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Pruden: The surging truth-tellers of the GOP

By Wesley Pruden Donald Trump is surging in New Hampshire, and Chris Christie’s back on the hunt, sounding like a born-again contender. They’re both long shots — the Donald is off the board — but they’re making the kind of noise the wiseheads say they can’t make. Bernie Sanders is the October surprise for Hillary, […]

Pruden: Why gays ‘can’t get no satisfaction’

By Wesley Pruden You might think the gays, the liberals and the mellowed-out folks who groove on kittens and little living things would be content to lie in a patch of sunlight in the corner and purr together. Chief Justice John Roberts told them it was OK to celebrate, though it’s not clear why a […]

Pruden: Ethnic cleansing of the American South

By Wesley Pruden The South is the new China. Southerners, like the Chinese, revere the past, worship their ancestors (and their flags), and eat a lot of rice. William Faulkner observed that the past is not dead, because it is not even past. He applied that sentiment only to Southerners, but if he had been […]

Pruden: Letting no tragedy go to waste

By Wesley Pruden The funeral processions to the graveyards in Charleston will be crowded unless the families can keep out the interlopers, exploiters and other cheap opportunists. The easy riders have hitched up their hobbyhorses for the big parade. Some of the long riders want to shoot down the Confederate flag. Others have oiled their […]

Pruden: The candidate who says the darndest things

By Wesley Pruden We’re finally getting a little comic relief in the 2016 presidential campaign, which hasn’t actually started yet. But it’s important to get it out of the way so we can get on with the race of 2020. That one will pit Chelsea Clinton, avenging her mother’s second calamitous attempt to match her […]

Pruden: Blues for a first lady

By Wesley Pruden Nobody likes to hear himself ridiculed, criticized, scolded or even mildly rebuked, especially when he deserves it. It’s part of being human. Politicians, who come with outsized egos, like it less than others. First ladies, being female, like it least of all. Michelle Obama, one of the most popular of recent first […]

Pruden: A bipartisan betrayal of trust

By Wesley Pruden The civility chorus may at last be getting what it wants, a shutdown of debate in the name of piety and good manners. Honest debate frightens the chorus, whose sopranos and tenors forget that debate, sometimes gentle and sometimes loud and robust, is what Congress is meant to be about. Rep. Paul […]

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