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Pruden: Choosing a bad side in Egypt

By Wesley Pruden For once, there’s bipartisan agreement in Congress, this time about what to do about Egypt. Everyone recognizes a true dilemma, with no good choices. Rep. Peter T. King of New York, the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, seems to speak for everyone: “The fact is, there’s no good guys there.” […]

Pruden: On the run is no place for a president

By Wesley Pruden June, with balmy nights lighted by the lovers’ moon and crickets singing love songs from the hedges, is the dreamy time of summer. August, with white-hot afternoons and everything burnt and brown, is where dreams shrivel and go to die. President Obama, who thinks it’s the sound of his voice that tempers […]

Pruden: Trust but verify, and hunker down

By Wesley Pruden The big scare seems real enough, but only the terminally unobservant would not notice that the timing of it is awfully convenient for the White House and the fans of the security state. Who would put a leash on the National Security Agency now, with all the static, chatter and high anticipation […]

PRUDEN: When Obama mails it in

Barack Obama is bored. You can see it in his demeanor and in his face, the way anticipation becomes melancholy. Most of all you can hear it in his voice when he steps up to make the speech that once sent audiences into frenzy. He’s mailing it in (with postage due). Being a messiah, a […]

Pruden: George Zimmerman trial a bitter lesson in the law

By Wesley Pruden The prosecutors of George Zimmerman need a refresher course in criminal law. If you’re a prosecutor and you believe you are putting an evil-doer away, first you have to convict him. This means proving he’s an evil-doer by proving who did the evil act. That’s not always easy, as we saw last […]

Pruden: Waiting for a verdict in the George Zimmerman trial in Florida

By Wesley Pruden An inattentive lawyer can ruin his case with one badly prepared witness. The prosecutors of the case against George Zimmerman no doubt rue the day they put Rachel Jental on the witness stand, but their case was weak and ineffective, anyway. Soon we’ll see what the jurors think. Theirs, after all, is […]

Pruden: Who’s the most opinionated in town? MSNBC

By Wesley Pruden Bias is hard to measure because, like beauty, it’s in the eye of the beholder. But the Pew Research Center tried to put numbers on it and they’ve codified what everyone already knows. Bias is an art, not a science, and their conclusions won’t settle many arguments. The folks at Pew set […]

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