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Pruden: Drip, drip, drip becomes splash, splash, splash

By Wesley Pruden | The Democrats have got the Republican dilemma nailed, and the rattle and buzz over Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ tea cups is happy talk that the Grand Old Party looks stuck with a candidate the party doesn’t want. Mrs. Schultz is the chairman of the Democrats, put in charge of making Hillary’s path […]

Pruden: Let no child be left unconfused

By Wesley Pruden | Mae West, the famous philosopher of the boudoir, would hardly believe her fortune today. “So many men,” she once complained, “so little time.” She was the kind of girl who set out to “climb the ladder of success, wrong by wrong.” Now there’s such an abundance of choices in that even […]

Pruden: Looking for the surgeon for Hillary’s charisma transplant

By Wesley Pruden | Frightened party-line Democrats think they’ve got a solution to their unique “woman problem” if they can find the right surgeon. Instead of finding an alternative to Hillary Clinton, they propose a charisma transplant. Perhaps the donor is Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren, or maybe even Joe Biden. If it works, Americans […]

Pruden: And now, here comes New Hampshire

By Wesley Pruden | The wind and snow of Iowa gives way to the ice and slush of New Hampshire, and the long, long trail to sunny South Carolina has never looked so inviting to so many. No one could have survived these last weeks but for the ample supply of hot air from the […]

Pruden: The election when nobody showed up

By Wesley Pruden | Why are the front-runners in both parties so unelectable? The frenzied and the frightened count the ways, without getting into the depth and breadth and height a body’s soul can reach. This was the year that everybody decided that he (or she) could be elected president of the United States, or […]

Pruden: The Socialist thinks he wants a run at the Merry Prankster

By Wesley Pruden | The good news for the Democrats, looking toward next November, is that they have a back-up candidate if Hillary Clinton goes down. The bad news for the Democrats is that the back-up is Bernie Sanders. But who is Bernie? What does he believe? Who does he admire? What was he saying […]

Pruden: The hero buried in the marble man

By Wesley Pruden | Transforming a man of flesh and blood — warts, moles, scars and all — into a man of cold marble enables lesser men to think they can make of him what they want. The real man disappears under the sculptor’s chisel. There are marble men all over Washington, their humanity buried […]

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