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Williams – Our rules of the game: U.S. Constitution

By Walter E. Williams | Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, leading to President Donald Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, has thrown progressives, the Democratic Party and the news media into an out-and-out tizzy. The online magazine Slate declared, “Anthony Kennedy Just Destroyed His Legacy as a Gay Rights Hero.” The New York […]

Pruden: Stumbling into hellfire in Helsinki

By Wesley Pruden | How does Donald Trump test the patience, forbearance, loyalty and endurance of the millions who trusted him to drain the swamp, restore a strong American voice in the world, cast out evil-doers and deliver America from the clutch of those who would trash the dream? Let us count the ways. President […]

Bandow – Subsidies galore: Corporate welfare for politically connected businesses is bipartisan

By Doug Bandow | Congress created the usual special interest frenzy with its latest iteration of the Farm Bill. Agricultural subsidies are one of the most important examples of corporate welfare, money handed out to businesses based on political connections. Business plays a vital role in a free market. In real capitalism there are no […]

Brennan: When a gunman attacked The Anchorage Times

By Tom Brennan | The recent massacre in the newsroom of the Capital Gazette in Annapolis recalls the time an angry gunman invaded the offices of The Anchorage Times. The outcome of that dramatic day in 1986 was far different from the bloody shootings in Maryland thanks to the daunting courage of publisher Robert B. […]

Shapiro: Trump Makes a Shrewd Political Move with Supreme Court Pick

By Ilya Shapiro | By picking Brett Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court nominee, President Trump showed that credentials and connections still matter — when backed up by results. One of the most scholarly members of the judiciary, Kavanaugh’s more than 300 opinions are read widely and influence courts across the country — including the one […]

Pruden: This is no NATO for deadbeats

By Wesley Pruden | The Europeans wrote the book on how to be successful deadbeats. We got another demonstration of that at the NATO summit this week in Brussels. Some of the chief practitioners of the art of welshing on a debt take a fulsome pride in their deadbeat pedigree. Donald Trump, with his usual […]

Elder – Slavery: What they didn’t teach in my high school

By Larry Elder | A man I have known since grade school changed his name, years ago, to an Arabic one. He told me he rejected Christianity as “the white man’s religion that justified slavery.” He argued Africans taken out of that continent were owed reparations. “From whom?” I asked. Arab slavers took more Africans […]

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