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Pruden: Another look at a savvy loser

By Wesley Pruden Mitt Romney would defeat Barack Obama if they were matched again today. One or two polls say so. But they’re not matched today and a poll like that is only for a friendly conversation over a cup of coffee. It’s interesting because the Great Mentioner is mentioning Mr. Romney, despite his protests, […]

Pruden: No naps for the war-weary

By Wesley Pruden It’s a little early for the candidates of ‘16 to start calling each other names, but they’re loosening tongues, limbering voices and auditioning invective, anyway. Rand Paul calls Hillary Clinton “a war hawk,” eager to get America into another war in the Middle East, and Miss Hillary sends out a surrogate to […]

Pruden: Dealing with the mad dogs in Iraq

By Wesley Pruden So what do you do when a pack of mad dogs invades your town — or your world? The short answer is easy: You kill ‘em, with no apologies to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. But it’s not easy for the civilized to deal with rabid men among us. […]

Pruden: Brutal politics in a not-so-gay place

By Wesley Pruden Somebody has finally indicted the famous ham sandwich that an infamous judge once said any prosecutor so inclined could do. No offense here to Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, but this particular ham sandwich has no taste, no calories and no protein. It’s all fat. Mr. Perry was indicted last week of […]

Pruden: Hugging and slugging on the campaign trail

By Wesley Pruden Nothing comforts a child like a hug from his mother, or reassures like a father’s manly embrace. The hug is a reassuring gift of affection that means something. Lovers do it, and old friends might do it, but birds, bees, educated fleas and mortal enemies never do it. Even Frenchmen restrict themselves […]

Pruden: Democrats swimming in a sea turning red

By Wesley Pruden Nobody reckons that election returns from Hawaii, the land of the lotus-eaters stuck thousands of miles off the California coast in the vast reaches of the Pacific, have much to say about national political trends. You might as well ask the cat. Nevertheless, disappointment and disgust with the established order has reached […]

Pruden: Something heroic for Obama’s legacy

By Wesley Pruden Unless he can find something and find it quickly, Barack Obama isn’t going to like his legacy. Everything he touches is turning to mud, and the man who once walked on water may soon find himself at the bottom of the lake. He needs something heroic, with swagger and bluff, something to […]

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