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Brennan: Gas line needs adult review

By Tom Brennan | One good way to give the proposed North Slope gas pipeline project a much-needed vetting would be to elect Mike Dunleavy as Alaska’s governor. Dunleavy’s approach to the gas pipeline plan has been cautious, an approach that has been sadly missing ever since Gov. Bill Walker jumped on its bandwagon. Walker […]

Brennan: Young gets the job done

By Tom Brennan | Don Young has taken a lot of lumps and his congressional power is somewhat less than it once was, but Young is a first-rate Alaska champion and should be returned to his seat in the U.S. House. Young has been in the same job for 45 years and done it well. […]

Brennan: Murkowski votes her conscience

By Tom Brennan | The notion that Sen. Lisa Murkowski may have doomed her re-election chances when she runs four years from now is downright silly. Murkowski actually handled the Brett Kavanaugh issue pretty skillfully. She gave support to the Alaska Native community worried about his stands on Native American rights and women concerned about […]

Brennan: No on One

By Tom Brennan On November 7, Alaskans will be deciding some important matters, such as who will be governor of Alaska for the next four years and another very important item, Ballot Measure One, the salmon habitat initiative. Often we decide such things based on personal experience with the individuals or the issues. When we […]

Brennan: Too much Kavanaugh

By Tom Brennan | If anybody ever tries to nominate you for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, run away. It could ruin your reputation. At this writing it appears that the final decision on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s candidacy for the high court won’t be made by the Senate anytime soon, which guarantees that […]

Brennan: An Oly for Nellie Brown

By Tom Brennan | “Myrt, give Nellie another Oly and put it on my tab.” Those were the operative words at Club 25 in the late 1960s when we young reporters at The Anchorage Times gathered after work for a drink and a bite. Myrt was Myrtle Stalnaker, owner and bartender of the historic bar […]

Brennan: AFN move hurts Kavanaugh

By Tom Brennan | Things were looking good for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh for a while, but his goose could be cooked now. Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski is considered a key vote (along with Sen. Susan Collins of Maine) when the U.S. Senate takes up the Kavanaugh nomination next week. Both Murkowski and Collins […]

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