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Elder: In calling MS-13 gang members ‘animals,’ Trump was kind

By Larry Elder | President Donald Trump doubled down on calling members of a notorious street gang “animals.” Good for him for not backing down and for shining a light on an outrageous phenomenon, especially in Southern California: Latino gangs that target blacks, whether or not they belong to gangs, for death. Trump, during a […]

Williams: From Russia with love

By Walter E. Williams | Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether President Donald Trump and the Russians colluded to rig the 2016 presidential election so far has borne little fruit. The Democrats and their media allies would love to find some Russian collusion and interference. I can help them discover some, but I doubt that they […]

Pruden: Mr. Mueller’s fishing pole needs a rest

By Wesley Pruden | Satchel Paige, the legendary master of the sinking curve ball and famous doctor of philosophy, had a few wise words that Robert Mueller could use just now: “Don’t look back, something might be gaining on you.” Mr. Mueller seems to be transforming himself from the hunter to the hunted. A mole […]

Jenkins: Moose calving season requires DEFCON 1 vigilance – or risk being stomped to goo

By Paul Jenkins | By habit learned the hard way, leaving our house requires a quick look around for “bears, beavers and other critters,” as Jeremiah Johnson might say, before shutting the door — particularly nowadays. This is the time of year when moose tend to forage in the woods behind the house, fattening up […]

Brennan: Don’t worry about ANWR caribou

By Tom Brennan | Canada is generally a good neighbor but sometimes behaves more like a ditzy uncle. Take its years-long opposition to opening the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil development. Canada long ago sided with the environmentalists and has ignored Alaska’s 50-year experience with the energy industry on its […]

Somin: What Supreme Court victory for sports gambling means for marijuana, sanctuary cities

By Ilya Somin | Tthe Supreme Court this week issued a 7-2 decision in Murphy v. NCAA, striking down a federal law that blocks states from legalizing sports gambling under their own state laws. The ruling is a major victory for federalism, and has important implications that go beyond the issue of sports gambling. Murphy […]

Pruden: The collusion of lawyers finally is collapsing

By Wesley Pruden | Colluding, like canoodling, is all the rage. Robert Mueller, like a dog chasing his tail, has been trying for more than a year to find evidence that President Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin and the Russians to cook the 2016 election, which fate, providence, fortune and destiny decreed properly belonged to […]

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