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Pruden: Saudis’ insult to Michelle goes unchallenged by Obama

By Wesley Pruden Barack Obama had a high old time in India and Saudi Arabia. The first lady, not so much. The trip was down hill after New Delhi. A good time in Saudi Arabia was not had by all India, a land of magic and mystery, put on a show just by being a […]

Pruden: The Democratic assault on free speech

By Wesley Pruden Everybody’s for free speech — until somebody says something he doesn’t like. But the genius of the First Amendment is that it is so direct and plain that even a lawyer or a judge can understand it. The amendment does not guarantee thoughtful speech, polite speech or even responsible speech. The Founding […]

Pruden: Obama lives in ignorance of Islamic threat

By Wesley Pruden President Obama has a happy and untroubled life on Fantasy Island, where he lives in splendid isolation from the world where the rest of us live. He is never troubled by terrorists, whether Islamic, Jewish or Episcopalian. All rough places have been made plain, manna falls right on time every morning, the […]

Pruden: Obama’s tax riot will make a memorable State of the Union

By Wesley Pruden The annual State of the Union might not be an occasion for the president to preach to the choir, but it’s an opportunity for the choir to catch 40 winks. Neither the soprano nor tenor will miss anything. President Obama doesn’t have a choice. The Constitution requires him to “give to Congress […]

Pruden: Why Hillary Clinton won’t run for president

By Wesley Pruden Hillary can’t win, and that’s why she won’t run. She may not know that yet herself, but a lot of Democrats want her because she’s all they’ve got. The Republicans are counting on her to run because they think she’s the candidate they can beat in what looks from here like it […]

Pruden: Doomed to remember more dates in infamy

By Wesley Pruden A headline in London exclaims that what happened in Paris “has galvanized France.” Well, that’s good, so far as it goes. Galvanized can be a good thing only if the galvanizee stays galvanized. The record is not encouraging. September 11 galvanized the world, a date that, like December 7, would live in […]

Pruden: Obama should stand tall to Islam

By Wesley Pruden The radical Muslims who are making war on the world are confident they can win, destroy religious and ethical beliefs and cultures different from their own, and impose a worldwide caliphate. Who can blame them? They believe in something — evil, ugly and malignant though it is. The West often acts like […]

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