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Pruden: The Democrats search for another Lost Cause

By Wesley Pruden | To arms! The Confederates are coming! The Confederates are coming! Union scouts have already discovered Robert E. Lee at the gates of the city, lining up the gallant Pelham’s artillery to fire the opening round, and Stonewall Jackson and Jeb Stuart are expected to arrive on a night train from the […]

Pruden: A riot with an unwelcome lesson

By Wesley Pruden |   The media mob wasted no time in descending on Charlottesville, and the first order of business was to exploit the bigotry, tragedy and evil to make it the work of the Republicans, conservatives, and above all, Donald Trump. This has been a project years in the making. Shooting congressmen by […]

Pruden: Donald Trump’s plain speech to Kim Jong-un, delivered hot and loud

By Wesley Pruden | Who knew that Kim Jong-un and his distinguished generals grew their skin so thin? A lot of people, mostly affrighted diplomats and denizens of assorted newsrooms on the Atlantic seawall, are still beside themselves in fear and loathing of President Trump’s fiery warning of what North Korea can expect if it […]

Pruden: When life gets tough for just about everybody

By Wesley Pruden | Life is tough, as the man said, and three out of three people die. It’s apparently a lot worse than we thought. The world is coming apart at the seams, just like the naysayers said it would. Times have got so tough that you can’t even trust fake news. The crazy […]

Pruden: Lawyers, witches, broomsticks, and the swamp

By Wesley Pruden | There’s new news that Robert Mueller has expanded his investigation again into Whatever, and has empaneled a grand jury to indict someone once he and his team of expensive lawyers can find someone to indict. He already has one grand jury at the ready in Alexandria, empaneled months ago to pursue […]

Pruden: No thanks for foiling terrorists at the mosque

By Wesley Pruden |   It’s time to beat up on the Jews again, particularly the Jews in Israel and the West Bank. Once more they’re not standing still enough to enable the Palestinians to maim and kill. Killing by stealth is what the Palestinian freedom fighters do best. They’re pretty good at it, particularly […]

Pruden: The swamp strikes back

By Wesley Pruden | A lot of snakes and scorpions live with the alligators in the swamp, and there are even more dangerous monsters there. No swamp creature is deadlier than a Washington lawyer. The president is beginning to understand why he should never have agreed to his attorney general appointing a special prosecutor. We’re […]

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