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Pruden: The status quo survives in France, but in ruins

By Wesley Pruden | The French easily embrace contradiction and chaos. It’s what makes their politics work: “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose,” and they said it first: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” The Sunday national election in France proved it again. The two established political parties finished […]

Pruden: The high price of Fox hunting

By Wesley Pruden | The famous bimbo eruptions are back (as if they had ever really gone away), and for once Bubba appears to be in the clear. No new accusations of rude behavior have been lodged against him. “He’in and she’in” has been going on since the creation of Eden, when the original snake […]

Pruden: The coming death of the death penalty

By Wesley Pruden | The ever-cranky courts of law keep getting in the way of this Easter season’s record-setting Festival of Death in Arkansas.Gov.  Asa Hutchinson set up a spectacular schedule of eight executions in six days and the courts, both federal and state, have nibbled at it and now it’s still mean, sordid and […]

Pruden: An about-face in a world of fright and fear

By Wesley Pruden | The peasants are excused if they think nobody knows what’s he’s doing. Mr. Nobody can’t help noticing that the world seems to be careening to a destination we know not where. It’s enough to make a peasant quit reading the newspaper. Russia and Iran say they will respond to further American […]

Pruden: An epidemic of TDS in the Marx Bros. media

By Wesley Pruden Just about the time the fever on the nut left seems to be subsiding there’s another outbreak of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Normal-looking folk who sound like they escaped a Marx Bros. movie fall into a relapse. The bombshell that Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s chief source of intelligence, was guilty of “unmasking” Trump […]

Pruden: Girding Republican loins for the war

By Wesley Pruden | The Gorsuch nomination finally gets a vote next week, first when the Senate Judiciary Committee approves the nomination and recommends that the Senate follow with confirmation. It’s a crucial week for the Republicans because it’s not actually about Neil Gorsuch, nor even about the Supreme Court, and the fate of the […]

Pruden: The agony of finding a place for the spare Mercedes

By Wesley Pruden | Politics is serious business in Washington. Detroit is puzzling over how to make SUVs bigger. Hollywood is worried over how a screenwriters’ strike will curtail production of tinsel in Hollywood. The most serious business in Washington is not what to do about Obamacare, a tax cut, the nut case in North […]

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