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Pruden: It’s OK now to ask whether Mueller has anything to say

By Wesley Pruden | There’s a politically incorrect question hanging over Washington that it’s almost safe to ask: How much longer can Robert Mueller spin his client-for-life until even Nice People start asking questions? Mr. Mueller has been hacking away at what was once called the “Russian collusion investigation,” now in its third year, and […]

Pruden: The graveyard ghouls and a lather of speculation

By Wesley Pruden | Not all ghouls live in the graveyard. Some of them are busy in the capital sunshine, making book on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s chances of returning to the U.S. Supreme Court and staying there to assist in the rendering of Donald Trump and his administration as dead as one of those graveyard […]

Pruden: A tear for the schoolmarm teaching civics to the House

By Wesley Pruden | A schoolmarm’s lot, like that of a policeman’s, is not a happy one, particularly if her lot is a roomful of noisy children whose ignorance is boundless and who have only a small ambition to do anything about it. Shed a bipartisan tear for Nancy Pelosi. She presides over not only […]

Pruden: A lot of noise before the storm

By Wesley Pruden | Thursday was a strange day in Washington. There was the changing, not of the guard but of half of the Congress, and Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats acted as if she were Franklin D. Roosevelt (in drag) and it was 1932 and “happy days are here again.” She told The New […]

Pruden: The amazing grace of Christmas morn

By Wesley Pruden } Reprinted from an earlier Christmas. The malls and the Main Streets fall silent. The ringing cash registers and the happy cries of children will be but ghostly echoes across silent streets as hearths beckon in the fading light, gathering friends and families. But in the clutter of Christmas morn, the Christ […]

Pruden: But we’re still waiting for Inspector Clouseau

By Wesley Pruden | Sooner or later, Robert Mueller, the last of the great white hunters, has to show what he’s got, ready or not. If he is held to his commission, he’ll have to show more than indictments of a few Russian officials for outstanding parking tickets in Moscow, or a kick in the […]

Pruden: The lady at bay in Old Blighty

By Wesley Pruden | Theresa May, who has mismanaged Britain’s exit from the European Union, won her vote of confidence in the House of Commons this week, and now she’s in the hard place the country preacher found himself after winning a vote of confidence to unify his congregation, soothe hurt feelings and make peace […]

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