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Pruden: Gumming up the works over Benghazi

By Wesley Pruden Pity the American voter. Angry, frustrated and desperate, in successive elections he delivers more Republican soldiers to Congress, all in the spirit of Dr. Johnson’s famous description of a second marriage as “the triumph of hope over experience.” All that changes in Washington is the size of the nothingburgers. For four years […]

Pruden: When world leaders got garbage for lunch

By Wesley Pruden | They gave the world leaders, in town for the opening session of the United Nations, lunch in New York the other day and all they got was swill. The leaders munching on the people’s dime said a good time was had by all, but that’s only if your taste runs to […]

Pruden: The hunting of Ben Carson

By Wesley Pruden | The civility and good manners crowd is attempting to destroy Ben Carson, but so far it isn’t working. He said something about Muslim presidential candidates that was harsh but a mile this side of over-the-top, and instead of a ride out of town on a rusty rail he watched his numbers […]

Pruden: Farewell to an all-American oddball

By Wesley Pruden | “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over,” the wisest of the philosophers of sport famously said, but now it really, really is. They don’t make ‘em like Yogi Berra any more, who disdained cliches like this one to make up his own. Yogi died Tuesday night in a nursing home near his […]

Pruden: Angling for a piece of the pope

By Wesley Pruden Everybody wants a piece of the pope. Fidel Castro and his little brother in crime applaud Pope Francis‘ assault on the very idea of capitalism, and Barack Obama wants to use the pontiff as a recruit in his war on what he perceives to be the “social injustice” of thwarting the Obama […]

Pruden: This is how we get a president

By Wesley Pruden | The Republicans are still looking for the right someone to carry their banner into the election next November, and they’re getting a pretty good idea now of who they don’t want. That’s the first step, after all, in making a choice, as any town belle could tell you. We’re still deep […]

Pruden: Can anybody here ‘catch the moment?’

By Wesley Pruden | The Republican topsiders will be playing in a new landscape Wednesday night in the political season’s second debate. The old landscape is as remote now as a valley on the moon. The suspense is all about who emerges as No. 2. Donald Trump was supposed to have been dispatched to wherever […]

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