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Pruden: The party’s over and no place to call home

By Wesley Pruden | That’s the dilemma of the Democrats, forlorn, despondent and walking in circles like the goose hit on the head with a long-handled wooden spoon. They’re asking questions for which there are no happy answers in the wake of their fourth straight loss in a round of special elections. The only consoling […]

Justice from the Alice-in-Wonderland School of Law

By Wesley Pruden | Fair is fair, but special prosecutors work to their own fairness code, that it’s important to be fairer to some than to others. Sometimes you don’t have to be fair at all. Special prosecutors study at the Lewis Carroll School of Law, tutored in Wonderland by the wise old Professor Alice, […]

Pruden: The lawyer finds a permanent client

By Wesley Pruden | Every lawyer has a bit of the ambulance-chaser lurking deep in his heart, and dreams of one day landing a permanent client. Even a lawyer as distinguished, as ethical, as high-minded, as above all reproach and as disdainful of personal glory and profit as a special prosecutor. A special prosecutor, any […]

Pruden: Crossing the line to flirt with an assassination fantasy

By Wesley Pruden | The liberals and the left have been flirting with the fantasy of an assassination of Donald Trump since the early hours of last Nov. 9. If all the rants and diatribes, which make up the conversation where snowflakes, “intellectuals” and the morally elite gather to chat and chew, can’t accomplish the […]

Pruden: Mr. Comey’s not very good day

By Wesley Pruden | One day of huffing, another day of puffing, and we’re just about where we were. Half of us want Donald Trump’s presidency to succeed, whether we like everything about the Donald or not, and the other half regards him as the anti-Christ. James Comey’s big day before the U.S. Senate Intelligence […]

Pruden: Washington’s press birds on a wire

By Wesley Pruden | If Robert Mueller concludes, after a $100 million investigation into whether Donald Trump and his campaign colluded with the Russians to rig the 2016 election, that there was no “there” there, then what? Will the liberals then organize a lynch mob to go after Mr. Mueller? He can’t count on escaping […]

Pruden: The president keeps a solemn promise to put America first

By Wesley Pruden | Uncle Sugar doesn’t live here any more, and he didn’t leave a forwarding address. This is the message, spoken loud and clear by Donald Trump Thursday in the White House Rose Garden, and it’s just now getting through to the easy riders out there. “As of today,” he said, “the United […]

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