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Pruden: A newer, hungrier kind of Democratic radical

By Wesley Pruden | Nobody is as insignificant in the Washington pecking order as a freshman member of Congress just off the turnip truck and into a maelstrom of ignorance and uncertainty all about him. One member of a freshman class of not so long ago recalls arriving at Reagan National Airport, finding his way […]

Pruden: The politicians are having it tough in Old Blighty, too

By Wesley Pruden  | And you think we’ve got it bad. We have the chaotic confusion over counting votes from the elections in Florida (so what else is new?), Robert Mueller’s endless pursuit of Donald Trump (or someone), heartbreak over a television reporter’s attempt to mount a coup from the White House press lounge, whether […]

Pruden: A little corruption greases the wheels

By Wesley Pruden | Americans are an impatient lot. Given a choice between corrupt and incompetent, we’re likely to choose corrupt. Both corrupt and incompetent is rarely popular. That was how the colorful and often corrupt machine bosses of the 20th century prospered and survived. It’s a long list — Frank Hague in Jersey City, […]

Pruden: Doesn’t anybody here respect us journalists?

By Wesley Pruden | The snowflake disease is catching. Donald Trump, of all people, tried to teach a couple of White House reporters a little needed manners this week and you might have thought he had repealed the First Amendment with an executive order. Several of the snowflakes, who make their living by posing embarrassing […]

Pruden: So long to the end of the beginning

By Wesley Pruden | Just as soon as they get the dead carried out we can dispense with the last rites and continue the election that counts most. Ready or not, like it or not, the 2020 presidential election campaign begins this morning. The pundits have been taking notes for months, eager to be first […]

Pruden: But is it still ‘the economy, stupid’?

By Wesley Pruden | We’re about to see whether James Carville, the dark genius of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns, knew what he was talking about when he posted the famous warning to the Clinton campaigners in the war room of campaign headquarters in Little Rock: “The economy, stupid.” The sentiment has become Gospel in the […]

Pruden: When ‘civility’ becomes all the rage

By Wesley Pruden | Mr. Dooley wouldn’t understand our politics at all. Someone asked Finley Peter Dunne’s mythical Chicago bartender-cum-philosopher where he was going in such a hurry with a pair of brass knuckles. “I’m on my way to a Democratic unity meeting,” he said. The politicians of both parties still have unity meetings, and […]

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