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Pruden: The Clintons and the comeuppance at hand

By Wesley Pruden | Reckoning comes late to the Clintons, but it comes. Bubba has skated past a lot of transgressions, always counting on his gift of gab and his deep-dyed Southern charm to escape retribution. He played the charm card with consummate skill: “Aw, shucks, what can you do with a good ol’ boy […]

Pruden: When it’s Hillary who poisons Hillary

By Wesley Pruden | Hillary Clinton is still the way to bet for November. Just ask your local bookie. He’ll give you very attractive odds for putting a dollar on the Donald. But if you’re a party chief you would rather not put up a candidate, even an early betting favorite, who is regarded by […]

Pruden: Hillary hails a flying saucer to the White House

By Wesley Pruden | Hillary Clinton’s campaign wizards, having seen what happened to Jeb Bush, are said to be worried about her “lack of energy.” But there’s nothing wrong with her imagination, her vision, her talent for building castles in the cosmos. She has come up with the season’s most imaginative campaign promise. If she […]

Pruden: Sound no requiem for the old white guys

By Wesley Pruden | All us old white guys have got to go. We may even have to take some of the nice white ladies with us. White folks once had their uses, but the handwriting is writ big and plain on the restroom wall. We’re a mortal threat to the nation’s security. Susan Rice, […]

Pruden: A true heroine, right on the money

By Wesley Pruden | A lady with a gun deserves better than this. No sooner had Jacob Lew, the secretary of the Treasury, announced that Harriet Tubman, a fearless gunfighter against slavery, would soon replace Andrew Jackson on the face of the $20 bill than snipers on left and right turned out in force. Miss […]

Pruden: How the Donald could defeat Hillary

By Wesley Pruden | It’s a given among the tired, the poor and the voters tossed in the tempest of the presidential campaign that the noisy masses, yearning to breathe free of the smoke of battle, must resign themselves to the latest inevitability of Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump can’t beat her, neither can Ted Cruz, […]

Pruden: The global warming assault on free speech

By Wesley Pruden | “Climate change” is all about us. Nearly everybody believes in it. Who could not? Sometimes a sunny day changes to rain, sometimes snow changes to sleet. The wind blows on Tuesday but changes on Wednesday, from knocking down trees to barely putting a ripple on the surface of the lake. Mark […]

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