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Pruden: A hearty last laugh for The Donald

By Wesley Pruden | Donald Trump’s greatest contribution to America will be his stripping the media, particularly the overpaid and undereducated television media, of its last pretense to fairness and objectivity. Most of these correspondents of the “legacy” media no longer even want to be called objective. They’ve heard a higher calling, to commune as […]

Pruden: Terrorism made easy when nobody’s looking

By Wesley Pruden | President Obama is on his way out, and not a minute too soon. The legacy he obsesses over continues to expand in revealing ways. It may not be exactly what he thinks he’s leaving, and it’s more legacy than he wants. The terrorists of ISIS, whom the president famously derided as […]

Pruden: The Obama years stumble to a cheesy climax

By Wesley Pruden | Everyone only thought the interregnum between presidents was “the natural transition,” an orderly march to the beat of neither knives, nor guns or even stones. It’s the way Americans have conducted themselves since George Washington turned the house key over to John Adams. Until this time. A few embittered denizens of […]

Pruden: A knife in the back with Obama’s fingerprints

By Wesley Pruden | Barack Obama couldn’t pass up his last opportunity to put a knife in the back of the Israelis, whom he has demonstrated for years in word and deed that he doesn’t like very much. He doesn’t like Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, at all. With his 15 minutes in the […]

Pruden: The Democratic hangover is on the way

By Wesley Pruden | Like it or not, the Democrats will have to come off their crying jag after the inauguration. Some of them will need safe spaces for a little while longer, with calming videos of puppies and kittens. But some senior members of the party understand that soon even Democrats still deep in […]

Pruden: Left trying to overturn a free and fair election

By Wesley Pruden The world has turned itself upside down. Only yesterday the liberals and the left (the “progressives,” as they want to be called) regarded the CIA as the locus of evil, the gang that couldn’t shoot straight, forever poisoning gentle minds with a diet of conspiracy and tall tale. In those gloomy days […]

Pruden: The churls and their denial and grief

By Wesley Pruden | Life is not fair to losers, or the critics of Donald Trump, and the way he won the presidency. He just won’t stand still and give the rotten eggs a chance to hit their mark. The Donald is conducting his transition to the White House in his own way, taking his […]

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