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Elder: Does a minimum wage hike lower the suicide rate?

By Larry Elder | This is a new one. The New York Times headline read: “Minimum Wage Raises Could Lower Suicide Rates, Study Says.” But there was a subheadline: “It was the latest study to suggest that effects of wage increases reach beyond economic welfare, but some experts pushed back on the findings.” Let us […]

Williams: Diversity and inclusion insanity

By Walter E. Williams | It’s nearly impossible to have even a short conversation with a college administrator, politician or chief executive without the words diversity and inclusion dropping from their lips. Diversity and inclusion appear to be the end-all and be-all of their existence. So, I thought I’d begin this discussion by first looking […]

Boaz: Taxpayers eat another solar energy flop

By David Boaz | Looks like another federally backed solar energy plant has gone bust. Bloomberg News reports, “A $1 Billion Solar Plant Was Obsolete Before It Ever Went Online.” In 2011 the $1 billion [Crescent Dunes] project was to be the biggest solar plant of its kind, and it looked like the future of […]

Brennan: Efforts to dump two leaders

By Tom Brennan | With Democrats in the U.S. House trying to kick President Donald Trump out of office and a group of dissatisfied Alaskans trying to recall Gov. Mike Dunleavy, change is in the air. Hopefully both efforts will fail and the two men will be able to complete the terms for which they […]

Sanchez: Fixing FISA after the Carter Page report

By Julian Sanchez| At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing held shortly after the release of his scathing report on the FBI’s investigation of erstwhile Trump aide Carter Page, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz had a telling exchange with Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R‑Tenn.: Blackburn: Let me ask you this, how often do you find mistakes in a FISA Application? Horowitz: This is actually the first time my […]

Feeney: Be skeptical about the census

By Matthew Feeney | This year the Census Bureau will begin conducting the constitutionally required census, which takes place every 10 years. Many readers will dutifully fill out the forms, informing the bureau about their household and providing researchers with data. In May, the bureau will begin visiting those who haven’t responded to the census. […]

Elder: Ilhan Omar and Steve King – A tale of two flamethrowers

By Larry Elder | Eighty-six percent of Democrats consider President Donald Trump “racist,” according to a July 2019 Quinnipiac poll. By contrast, 91 percent of Republicans do not consider him “racist.” Perhaps more disturbing, a November 2018 online Axios poll by SurveyMonkey found that a whopping 61 percent of Democrats believe Republicans are “racist/bigoted/sexist.” A […]

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