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Sowell: The media and the mob

By Thomas Sowell Those of us who admit that we were not there, and do not know what happened when Michael Brown was shot by a policeman in Ferguson, Missouri, seem to be in the minority. We all know what has happened since then — and it has been a complete disgrace by politicians, the […]

Williams: Tuition pays for this

By Walter E. Williams According to College Board, average tuition and fees for the 2013-14 school year totaled $30,094 at private colleges, $8,893 for in-state residents at public colleges and $22,203 for out-of-state residents. Many schools, such as Columbia University and George Washington University, charge yearly tuition and fees close to $50,000. Faced with the […]

Pruden: Brutal politics in a not-so-gay place

By Wesley Pruden Somebody has finally indicted the famous ham sandwich that an infamous judge once said any prosecutor so inclined could do. No offense here to Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, but this particular ham sandwich has no taste, no calories and no protein. It’s all fat. Mr. Perry was indicted last week of […]

Jenkins: Returning to ACES will mean losing oil gains

By Paul Jenkins With the hours ticking away until Tuesday’s primary election, the half-truths, whoppers and statistics apparently conjured from thin air are swirling like tornadoes through the debate about whether to repeal oil tax reform and return to the failed Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share oil tax. The balloting comes — thankfully, in the […]

Brennan: Watch for confused voters on Tuesday

By Tom Brennan I’m taking bets on how many people come out of the voting booth on Tuesday wondering what and who they just voted for. Those with the most wonder in their eyes may be the Republicans since some will be hoping they got their Dan Sullivans straight. There are two in the election, […]

Lynch: Ferguson, a war zone or U.S. city?

By Tim Lynch The stories coming out of Ferguson, Missouri, paint an increasingly worrying picture—that of a Middle America city like most any other being turned into a war zone. It began with the shooting death of Michael Brown by a local police officer. The shooting seemed questionable, but the feeling in the community was […]

Pruden: Hugging and slugging on the campaign trail

By Wesley Pruden Nothing comforts a child like a hug from his mother, or reassures like a father’s manly embrace. The hug is a reassuring gift of affection that means something. Lovers do it, and old friends might do it, but birds, bees, educated fleas and mortal enemies never do it. Even Frenchmen restrict themselves […]

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