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Pruden: Life’s a scream on the slippery slope

By Wesley Pruden | “The slippery slope” doesn’t frighten very many people in Washington because that’s where a lot of politicians live. Life can be comfortable there, and it’s usually quite profitable. But it’s a dangerous piece of real estate for the rest of us. You don’t have to stand with the right-to-life folks to […]

Pruden: When the Big Lie becomes the legacy

By Wesley Pruden Maybe the Christian thing to do is to cut John Kerry a little slack. He hit his head harder than the doctor thought when he fell off his bicycle in Switzerland. The secretary of State and President Obama are not having an easy time trying to sell the sellout to Iran, and […]

Pruden: The mullahs rub some noses in Obama’s folly

By Wesley Pruden | Like many Muslims, the Iranians know very little of the world beyond the mosque and figure that if an agreement satisfies the mullahs, it should satisfy everyone (praise be to Allah), even the president of the nation they call “the great Satan.” Why should the president need help selling an agreement […]

Pruden: Hillary Clinton tries to go home again

By Wesley Pruden Hillary Clinton returned to the scene of the original crime Saturday night, telling the surviving Democrats in Arkansas why they should love her like she and Bill love themselves. Bubba returns to the old home place occasionally, even if Arkansas is not really home, and Hillary’s visits are rare. Old times there […]

Pruden: The leaking, rancid details of the surrender to Iran

By Wesley Pruden | Reality is moving in on Barack Obama and the gang that can’t shoot straight. The sun shines bright and the mice won’t find a dark place to hide. The president continues to celebrate the remarkably awful deal he cut with Iran, but the rank and rancid details continue to leak, like […]

Pruden: The summer the nation went mad

By Wesley Pruden We’ll remember this as the summer the nation went mad. Lynch mobs are usually brought to the boil by a heinous event, encouraged by heat, humidity and harangue. There was a heinous event, now all but forgotten, but this is hardly a long, hot summer. There’s a drought in Southern California but […]

Pruden: Hillary catches the ‘inevitability disease’ again

By Wesley Pruden | Hillary Clinton can write the book on the risks and dangers to inevitable presidents. She’s been there, done that. She has her inaugural address written, revised and polished. She has stood before her mirror practicing her Churchillian thunder, updating Bubba’s laundry lists of the things that must be done. She has […]

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