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Brennan: Saudis know what Alaska doesn’t

By Tom Brennan Saudi Arabia is talking about diversifying its economy. The Saudis have worried for years about being too dependent on oil for most of its revenues. But now the world’s largest oil producer is getting really worried because oil produced with fracking techniques in the United States and elsewhere is eating away at […]

Brennan: Lower flags for Cowdery

Gov. Sean Parnell committed an injustice when he declined to lower the state flags to honor the death of former state Sen. John Cowdery. Cowdery died July 13 in Anchorage at the age of 83. The former state senator served this state well for decades and was long out of office and confined to a […]

Brennan: Dim bulbs abound

By Tom Brennan There has been a lot of very poor journalism recently and the unfortunate case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman involved only part of it. Granted the Martin/Zimmerman shooting involved some of the worst, but others were embarrassing to the entire field. For weeks the news media have seemed bent on whipping […]

Brennan: Sarah Palin’s fate is up to her

By Tom Brennan If Sarah Palin jumped into the U.S. Senate race in Alaska next year, that would generate a seismic shakeup in Alaska politics. Such a move would please many, terrify others and touch off a knuckle-biting marathon featuring current Sen. Mark Begich, Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell and 2008 nominee Joe Miller. Palin isn’t […]

Brennan: Things change quickly

By Tom Brennan The world has a way of turning upside down in what sometimes seems like a matter of minutes. And often it is just that, a few minutes. When they stopped for lunch last Sunday, 2o members of a Hotshot firefighting team in Prescott, AZ, were miles away from the blaze they were […]

Brennan: Time for a new Apollo mission

By Tom Brennan Every generation should have a race to the moon. I propose that the next great race be resolving the challenge of human impact on the climate. Whether human activities are really causing climate change remains an open question. There are passionate advocates for both possibilities – either people are ruining the planet […]

Brennan: Lisa Murkowski shows political courage

By Tom Brennan Lisa Murkowski stuck her neck way out this week when she announced her support for same-sex marriage. Taking such a position in Alaska – one of the first states to attempt a legal definition of marriage as between a man and a woman – is an act of political courage. Such acts […]

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