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Pruden: The collusion of lawyers finally is collapsing

By Wesley Pruden | Colluding, like canoodling, is all the rage. Robert Mueller, like a dog chasing his tail, has been trying for more than a year to find evidence that President Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin and the Russians to cook the 2016 election, which fate, providence, fortune and destiny decreed properly belonged to […]

Pruden: Throwing rocks at the wrong villain

By Wesley Pruden | No man in America is more entitled to the nation’s admiration and gratitude for sacrifice than John McCain. He’s a hero in anybody’s book, with no asterisks. An exclamation point, but no asterisk. The criticism of a young White House aide was harsh for remarking, in a private working session where […]

Pruden: A little sanctimony in the Senate

By Wesley Pruden | Asking a U.S. senator for his views on morality is the ultimate fool’s errand. As the innkeeper of “Fawlty Towers,” the British sitcom, was fond of saying in moments of neighborly frustration, “you might as well ask the cat.” Yet there the Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee were, seeking by […]

Pruden: John Kerry’s 57 varieties of mischief

By Wesley Pruden – | John Kerry has spent all his life getting things wrong. He came home from the war in Vietnam to trash as war criminals the men with whom he wore the colors. He told a hearing of the U.S. Senate a wicked tale of calumny, how the Americans in Vietnam had […]

Pruden: The Iran nuclear deal begins to crumble

By Wesley Pruden | These are not happy days for the liberals, or progressives, or Democrats, or whatever they’re calling themselves this week as, one by one, they stink up the familiar labels we’ve all used over the years. Donald Trump is so evil that good people will neither touch nor praise anything he says, […]

Pruden: When it’s finally a friendly ‘adios’ to Calif

By Wesley Pruden | South Carolina and California don’t seem to have a lot in common. South Carolina is small, prosperous, and cohesive, and California is large, all but bankrupt, and talking about splintering into an undetermined number of pieces. But California’s red-hots, who think they want to secede from the Union, should consult what […]

Pruden: A summit imperiled by Rocket Man’s travel tribulations

By Wesley Pruden | “Just getting there,” as Cunard once boasted of transatlantic crossings by ship, “is half the fun.” The Atlantic is still there, but ocean liners are not, and almost the only way to cross the ocean sea now is by air.That’s no fun at all. Dining aboard an ocean liner has been […]

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