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Pruden: Clinton Foundation’s money ‘problems’ problematic for Hillary

By Wesley Pruden For all the tales you’ve heard about Hillary and Bubba, they’re actually simple folks with simple tastes. All they want is money. Bubba likes the ladies, too, though he never pays much attention to them with their clothes on. The years cool ardor and blight opportunity, and even if good ol’ boy […]

Pruden: A job too big for Cupid

By Wesley Pruden Rudy Giuliani would shoot Cupid, and not with an arrow dipped in Love Potion No. 9. He would use a Smith & Wesson .358 with a slug bathed in garlic. Mr. Giuliani thinks Barack Obama does not love America in the way that most of the rest of us do. This makes […]

Pruden: Obama’s blind indifference to Islamic terror

By Wesley Pruden The threat of radical Islamic terrorism is so clear and plain that even a president could see it. But Barack Obama is blind, deaf or indifferent, and maybe all three, and determined to keep himself that way. At his White House conference on “extremism” — where it came from and where it […]

Pruden: As anti-Semitism makes a comeback, Obama remains ignorant

By Wesley Pruden We’re well into the new century, moving swiftly through the second decade of the new millennium, at ease in an era of science, modern medicine and wondrous electronics that our grandparents could not have imagined. (Even our parents don’t understand most of it.) So why does 2015 smell like Munich in 1938, […]

Pruden: Obama’s Islamic State strategy has no ‘oomph’

By Wesley Pruden Barack Obama wants a big box of Magic Markers to deal with the barbarians in the Islamic State. He’s in the mood to draw some more red lines. There’s actually no magic in the president’s markers, but he doesn’t know that. Drawing lines in a coloring book is fun — you could […]

Pruden: Brian Williams a reminder that only God deals in truths

By Wesley Pruden Facts take a drubbing in Washington, where scrubbing and spinning is the national sport. And not always just in Washington. The late, great Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the Democratic senator from New York, observed that “everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but no one is entitled to his own facts.” He should […]

Pruden: Obama’s comparison of Crusades to Islamist terror acts misses mark

By Wesley Pruden President Obama put on his preaching clothes yesterday and drove up Connecticut Avenue to the Washington Hilton to deliver a sermon to the choir. He took his text from the first chapter of the Book of Moral Equivalence and let the choir have both barrels. He spoke from the pulpit of the […]

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