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Pruden: Big media’s sad and extremely horrible week

By Wesley Pruden | Newspapermen were rarely whiners. Whining became fashionable only after “journalists” overran newsrooms. The best newspapermen, so the folk wisdom went, were Southerners, Jews and the Irish. Southerners loved the words and the occasions to tell stories, the Jews for the opportunity to do public good, and the Irish for the bottle […]

Pruden: Al Franken and Democratic strategy for 2018

By Wesley Pruden | Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party. Anyone who ever learned to use a typewriter (millennials can ask Mom what “a typewriter” was) remembers that aphorism, and Monday good ol’ Al Franken finally got the message. However, he only said he would […]

Pruden: Robert Mueller’s mighty tuna shrinks to a goldfish

By Wesley Pruden | Robert Mueller has the heart of a Las Vegas hooker and the guile of a New Orleans stripper. Not to push the metaphor too far, he’s skilled at showing a little skin in a cloud of satin and lace, but never quite comes across with what the customer is paying for. […]

Pruden: When the prey becomes the predator

By Wesley Pruden | It’s only a matter of time until the female of the species becomes predator, and is caught in the web of what the country preacher called “he’in and she’in,” which has been the favorite game of men and women since Eve disdained perfection in the Garden of Eden. Adam was a […]

Pruden: No country for the squeamish – of any age

By Wesley Pruden | America’s the greatest land of all, but it’s no country for sexually squeamish men, or women either, who are old enough to remember when dignity, decency and decorum were in season. Bill Clinton gave everyone, young and old, a primer on oral sex, whether they wanted it or not, and Roy […]

Pruden: Who knew so much testosterone rides the capital breeze?

By Wesley Pruden | These are not happy times for anybody. You can’t keep up with the serial sexual offenders without a scorecard, and the list grows longer every day and all the claims won’t fit on one scorecard. Seekers of cash settlements are advised to not take checks, and hurry to the bank and […]

Pruden: Gropergate! The halls of Congress under siege!

By Wesley Pruden | When I was a young reporter on a certain newspaper in the South, fresh on a new job, I took a fancy to a sweet and pretty young woman (that’s how we talked in those days) working on what newspapers quaintly called “the Society pages.” One day one of the older […]

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