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Pruden: How Obama cooks the terrorism numbers

By Wesley Pruden Barack Obama has given an eloquent testimony to a Christian faith, but his sympathies are always with Islam. He insisted from Asia that “99.9 percent of Muslims worldwide reject terrorism,” and that’s good news, if true. But it clearly is not. It is true that in the wake of the attacks on […]

Pruden: The outrage at evil begins to recede

By Wesley Pruden | A president in trouble can always try to change the subject, and often succeeds. It’s one of the most coveted perks of office, and Barack Obama knows it well. A week ago, in the wake of the radical Islamic attacks on Paris, everyone everywhere was consumed by outrage and determination to […]

Pruden: Is there a leader in the house?

By Wesley Pruden Everyone agrees that someone must lead the West against radical Islam, but who? Once upon a time, when crisis and fear of the unknown was abroad in the land, everyone looked to the president of the United States, confident that he would take charge and call down the lightning that won two […]

Pruden: Hillary tells it to the Marines

By Wesley Pruden | The girl just can’t help herself. Hillary Clinton has a trust problem. Voters tell the pollsters they think she’s a liar. Nobody but party hacks and feminist true believers trust her. Some of her lies, like the one she tells about what really happened at Benghazi, are deadly serious. Some of […]

Pruden: Ben Carson learns about his ‘place’

By Wesley Pruden A black candidate for president learns the hard way that the media culture expects him to know a black man’s place, and stay there. That place has to be in the Democratic Party. The moving finger writes, and having stuck that finger sharply in the eye of the black candidate, moves on, […]

Pruden: Jeb! Just too darn nice for his own good

By Wesley Pruden | Try as he might, Jeb! just does not get it. To the usual drum roll (and both drum and sticks are looking a little worse for wear), the Bush campaign rolled out the new, new Jeb! this week. The new Jeb!, unlike the previous new Jeb!s, would from now on be […]

Pruden: Vladimir Putin continues the late education of Barack Obama

By Wesley Pruden | The devil can quote Scripture, as any theologian can tell you, and just because Vladimir Putin says something doesn’t make it not so. The big chief of the Russians has challenged the theology of the Church of Global Warming in advance of a convocation of nations this month in Paris to […]

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