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Pruden: A modern president and his tweet stuff

By Wesley Pruden | Thomas Jefferson collected old books and French wines, Warren Harding collected poker buddies, and FDR collected stamps. Harry S Truman collected sheet music and played the piano. Once he played it at the National Press Club, with Lauren Bacall draped across the upright with a helping of cheesecake. Bess, the first […]

Pruden: Civil is nice, but winning elections is better

By Wesley Pruden | Everybody wants to go to heaven, the wise man observed, but nobody wants to die. It’s not a puzzlement. Everybody wants kind and gentle in our politics, but nobody wants to risk losing an election. That’s not such a puzzlement, either. The passing of George Herbert Walker Bush, a genuinely decent, […]

Pruden: No. 41, the real ‘man in full’

By Wesley Pruden | No. 41 deserves all the warm, kind words he’s getting, but they don’t quite capture the man I got to know at the end of his presidency. The man in full emerged when the shadows began to lengthen, as they inevitably will for us all, and as the good days began […]

Pruden: A little hysteria can make the news go down

By Wesley Pruden | We’re suddenly awash in so many crises capable of ending civilization as we know it that there’s barely enough hysteria to go around. A worldwide hysteria shortage. Who knew? The mainstream/legacy/hothouse media has been rubbing sticks together for months, trying to start a fire under the White House to frighten the […]

Pruden: Only a public hanging for the senator will do

By Wesley Pruden | When you’re losing an election and you’re not sure there’s anything you can do about it, the modern Democrats have a sure-fire strategy: Cry “racist!!” (with not one but at least two exclamation points), and count on the illiterates in the media to do the rest. It works nearly every time. […]

Pruden: It’s not war, but a remarkable skirmish at the top

By Wesley Pruden | Politics is what Washington does, and denying it long ago became an art form, practiced by Democrat and Republican, conservative and liberal. There are a thousand ways to make the denial, some more eloquent than others. None are particularly believable. President Trump set the teeth of Chief Justice John Roberts on […]

Pruden: A newer, hungrier kind of Democratic radical

By Wesley Pruden | Nobody is as insignificant in the Washington pecking order as a freshman member of Congress just off the turnip truck and into a maelstrom of ignorance and uncertainty all about him. One member of a freshman class of not so long ago recalls arriving at Reagan National Airport, finding his way […]

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