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Pruden: It was a dark and stormy Democratic night

By Wesley Pruden This is the week the political world, like the worm, begins to turn. The polls, the hunches, the guesses and the vibes that only junkies feel all say it’s a Republican year and Harry Reid will soon take a seat on the back bench. Some of the crucial races for control of […]

Pruden: The deadly virus in the electorate

By Wesley Pruden Sometimes incompetence gets its due reward. No one has to accuse Barack Obama of spreading the Ebola virus. The incompetence of this administration is there for everyone to see, and suffer. “Leading from behind” works no better against a deadly virus than it has against evil in the Middle East and greedy […]

Pruden: Letting no panic go to waste

By Wesley Pruden There’s so much fuel for hysteria, a crisis-monger hardly knows where to start. The Ebola “epidemic” in America — two cases so far, and one them actually originated on another continent, oceans away — is reported by certain tabloids, television correspondents, radio talkers and Web “news” sites as though it were the […]

Pruden: Where ‘water hogs’ stalk the thirsty

By Wesley Pruden ANAHEIM, Calif. | Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink. The Ancient Mariner would feel right at home in California. There’s enough to drink, but not necessarily enough to water a lawn, or fill a swimming pool, or scrub down the driveway. A burnt-orange lawn is the emblem of good […]

Pruden: A virus, media boobs and the perfect storm

By Wesley Pruden Some boobs in the media, which now include dozens of Internet websites where anything goes, the wilder and more improbable the better, are up to their usual standard of irresponsibility. The screamers are telling us that Ebola will soon kill us all, many of us at least twice. Nobody wants to do […]

Pruden: The unlikely restoration of ‘civility’

By Wesley Pruden Talking about “civility,” or what used to be called good manners until good manners disappeared, has become the rage in certain unlikely precincts in America. Talking about civility may be the next Big Thing. Both Democrats and Republicans have prescribed a dose of civility to restore amiability to Washington, but Harry Reid […]

Pruden: A promise to defend America on the cheap

By Wesley Pruden Maybe President Obama is beginning to understand the Islamist threat against America. Maybe. If he does, we’ll owe a debt to the Americans who lost their heads to the barbarians. He still doesn’t understand what he has to do about it. He talks about “degrading” the barbarians, when the word he should […]

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