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Brennan: ALPAR got help from its friends

By Tom Brennan The news that cigarettes cause cancer came over the car radio just as I was opening a package of Lucky Strikes and trying to forget I had an awful hangover. It was too much. I crumpled up the cigarette pack, rolled down the window and threw it out onto the roadside. I […]

Brennan: Goodbye to Alaska megaprojects

By Tom Brennan Ding dong the witch is dead. Gov. Bill Walker announced the other day that he is killing off the remaining vestiges of the Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority. The Knik Arm bridge was one of those many misguided megaprojects that the state initiated in the days when Alaska’s state leaders saw […]

Brennan: State troopers face low morale

By Tom Brennan Alaska’s thin blue line is badly frayed. Morale in the Alaska State Troopers is very low, a problem that must be addressed – and soon. The morale problem was brought to Gov. Bill Walker’s attention in an April 11 letter signed by 15 of the state’s top retired police officials. The signees […]

Brennan: Bomber fly-bys stir memories

By Tom Brennan | This past week’s continuing interceptions of Russian Bear bombers off Alaska’s coastline by F-22 Raptors from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson brought back a few Cold War memories. Such mid-air meetings went on many times during the years 1947-1991, the Cold War years. The Russians often sent their bombers flying toward Alaska, primarily […]

Brennan: Dusting off crystal ball

By Tom Brennan Since today is, among other things, the 90th day of the current legislative session it’s time to dust off the old crystal ball and predict what is going to happen. First, there won’t be an income tax or statewide sales tax passed this year. There could be a lot more discussion about […]

Brennan: Tillerson filling posts carefully

By Tom Brennan Some national media people are rolling their eyes about the fact that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is taking his time filling key posts in the State Department. But Tillerson is doing exactly what you might expect from the chief executive of a huge multinational corporation like ExxonMobil. Many traditional appointees to […]

Brennan: 90-day limit serves good purpose

By Tom Brennan | The law says the Legislature should wrap up its business in 90 days. It’s easily circumvented, but that’s probably OK. That seems a funny thing to say, I know, but the 90-day limit does serve a purpose. It is a high-profile reminder to both legislators and the public that, after three […]

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