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Pruden: A newer, hungrier kind of Democratic radical

By Wesley Pruden | Nobody is as insignificant in the Washington pecking order as a freshman member of Congress just off the turnip truck and into a maelstrom of ignorance and uncertainty all about him. One member of a freshman class of not so long ago recalls arriving at Reagan National Airport, finding his way […]

Edwards: Ten harmful consequences of handouts for Amazon

By Chris Edwards : Amazon has chosen New York City and Arlington, Virginia, for new corporate headquarters after the cities ponied up more than $2 billion in subsidies to the retail giant. Workers in the two cities will be winners as labor demand gets boosted, but business subsidies make losers of taxpayers, other businesses and […]

Brennan: Good old days are just ahead

By Tom Brennan | ‘Tis the season to give thanks and Alaskans have a lot to be thankful for. Whatever their individual reasons, we as a state seem headed for a time of prosperity and progress. Low oil prices are problematic, but those tend to be temporary. The major oil and gas companies in Alaska […]

Cannon: Why Republicans lost the ‘pre-existing conditions’ war

By Michael F. Cannon | For last week’s elections, Democrats spent considerable resources attacking Republicans for trying to tamper with Affordable Care Act rules that require insurers to cover preexisting conditions. Now that voters have handed Democrats control of the House, ObamaCare supporters claim the election confirms what nearly every public opinion poll finds: The […]

Pruden: The politicians are having it tough in Old Blighty, too

By Wesley Pruden  | And you think we’ve got it bad. We have the chaotic confusion over counting votes from the elections in Florida (so what else is new?), Robert Mueller’s endless pursuit of Donald Trump (or someone), heartbreak over a television reporter’s attempt to mount a coup from the White House press lounge, whether […]

Elder: If Trump Is ‘racist,’ he needs to go back to racism school

By Larry Elder | Abraham Lincoln, when informed that General Ulysses S. Grant was a drunk, famously asked Grant’s accusers what whiskey he was drinking so Lincoln could send a barrel to every general in the army. Keep this in mind when President Donald Trump’s critics accuse him of “racism” against blacks. Under this “racist” […]

Williams: We have an identity problem

By Walter E. Williams 
| According to a recent report in The New York Times, Health and Human Services Department officials have been circulating a proposal to define sex. Their memo says, “Sex means a person’s status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth.” They add, “The sex […]

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