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Sowell: Random thoughts

By Thomas Sowell | Random thoughts on the passing scene: Will this November’s presidential election come down to a choice between a felon and a pied piper? People who call Barack Obama a lame duck president seem not to have noticed that he is exercising more power than ever, and has turned the Republican Congress […]

Pruden: Looking for the surgeon for Hillary’s charisma transplant

By Wesley Pruden | Frightened party-line Democrats think they’ve got a solution to their unique “woman problem” if they can find the right surgeon. Instead of finding an alternative to Hillary Clinton, they propose a charisma transplant. Perhaps the donor is Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren, or maybe even Joe Biden. If it works, Americans […]

Sowell: After Iowa

By Thomas Sowell | Sen. Ted Cruz’s upset victory against Donald Trump has robbed “The Donald” of his stock answer to any criticism from rivals – that he is winning and his critics are losers. Now that he has lost, Mr. Trump may finally have to try to come up with some substantive arguments about […]

Williams: Isn’t it strange?

By Walter E. Williams | There is a letter titled “Isn’t It Strange?” making the rounds in email boxes. It asks questions to which our fellow Americans should know the answers, save for those caught up in modernity. It starts off asking, “Isn’t it strange that after a bombing, everyone blames the bomber, his upbringing, […]

Pruden: And now, here comes New Hampshire

By Wesley Pruden | The wind and snow of Iowa gives way to the ice and slush of New Hampshire, and the long, long trail to sunny South Carolina has never looked so inviting to so many. No one could have survived these last weeks but for the ample supply of hot air from the […]

Jenkins: Cut first, craft a smart plan

By Paul Jenkins | Big Money, Big Government and Big Influence are desperate for the Legislature to pitchfork Permanent Fund earnings into Alaska’s nearly $4 billion budget abyss and they are engaged in a full-court press to dupe lawmakers into seeing it their way — and right now. The governor, KTUU reports, has spent $100,000 […]

Brennan: Alaska State Troopers anniversary

By Tom Brennan Now that the Anchorage Centennial is out of the way, it’s time to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Alaska State Troopers. That fine organization got its start in 1941 when the Territorial Legislature established the Alaska Highway Patrol. The Patrol’s initial assignment was enforcing the traffic code throughout the vast expanse […]

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