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Pruden: A hero only to a lynch mob

By Wesley Pruden | Only a few days ago Andrew McCabe was nobody’s idea of a hero, except to James Comey and maybe Robert Mueller. They think Mr. McCabe, tarnished or not, cashiered or not as the deputy director of the FBI, purveyor of fibs, stretchers and lies with and without varnish, might still be […]

Pruden: One last dance with Hillary

By Wesley Pruden | There’s scarcely a pundit, wise guy or blowhard at the end of the bar who hasn’t sworn off Hillary Clinton, vowing that it’s time to find something new to rant and rave about. But Washington pundits on the make for a clever insight owe her at least a case of fine […]

Pruden: Can California do what the Confederacy couldn’t?

By Wesley Pruden | California has no cannon guarding San Francisco Bay, and it’s not likely that anybody at City Hall would know how to use one if there were, but Jeff Sessions, the U.S. attorney general, nevertheless has some wise words along with his lawsuit against California’s sanctuary cities seeking to nullify federal immigration […]

Pruden: The worm overturns the immigration debate

By Wesley Pruden | The worm doesn’t turn often, but when it does nothing is more satisfying that watching it blush. Nobody likes know-it-all worms. Americans, including presidents, have warned for years that out-of-control immigration threatens to overwhelm national security, welfare agencies, schools and the fundamental culture of the nation, and for their trouble were […]

Pruden: The Democrats ponder a second McGovern fling

By Wesley Pruden | The silly season arrives early. Considerably more than a dozen prospective Democratic candidates for president in 2020 are lining up to talk about how they would dispatch the Donald to the island of discarded presidents. Some prospects are more plausible than others. Some are sillier than others. But it’s a free […]

Pruden: The president Donald Trump could have been

By Wesley Pruden | The $64,000 question in Washington, still a lively speculation well into the second year of the Trump era, is whether Donald Trump with a little self-discipline could have accomplished more than he has, or whether a disciplined Donald could accomplish anything at all. He has accomplished a lot more than his […]

Pruden: Dreamy dreams in the Democratic bubble

By Wesley Pruden | Some of the worthies on the left have counted the votes and the Democrats have their nominee for 2020. It’s either Oprah or Kamala Harris, or maybe Michelle Obama. Everyone’s too giddy to get it all straight, but whether Oprah or Michelle or Kamala, someone’s got the fork to stick in […]

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