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Tanner: A portrait in courage

By Michael D. Tanner Both around the world and here at home, free speech is under assault. From the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris to the “unexplained” deaths of critics of Russian president Vladimir Putin, people who express unpopular opinions or report the truth are in danger. Worldwide, more than 110 journalists were killed in […]

Pruden: The Clintons and the comeuppance at hand

By Wesley Pruden | Reckoning comes late to the Clintons, but it comes. Bubba has skated past a lot of transgressions, always counting on his gift of gab and his deep-dyed Southern charm to escape retribution. He played the charm card with consummate skill: “Aw, shucks, what can you do with a good ol’ boy […]

Sowell: Commencement season

By Thomas Sowell | This is the season of college Commencement speeches – an art form that has seldom been memorable, but has increasingly become toxic in recent times. Two themes seem to dominate Commencement speeches. One is shameless self-advertising by people in government, or in related organizations supported by the taxpayers or donors, saying […]

Williams: You are what you say you are

By Walter E. Williams | Last year, I declared myself a springbok trapped in a human body. A springbok is a highly agile individual who is among the “least concern” species and resides in the southeastern part of the African continent. With such a declaration, some people will suggest that I am suffering from a […]

MacDonald: The danger of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement

The following is adapted from a speech delivered on April 27, 2016, at Hillsdale College’s Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship in Washington, D.C., as part of the AWC Family Foundation Lecture Series. By Heather MacDonald | For almost two years, a protest movement known as “Black Lives Matter” has convulsed […]

Jenkins: Clinton vs. Trump? There is no real choice

By Paul Jenkins | Distracted and daydreaming about important stuff like fishing, and wondering where my socks went, the buzz of a focus group of women — angry women, from the sound of it — airing on television got my attention. Republican pollster and consultant Frank Luntz, looking slightly less disheveled than usual and with […]

Brennan: Squirrel wrestling match

By Tom Brennan These are what you might call interesting times. Our state leaders are flailing away in Juneau trying to cobble together a state budget supported by revenue sources that hopefully won’t destroy our economy. A legislative session is always an unsettling time in Alaska, but this year the stakes are especially high. The […]

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