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Brennan: Putin leaps into political vacuum

By Tom Brennan Had a scare on my way to the keyboard this morning. For a minute there I thought I agreed with Russian Premier Vladimir Putin. The first story I saw – written by the Associated Press — said an opinion piece by Putin in The New York Times “called for caution in dealing […]

Brennan: Attacking Syria would make U.S. a vigilante

By Tom Brennan President Barack Obama has painted himself into a corner on the Syrian problem. Should Congress jump into the same corner and take the nation with it? No way. Despite what the President and many other people think, the United States should not try to be the world’s policeman. A police officer must […]

Brennan: White House stiffs black senator

By Tom Brennan The absence of Republicans at the White House observance of the March on Washington 50th anniversary made it look like President Obama and the Democrats hijacked the event. Reportedly several Republicans were invited, including House Speaker John Boehner, but the invitations went out late and none of the Republican invitees came. Boehner […]

Brennan: City streets rattle teeth

By Tom Brennan Anchorage’s street pavement does a pretty good job of keeping the dust down, but that’s about all. As to providing a smooth driving surface, fuggedaboutit! Our streets these days remind me of the time my wife and I drove up the Alaska Highway in 1967, when it was 1,200 miles of gravel […]

Brennan: NSA has poor record on answering phone

By TOM BRENNAN You have to wonder what the National Security Agency will do with the millions of phone calls it is tracking when it has such a poor record of listening when its own phone rings. Take for instance the call from the Russians warning Washington that two American crackpots were meeting with Russian […]

Brennan: News media undercut U.S. military

By Tom Brennan The news media are being too cute for words when they refer to the targets of U.S. drone strikes in the Middle East as “alleged members of al-Qaida.” That makes it sound like those killed by rockets fired from American drones may have been innocents who were wrongly targeted. That is possible, […]

Brennan: Saudis know what Alaska doesn’t

By Tom Brennan Saudi Arabia is talking about diversifying its economy. The Saudis have worried for years about being too dependent on oil for most of its revenues. But now the world’s largest oil producer is getting really worried because oil produced with fracking techniques in the United States and elsewhere is eating away at […]

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