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Pruden: The cipher in the White House

By Wesley Pruden | Perhaps it’s not fair to blame Barack Obama for the mess he’s making. The Middle East is where chaos was invented, after all, and perhaps not even the collection of incompetents and boobs the president has installed in the White House could make things this bad. Maybe it’s someone else’s fault. […]

Williams: Suppressing free speech

By Walter E. Williams | I receive loads of mail in response to my weekly nationally syndicated column. Some recent mail has been quite disturbing. Here’s a sample: “Given your support of freedom on a great many issues, I wish to bring to your attention the following George Mason University staff who have formally called […]

Pruden: Gumming up the works over Benghazi

By Wesley Pruden Pity the American voter. Angry, frustrated and desperate, in successive elections he delivers more Republican soldiers to Congress, all in the spirit of Dr. Johnson’s famous description of a second marriage as “the triumph of hope over experience.” All that changes in Washington is the size of the nothingburgers. For four years […]

Jenkins: Assembly defies Anchorage voters with passage of unnecessary LGBT ordinance

By Paul Jenkins The Anchorage Assembly screwed up by ignoring the will of 57 percent of the voters who three years ago soundly rejected the idea of adding the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community to an already-lengthy list of those protected from discrimination. Nine of the Assembly’s 11-members — the exceptions being Amy Demboski […]

Brennan: Alaska’s best hope for future

By Tom Brennan So where does Alaska go from here? With Shell bailing out of the Arctic, oil prices and oil pipeline throughput low and unlikely to increase, how does Alaska build a future for itself? The best hope, obviously, is for a gas pipeline. If that could somehow become a reality the construction jobs […]

Sowell: Good riddance!

By Thomas Sowell The impending departure of Speaker of the House John Boehner gives the House Republicans a real opportunity to accomplish something. But an opportunity is not a guarantee. It is a little like a football team being first down and goal at the 10-yard line. You have a good chance of scoring a […]

Pruden: When world leaders got garbage for lunch

By Wesley Pruden | They gave the world leaders, in town for the opening session of the United Nations, lunch in New York the other day and all they got was swill. The leaders munching on the people’s dime said a good time was had by all, but that’s only if your taste runs to […]

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