities of the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for […]

Neily: Two things nearly everyone gets wrong about the Michael Flynn case

By Clark Neily | I’ve been reading, writing, and tweeting about the Michael Flynn prosecution quite a bit lately, and I’ve been getting significant feedback from people who strongly dislike Flynn and think he’s about to get away with committing a serious crime due to sinister political machinations behind the scenes. As explained in this post, I […]

Brennan: Remembering our military service

By Tom Brennan | Memorial Day is a time to honor the dead of all wars. It’s also a time when many of us reflect on their own and their families’ military service. These days, many people live their lives without time in the military but when I grew up most men volunteered for service […]

DeAngelis, Dills: Let mass home schooling unleash innovation

By Corey A. DeAngelis and Angela Dills | Parents are basically all home‐schoolers now. With schools closed for nearly all students in the country, many families have reported that their children are more relaxed, happier, more engaged, and learning like never before. In fact, a new nationally representative survey found that most families have a more favorable view of home schooling as a result of their […]

Persily: FERC approves Alaska LNG project; state still looking for new lead sponsor

By Larry Persily | The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on May 21 approved the Alaska LNG project. The authorization sets out terms and conditions for construction and operation of the multibillion-dollar development to pipe North Slope gas 807 miles from a treatment plant at Prudhoe Bay to a gas liquefaction plant in Nikiski, on the […]

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