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Pruden: Trumpspeak, a language rich in adjectives

By Wesley Pruden | Donald Trump isn’t the carrier of the disease that threatens the language, but he suffers with enthusiasm. His abuse of the adjective might eventually threaten his foreign policy. Nothing is ever merely “good,” or “fortunate.” No appointment is merely “outstanding.” Everything is “fantastic,” or “terrific,” and every man or woman he […]

Elder: A president eviscerates the media – what took so long?

By Larry Elder | It was riveting. In his first solo press conference, President Donald Trump spent much of the hour berating the media for what Trump called anti-Republican bias and its relentlessly negative “tone.” It’s about time. The liberal media has long been sticking it to Republicans. In October 1992, during the presidential race […]

Williams: There’s nothing free

By Walter E. Williams | It was Nobel laureate economist Milton Friedman who made famous the adage, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Professor Friedman could have added that there is a difference between something’s being free and something’s having a zero price. For example, people say that there’s free public education and […]

Pruden: An expensive lesson for conservatives

By Wesley Pruden | The more the culture bounds out of control, the more the wary have to take care with the company they keep. This applies to media that will print anything in pursuit of “clicks” and “hits,” and to well-meaning organizations about whom they invite to tutor their true believers. The Conservative Political […]

Jenkins: Taxes may be necessary, but not without more cuts

By Paul Jenkins | As increasingly antsy Alaska legislators stare down a $3 billion budget hole and watch state reserves dry up, the discussion on closing the gap inexorably is veering toward a personal income tax and using Permanent Fund earnings to make ends meet — with spending cuts taking a back seat. The numbers […]

Brennan: Down with political correctness

By Tom Brennan Phooey on political correctness. It results in some very questionable decisions. The latest on the national scene is the renaming of Calhoun College, a branch of Yale University. Calhoun College, previously named for former Vice President, Senator and Secretary of State John C. Calhoun, will henceforth be known as Hopper College. That […]

Singer: Let’s make health insurance legal again

By Jeffrey A. Singer Last month, Congress approved a budget that set in motion the plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Using an arcane Senate legislative rule called “budget reconciliation,” this allows repeal of enough of the ACA to bring it to its knees. But until and unless additional legislation is passed, the ACA’s […]

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