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Thrall, Goepner: Trump’s massive Afghanistan mistake

By A. Trevor Thrall and Erik Goepner After President Trump gave Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis the authority to set troop levels in Afghanistan, the Pentagon announced it will send an additional 4,000 troops to the embattled nation. Mattis, who has acknowledged that the United States is “not winning in Afghanistan right now,” is believed […]

Pruden: The party’s over and no place to call home

By Wesley Pruden | That’s the dilemma of the Democrats, forlorn, despondent and walking in circles like the goose hit on the head with a long-handled wooden spoon. They’re asking questions for which there are no happy answers in the wake of their fourth straight loss in a round of special elections. The only consoling […]

Elder: As predicted, minimum wage laws destroying jobs

By Larry Elder | In the ’60s, my parents opened a small diner near downtown Los Angeles. As a child, I watched my parents sitting at the kitchen table, discussing their plans for what they considered a huge expansion of the business – hiring a dishwasher. But my parents kept putting off the decision, in […]

Williams: A new twist on teaching economics

By Walter E. Williams | Greg Caskey is a 27-year-old Abington, Pa., native who is a social sciences teacher at Delaware Military Academy. The academy is a thriving charter high school in Wilmington, Delaware, that was founded in 2003 by two retired military officers, Charles Baldwin and Jack Wintermantel. Students from all socio-economic backgrounds attend […]

Justice from the Alice-in-Wonderland School of Law

By Wesley Pruden | Fair is fair, but special prosecutors work to their own fairness code, that it’s important to be fairer to some than to others. Sometimes you don’t have to be fair at all. Special prosecutors study at the Lewis Carroll School of Law, tutored in Wonderland by the wise old Professor Alice, […]

Jenkins: McAuliffe wrong; Americans do not want more gun control

By Paul Jenkins | For a frightening instant, it sounded as if Barack Obama, through some twisted stroke of cosmic freakiness, were back in the saddle, but it was only Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe making a fool of himself — and, in emblematic Democratic fashion, crassly refusing to let a crisis go to waste. It should […]

Brennan: A double anniversary year

By Tom Brennan This Tuesday marks the 40th anniversary of the startup of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, the source of Alaska’s incredible communal wealth, oil that first began flowing on June 20, 1977. That anniversary should be celebrated by the many people who have benefited from the billions of barrels of oil that have flowed into […]

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