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Pruden: Obama’s war with no name

By Wesley Pruden The passive is never the voice of a leader. What plain folk asked to go to war crave is plain speech delivered with passion, a leader who says what he means, means what he says, and says on Tuesday what he said on Monday. That’s not the style in Washington. Terrorism becomes […]

Pruden: A legacy for Barack Obama

By Wesley Pruden A war nobody believes in, led by a man nobody trusts. If Barack Obama is still looking for a legacy, here it is. Everything about the Syrian dilemma stinks. Bashar Assad is recognized by nearly everybody as the source of at least half the stink. But only half. The rest of the […]

Pruden: The government keeps no secrets

By Wesley Pruden Murder will out, as the Bard reminded us (and Chaucer before him), and a lot of other uncomfortable truths will out, too. That’s what the NSA revelations are all about, and the IRS abuse, the spying on journalists, and the betrayal and cover-up at Benghazi. The government is populated by human people, […]

Pruden: Up the hill and down again on Syria issue

By Wesley Pruden Bashar Assad won Round 1, and there probably won’t be a Round 2. The momentum toward punishing the Syrian regime, payback for what everyone agrees are war crimes and crimes against humanity, has dissipated. Momentum blunted is difficult to recover. Through leaks, winks and nudges, President Obama first did a reasonably persuasive […]

Pruden: A teaching moment for Barack Obama

By Wesley Pruden Words just don’t have meanings they once did. We have a gift for abusing and discounting the language. “Hate” was once one of the most powerful words in the language. We’ve reduced it to a footnote on a legal bill of indictment. When some crimes are so awful that even words won’t […]

Pruden: Up to our ears in snake oil

By Wesley Pruden Al Gore and his traveling medicine show is back in town with his new, improved snake oil, guaranteed to grow hair, improve digestion, promote regularity and kill roaches, rats and bedbugs. Al and his wagon rumbled into town on the eve of “a major forthcoming report” from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate […]

Pruden: Choosing a bad side in Egypt

By Wesley Pruden For once, there’s bipartisan agreement in Congress, this time about what to do about Egypt. Everyone recognizes a true dilemma, with no good choices. Rep. Peter T. King of New York, the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, seems to speak for everyone: “The fact is, there’s no good guys there.” […]

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