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Brennan: Human spirit will prevail

By Tom Brennan The Alaska economy, like much of the world, seems headed for interesting times. And “interesting times” is supposedly an ancient Chinese curse, though historians can find nothing of the kind in Chinese history. But the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus seems to fit the description of what people think interesting times might be. […]

Bandow: A war of words with China helps nobody

By Doug Bandow | Republican hawks in the United States seem determined to be in conflict with everyone all the time. Sanctions on North Korea, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea. Military intervention against the Syrian government. Strikes on Iran. The long‐ standing conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Military threats against almost everyone. None of […]

Tanner: Big government has hurt our ability to deal with this crisis

By Michael D. Tanner | The middle of a pandemic is not the easiest time to argue for limited government. As The Atlantic put it a few days ago, “There are no libertarians in a pandemic.” Indeed, this is precisely the time when we want government to do certain things, and many of those things involve a vigorous and active government (not […]

Williams: Progressive cities and black education

By Walter E. Williams | A recent report by Chris Stewart has shed new light on some of the educational problems faced by black youth. The report is titled “The Secret Shame: How America’s Most Progressive Cities Betray Their Commitment to Educational Opportunity for All.” Stewart is a self-described liberal and CEO of Brightbeam, a […]

Carpenter: Liberty and the coronavirus – Not an either/or proposition

By Ted Galen Carpenter | It’s always difficult during a crisis for the government to address problems effectively while guarding against potential collateral damage to the freedoms Americans take for granted. That dilemma has become acute with the current coronavirus outbreak and the measures being taken to stem it. No one should doubt that this pandemic […]

Brennan: Shipwreck anniversary is Tuesday

By Tom Brennan | “We have a tanker on the rocks and oil in the water. You’d better get in here.” The midnight call was from the chief environmental officer at Alyeska Pipeline Service Company and it came 31 years ago this Tuesday. At the time I was in charge of media relations for the […]

Bandow: On Iraq, is Donald J. Trump morphing into George W. Bush?

By Doug Bandow | One could be forgiven for thinking that Donald Trump had morphed into George W. Bush. The U.S. military is occupying Iraq. American forces are fighting and killing Iraqis. And Washington refuses to withdraw. Last week, Iraqis, allied with but not controlled by Iran, attacked a U.S. base. The administration retaliated. Two days […]

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