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Pruden: Hillary as ladies’ fashion leader. Who knew?

By Wesley Pruden | :Nobody has accused Hillary Clinton of setting an example of how to dress for success, and certainly not for fun. She’s clearly no Melania Trump. But she may be assisting the Chinese in bringing back “the Mao suit.” She probably shouldn’t expect a standing ovation from men. That should suit her, […]

Pruden: Could the Donald get lost in the rigging?

By Wesley Pruden | Donald Trump says the November election may be “rigged” against him, and nearly half the voters in one public-opinion poll agrees with him. Even more voters than that say they’re not confident their votes will be accurately counted. Hillary Clinton professes to be worried that Vladimir Putin will hack into the […]

Pruden: Hillary and the art of the dirty mouth

By Wesley Pruden | Cussin’ and talkin’ dirty is ugly stuff, ugliest of all in the mouths of women, who, despite everything the feminists can do to insist on equality (with a few caveats), are usually a little more refined than men. Most of them. Most of the time. It’s a credit to their sex […]

Pruden: If this is peace, why fear war?

By Wesley Pruden | Barack Obama will soon be gone, banished to a smaller house down the street from the mosque, and peace, alas, will not be upon him. The anti-war president leaves behind a world with more war than it had when he first moved into the White House. Mr. Obama had hardly got […]

Pruden: Rough justice for Obama and the Saudis

By Wesley Pruden | Throwing a stone at Saudi Arabia, where stoning women is the national sport, is great fun, and nobody deserves an occasional stoning like the Saudis, just to let the king and his legion of princes know how it feels. They’re feeling the pain inflicted by Congress with the passage of legislation […]

Pruden: Goats in the White House

By Wesley Pruden | It’s the conceit of every age that it’s uniquely entitled to all the superlatives: it’s the best, the worst, the biggest, the smallest. Nothing before was anything like the present age, nor is it possible that anything in the future will surpass it. We expected echoes of that in the Monday […]

Pruden: A riot that dares not speak its name

By Wesley Pruden | Charlotte is the conversation we’re getting about race in America, with rioting, death and looting, encouraged by the noise of the mob, the purple rhetoric of certain newspapers, bloody mayhem on the television screen, and encouragement, no doubt unintended, by the president of the United States. It’s a carnival out there, […]

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