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Pruden: For sale, the most brazen president money can buy

By Wesley Pruden | It’s coming clear now why Hillary Clinton wanted her own email server, free from oversight by anyone, and why she resisted so ferociously enabling anyone from getting even a hint to what she was hiding. Her presidency, if there is one, has been sold, and a new batch of emails pried […]

Pruden: The humiliation of a president

By Wesley Pruden | “We do not pay ransom. We didn’t here, and we won’t in the future.” Barack Obama might like to have that one back this morning, to stick a pin in the moving finger that writes. But the finger done writ, and it won’t come back to cancel a single line of […]

Pruden: Life is just fairer to some than to others

By Wesley Pruden | Millions of Americans, mostly Democrats but a few sourball Republicans, tell pollsters and anyone who doesn’t want to listen that they’re preparing themselves to ignore the stink and shame of Hillary Clinton when they vote in November. They’re advised here to prepare themselves for a protracted season of malaise and buyer’s […]

Pruden: When a presidential race rages out of control

By Wesley Pruden | It’s the conceit of every generation that horses have never been faster, whisky has never been older, beautiful women have never been younger — and politics have never been rowdier. But maybe our generation has a legitimate claim. The clown vs. the crook, the vulgarian vs. the witch, both stained worthies […]

Pruden: Hillary’s falls recall the health questions JFK tried to dodge

By Wesley Pruden | The health of a prospective president is one of the most important issues of any campaign, but whether to ask hard questions about a candidate is usually a matter of whose prospective president, and whose health. When the prospective president is a Democrat, the media only sends candy, flowers and best […]

Pruden: An untold woman’s story of World War II

By Wesley Pruden | One morning in early 1942, with the nation suddenly at war and not doing very well at it, President Franklin D. Roosevelt summoned Sen. Kenneth D. McKellar, a crusty old senator from Tennessee, to the White House. The president explained that he had to hide a billion dollars in the budget […]

Pruden: Neither wit nor humor, but a lot of lyin’ goin’ on

By Wesley Pruden | Wit and humor have been drained from our politics, and this year it’s just as well. There’s not much to laugh about. Either candidate would be something of joke enough in any other year. Donald Trump sometimes tries to make a funny, but Bob Hope himself never tried to make anyone […]

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