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Pruden: Trumpspeak, a language rich in adjectives

By Wesley Pruden | Donald Trump isn’t the carrier of the disease that threatens the language, but he suffers with enthusiasm. His abuse of the adjective might eventually threaten his foreign policy. Nothing is ever merely “good,” or “fortunate.” No appointment is merely “outstanding.” Everything is “fantastic,” or “terrific,” and every man or woman he […]

Pruden: An expensive lesson for conservatives

By Wesley Pruden | The more the culture bounds out of control, the more the wary have to take care with the company they keep. This applies to media that will print anything in pursuit of “clicks” and “hits,” and to well-meaning organizations about whom they invite to tutor their true believers. The Conservative Political […]

Pruden: When the high-minded stoop to the low-down

By Wesley Pruden | Rage can lead the unwary to dangerous places, and some of our media notabilities are half-way there. E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post poses the question that bugs them most. “Let’s not mumble or whisper about the central issue facing our country,” he demands. “What is this democratic nation to do […]

Pruden: How Trump’s ‘disarray’ may be merely strategy

By Wesley Pruden | There’s a hint or two that Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS, which has so savaged the chattering class, may be subsiding, if only a little. There’s no cure for TDS, but the passion that drives it eventually exhausts the afflicted. The nut beat goes on for now, to be sure. Sen. […]

Pruden: The painful education of Neil Gorsuch

By Wesley Pruden | Neil Gorsuch doesn’t know much about politics and how the political class in Washington works, and that’s a good thing. Politics and the law make unnatural bedfellows, and the progeny of such beds is often unnatural. But a well-meaning innocent adventuring into the high weeds that abound in Washington can get […]

Pruden: Exporting the example of the new American revolution

By Wesley Pruden | The voice of the chicken, like the voice of the turtle, is heard in the land and it’s making a fearsome racket, on final approach to the roost. The established order has been turned upside down in a flutter of fine feathers. The unmentionables and the deplorables are suddenly at the […]

Pruden: The coming test of Donald Trump

By Wesley Pruden | Donald Trump is about to get a tough test of his presidential leadership, with no true-or-false or multiple-choice questions. Every new president gets the test, usually administered by international creeps and bad guys. There’s no fudging the answers. Reality is the teacher, grading on a steep curve, and presidents pass or […]

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