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Pruden: When a bored president just ‘mails it in’

By Wesley Pruden Like it or not, the world is a dangerous place, and getting more so. None of the portents look good. Vladimir Putin not so subtly says, in ever louder voice, that he’s in charge of events now, and the rest of the world should just get used to it. When Vlad roars, […]

Pruden: Loose-lipped pols pay a debt to plain language

By Wesley Pruden Sometimes the smartest among us should just shut up, and watch his language. Nobody gets the opportunity now, if he ever did, to take something back, to explain “context” or “clarify” what he was trying to say. It’s all on somebody’s tape. The language of the street is plain English, but never […]

Pruden: When capital punishment gets no sanction

By Wesley Pruden This has been a big week in the death house in Texas. The state executioner was assigned to dispatch not one, but two, evildoers. He could put away his needle with the satisfaction of a job well done. Five more executions are scheduled before summer. Texas is No. 1 in the business, […]

Pruden: Critics’ grudging praise for George W. Bush’s paintings

By Wesley Pruden George W. Bush has been called a lot of unkind things, and now this: Who knew Picasso dwelled within the 43rd president of the United States? The president whose troops nailed Saddam Hussein has joined Vladimir Putin, U.S. Grant, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter and Winston Churchill as heads of state with […]

Pruden: Kerry’s desperation meets Palestinian intransigence in Mideast peace process

By Wesley Pruden If John Kerry wants to live with his head in the clouds, he should stick to windsurfing. He’s making a further mess of everything in the Middle East. When President Obama, who lives in fantasies wrapped in pipe dreams himself, is fully awake, he should order the secretary of state to surf […]

Pruden: Flatulent cows and the global warming hysteria

By Wesley Pruden Methane is a useful and plentiful gas, like butane and propane, and it’s a natural resource, expelled from the digestive tracts of nearly every animal on the planet. Horses do it. So do faithful dogs and arrogant cats, mules, sheep, goats and bison. Even the noble pig does it. Impolite men do […]

Pruden: Gaffes from loose lips can sink campaign ships

By Wesley Pruden Some of our politicians just don’t get it. They don’t understand the wired world, and pay the price for talking when they shouldn’t. Loose lips that sink ships ruin election campaigns, too. Mitt Romney learned this when he told what he imagined to be a friendly audience in Florida that “47 percent […]

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