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Williams: What can discrimination explain?

By Walter E. Williams | A guiding principle for physicians is primum non nocere, the Latin expression for “first, do no harm.” In order not to do harm, whether it’s with medicine or with public policy, the first order of business is accurate diagnostics. Racial discrimination is seen as the cause of many problems of […]

Pruden: A sad tale of two disposable veeps

By Wesley Pruden | A governor is always a good choice for a vice president. He (or she) has learned how to run an administration, how to work with a cranky legislature and understands staying close to the people who elected him. There’s no Praetorian guard to keep him separated from the people. There’s not […]

Jenkins: Alaska LNG Project raises more questions, few answers

By Paul Jenkins | While the governor tries to muscle North Slope producers into doing the Alaska LNG Project his way, or else — despite his having no natural gas, no money and a very jumpy Legislature — there are questions every Alaskan should ask. A starter: Who is going to help pay the as-much-as […]

Brennan: Walker threatens to kill ‘puppies’

By Tom Brennan Right now Alaska seems to be up the creek with not much in the way of a paddle. Though Gov. Bill Walker cut $800 million from the state’s monstrous $4 billion budget deficit, the Legislature and Gov. Bill Walker are still in a Mexican standoff while the state’s credit rating seems sliding […]

Michaels, Wojick: Brexit shows science and politics do not mix

By Patrick J. Michaels and David E. Wojick Britain’s quitting the European Union sets the stage for a major mess in the funding of British science. Whatever the merits of Brexit, as the withdrawal is popularly called, exiting the present labyrinthine structure of EU science funding is going to be pure chaos. Government funding of […]

Pruden: Now it’s time to pay for the fun

By Wesley Pruden | Money is not the mother’s milk of politics, as the bundler’s cliche goes, but homemade vanilla ice cream, rich and creamy. Donald Trump hasn’t been getting any. Not much and not lately, anyway. Now that’s changing, at least a little, and further change is likely to be dramatic. Pouting and tantrum […]

Sowell: The dumbest idea

By Thomas Sowell | If there were a contest for the most stupid idea in politics, my choice would be the assumption that people would be evenly or randomly distributed in incomes, institutions, occupations or awards, in the absence of somebody doing somebody wrong. Political crusades, bureaucratic empires and lucrative personal careers as grievance mongers […]

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