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Brennan: Some interesting years ahead

By Tom Brennan | When I started work at The Voice of The Times in the year 2000 the price of crude oil was something less than 20 bucks. At that time we had a pretty nice state government, one that provided most – if not close to all – the services that a state […]

Brennan: Alaska’s people love challenge

By Tom Brennan | Sometimes you learn things about yourself and the people and places you love when somebody else asks you about them. Last Fall I was interviewed by a video crew working on a major program about Alaska, one that seems likely to become a national public broadcasting television show and/or a film […]

Brennan: How to handle 4th Avenue Theatre

By Tom Brennan | It’s time to rethink the question of making Cap Lathrop’s old movie theater into some kind of historical tribute to Cap’s faith in the future of Anchorage. The 4th Avenue Theatre played a small but noteworthy role in Anchorage’s history when Cap invested a million dollars in 1947 in what became […]

Brennan: Solving a few tough problems.

By Tom Brennan | Technology got the world into its worst environmental problems and technology is our best bet to solve them. That’s not a threat and it’s not wishful thinking. Take, for instance, the massive collection of plastic waste that is choking our oceans, killing fish, birds, sea turtles and whales and making the […]

Brennan: A few worries about Dunleavy team

By Tom Brennan Some of Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s Public Safety appointments are getting a mixed response from experienced people in the various fields. Two that have old-timers worried are the appointment of Nancy Dahlstrom as Corrections commissioner and Amanda Price as commissioner of Public Safety. Dahlstrom has 15 years in the Alaska House of Representatives […]

Brennan: Government agencies adopt team approach

By Tom Brennan | State and federal agencies have announced they will be using the team approach to the state’s current rash of difficult problems. It’s by far the best way to go and should be used more routinely. Federal agencies working in Alaska are taking that method in responding to problems stemming from the […]

Brennan: Do what’s doable on climate

By Tom Brennan | President Donald Trump is taking a bunch of flack for his refusal to believe the latest report on climate change. He brings a lot of such criticism on himself with the way he handles such things, but a lot of thoughtful people have reservations about the report’s conclusions. It’s becoming increasingly […]

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