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Williams: Political bias and anti-Americanism on college campuses

By Walter E. Williams | A recent Pew Research Center survey finds that only half of American adults think colleges and universities are having a positive effect on our nation. The leftward political bias, held by faculty members affiliated with the Democratic Party at most institutions of higher education explains a lot of that disappointment. […]

Edwards: Wasteful local infrastructure

By Chris Edwards | Politicians love infrastructure, but many local government projects seem awfully wasteful. We’ve all seen the questionable spending—the half dozen union guys standing around while one digs, the needless reconstruction of sidewalks, the dangerous bike‐ lane schemes on city streets, the empty city buses clogging traffic, and those digital announcement signs on […]

Brennan: Tide changes on warming climate

By Tom Brennan The tide has changed on global warming. Two initiatives announced in the last two weeks suggest the pivotal moment has arrived. First, President Donald Trump announced in his State of the Union address on Feb. 4 that the United States will join a worldwide effort to reduce human impacts on the climate. […]

McCluskey: Trump budget proposal reins in unconstitutional, bloated Department of Education

By Neal McCluskey | If you love a constitutionally constrained federal government, President Trump’s latest budget request for Betsy DeVos’s Department of Education will warm your heart. But there’s more to be done. Let’s start with the best part: The budget would cut $6.1 billion in education spending overall and consolidate $19.4 billion worth of K‑12 programs into […]

Healy: What ‘National Nightmare’? We got through impeachment just fine, thank you

By Gene Healy | “Our long national nightmare is over”: That’s how newly minted President Gerald Ford described the impeachment struggle that led Richard Nixon to resign. “Nightmare” wasn’t hyperbolic enough for Kenneth Starr, the former independent counsel and scourge of Bill Clinton who joined President Trump’s impeachment defense team in January. In his argument to the […]

Elder: Dems’ new talking point on the Trump economy – Obama built it

By Larry Elder | The “expert” predictions of economic disaster should Donald Trump win the 2016 election did not occur. Under Trump, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq composite have reached historical highs while unemployment for blacks and Hispanics have hit historical lows. In the wake of Trump’s undeniable economic success, what is the […]

Williams: A more or less perfect union

By Walter E. Williams | “A More or Less Perfect Union” is a three-part series, produced by Free to Choose Network, that will air on various PBS stations across the nation starting in February. The documentary is a personal exploration of the U.S. Constitution by Justice Douglas Ginsburg, who served on the U.S. Court of […]

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