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Pruden: An Austrian thumb in the eye of the elites

By Wesley Pruden | The elites everywhere are having a hard time. When the peasants no longer salute, tug a forelock and obey with a whimper, even if with a snarl and a whine, you know you’ve lost your mojo. The elites in America continue a deep snit, and Donald Trump can’t give up his […]

Pruden: A Weinstein verdict to suit the Red Queen

By Wesley Pruden | Sometimes the lynch mob gets the guilty party, but that’s not the way to run a railroad. We have laws, after all, even if some of them are subject to change. But due process is permanent. Let the jury consider the evidence and decide, the king said. “No, no! cried the […]

Pruden: Having fun with diagnosing the Donald

By Wesley Pruden | Witch doctors are not necessarily more skilled than psychiatrists and psychologists, but they’re sometimes harder on the pocketbook. A group of “mental-health professionals” have offered to resolve the Donald Trump “problem” for free. In the learned and precise professional language of their trade, they think he’s “nuts.” Dr. John Gartner of […]

Pruden: Reducing disaster in Puerto Rico to politics

By Wesley Pruden | Politics is the name of the game in Washington, and Washington can make a game of anything, even charity, compassion and Christian mercy. The suffering in Puerto Rico is such the likes of which few on the mainland, save Americans on the Gulf Coast, have lately seen. Whole towns have been […]

Pruden: The crass politics of windy compassion

By Wesley Pruden | Those ill winds blowing out of the Caribbean are blowing somebody good, or at least there’s somebody who thinks they’re good. There’s always profit in somebody else’s misery. Some Democrats in Washington see opportunities to make hay with Puerto Ricans who would settle for a drink of clean water and something […]

Pruden: Once upon a knee at the old ball game

By Wesley Pruden | There’s a lunatic in Asia credibly threatening the world with a hydrogen bomb. Congress can’t pull itself together to do anything. But enough of that. We’re all obsessed now with what a few tubby athletes think about the flag, the national anthem and the country others have shed blood and lives […]

Pruden: The sad tale of two stumbling parties

By Wesley Pruden | We’ve heard the words and music of this song before. The hoariest cliche in American politics, presented as accomplished fact by every wise head in academe and media after every wipe-out election, is that the losing party is finished. Kaput. Destroyed. Done for. Dead, as in the graveyard. The Republicans were […]

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