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Brennan: Is overkill always necessary?

By Tom Brennan | “One riot, one ranger” is often considered the unofficial motto of the Texas Rangers, the state police force in Texas. The practices of some Alaska public safety organizations suggest a different approach, one you might call, “Throw everything you’ve got at the problem. There is something to be said for both […]

Brennan: Here we go again

By Tom Brennan | Next year could be a wild year in Alaska politics. The Legislature has pushed the problem of resolving the state’s fiscal problems into 2018. Among other things, the question of whether to dip into the Permanent Fund’s Earnings Reserve Account will be on the table. And this time the fiscal situation […]

Brennan: Fixing the crime problem

By Tom Brennan | Much argument by supporters of the catch-and-release crime law is, to use the nicest possible word, disingenuous. For instance, take Sen. John Coghill’s claim that reversing SB91 and returning to longer prison sentences wouldn’t affect a criminal’s likelihood of re-offending. Yes, it would — if the criminal was safely locked away […]

Brennan: Time to tap Earnings Reserve

By Tom Brennan | The state has plenty of money in its reserve accounts to meet state expenses. But there is a problem. The Legislature can’t bring itself to tap the fund set up for that purpose. The dividend program has hijacked the Alaska Permanent Fund. Those who voted for it — and were sold […]

Brennan: National media go tabloid

By Tom Brennan | The national news media have been showing us their worst side a lot lately. Having spent a large part of my career in newspaper reporting, editing and column-writing, I am appalled by how badly the major newspapers have been performing in recent years. When I started out as a reporter at […]

Brennan: White House day care center

By Tom Brennan Is Donald Trump a serious person? It’s difficult to come up with a definitive answer to that question, especially for somebody out here on the far end of the western world. But that is a question many Americans are asking themselves — and worrying about. The situation is making some leaders in […]

Brennan: Caribou may need more drillers

By Tom Brennan | It may at long last be time to expose one of the more notable scams foisted on the world by the environmental community and open the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. The so-called 10-02 area of ANWR, the area which was supposed to be evaluated […]

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