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Pruden: Hollywood cowers at this laff riot over ‘The Interview’

By Wesley Pruden Movies may not be better than ever, as a Hollywood marketing slogan in yesteryear boasted they were, but the critics take movies seriously in North Korea. The chief movie critic in Pyongyang can kill a movie with a single review. He might even kill anybody who goes to see it. Sony Pictures’ […]

Pruden: Rectal feeding terror suspects; convenient, but unnecessary

By Wesley Pruden Lunch can sometimes be a big deal in Washington. Lunch is where alliances are struck, deals are made, and sometimes where foes become more or less friends over a shrimp cocktail or a chicken salad at the Palm. But if Karl Rove invites you to lunch, be sure you get to pick […]

Pruden: Indicting CIA puts America at risk

By Wesley Pruden Efficiency was once a precious American virtue. America is great because America is good, in the words once credited to Alexis de Tocqueville, and when America is no longer good it will no longer be great. Whether he actually said them or not, the words are true. That goes double for the […]

Pruden: Republicans leave Democrats out of lame-duck brawling

By Wesley Pruden That’s the pungent scent of the weak and fearful drifting across Capitol Hill. The establishment Republicans, eager to run from the sound of the popgun, are putting out peace feelers and they haven’t even taken a hit. John Boehner, the uncertain speaker of the House, has signaled that he and the establishment […]

Pruden: Doesn’t Al Sharpton deserve a rest?

By Wesley Pruden The terror of Ebola in the United States has subsided. Maybe it’s too soon to tell, but it looks like we’re not all dead, after all. Dispatches from West Africa have vanished from the front pages. The digital purveyors of news have gone on to more important catastrophes, such as the latest […]

Pruden: A dog whistle by the master

By Wesley Pruden Barack Obama has the master wordsmith’s gift for bending language, saying something that sounds good, but heard as something not so good. Ony the successful politicians have the gift for blowing the dog whistle — a message pitched in a key so high that only his followers hear it. Mr. Obama can […]

Pruden: Hillary’s dreams turn a trifle sour

By Wesley Pruden The laughter has yet to turn to tears, but the applause for Hillary Clinton is beginning to sound a little thinner than it did only yesterday. The lady may still be the way to bet, but only the foolish would throw in the deed to the farm. Hillary has got to be […]

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