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Pruden: When fear threatens good times in the friendly sky

By Wesley Pruden | Sometimes you have to wonder who’s in charge at Corporate Central. Certain airlines aren’t being very sympathetic to customers who are nervous about flying — no doubt unnecessarily — on the Boeing 737 Max 8 after two of them have crashed over the past five months. But airline passengers judge their […]

Pruden: No end of the Mueller minstrels in sight

By Wesley Pruden | Robert Mueller is said to be hitting his old textbooks from law school, perhaps an early chapter on how to keep the clock running on a rich client. Lawyers charge by the hour and a clever Blackstone can keep the meter running until the 12th of Never. A lot of Democrats […]

Pruden: The best and worst times for America

By Wesley Pruden | These are the best of times, these are the worst of times. (Charles Dickens only thought his age was confused.) You only have to read the newspapers to see why. New jobless claims are the lowest since 1969, which indicates that the economy continues to be strong. A strong economy used […]

Pruden: A sordid day for the gentlemen of the press

By Wesley Pruden | The New York Times thinks ours is “a golden age for journalism.” The press, the Old Gray Lady says, “has come through with some investigative work that can stand with the finest Watergate-era reporting.” There’s a new appreciation for shoe-leather reporting. “Clicks and subscriptions are up, welcome news for an industry […]

Pruden: Gillette takes the unkindest cut right on the chin

By Wesley Pruden  | Business schools are growing like weeds in the nation’s universities, many of them endowed by the smart, the clever, and the innovative upon whom capitalism has not merely smiled, but laughed out loud. Some of these wizards with a corner office at Gillette think they have discovered the magic formula they […]

Pruden: It’s OK now to ask whether Mueller has anything to say

By Wesley Pruden | There’s a politically incorrect question hanging over Washington that it’s almost safe to ask: How much longer can Robert Mueller spin his client-for-life until even Nice People start asking questions? Mr. Mueller has been hacking away at what was once called the “Russian collusion investigation,” now in its third year, and […]

Pruden: The graveyard ghouls and a lather of speculation

By Wesley Pruden | Not all ghouls live in the graveyard. Some of them are busy in the capital sunshine, making book on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s chances of returning to the U.S. Supreme Court and staying there to assist in the rendering of Donald Trump and his administration as dead as one of those graveyard […]

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