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Brennan: Drill ANWR to protect the caribou

By Tom Brennan Since this is the 40th anniversary year of the Trans Alaska Pipeline startup and the 50th year of the oil well that made the Prudhoe Bay discovery, those who were involved are being urged to record their memories. I worked at ARCO from 1969-1980 and at Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. in 1988-89 […]

Brennan: A bird in the hand

By Tom Brennan News that ExxonMobil might send its Point Thomson gas to Prudhoe Bay seems a very positive development. It could mean bad news for a gas pipeline in the near term, but that project seems a long-shot possibility for the time being. And Alaska could use some near-term good news right now. Redirecting […]

Brennan: Demon at Alaska’s door again

By Tom Brennan | Once more the world is reminded that you can pretty much see Russia from Sarah Palin’s house. The chilling launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile by North Korea raises anew the worrisome reality that Alaska has been on the battlefront of global conflict for many years. Though much of the nation […]

Brennan: Clash of two cultures

By Tom Brennan Alaska is following the lead of a growing number of states by changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. By vote of the Legislature, the second Monday in October no longer will honor the Italian explorer who landed in the Bahamas in 1492. It will, instead, honor the people who were here […]

Brennan: A bear drove us up a tree

By Tom Brennan Those bear maulings the other day brought back memories of my first year in Alaska, which was 50 years ago this summer. I came here as a reporter for The Anchorage Times and started work on Aug. 7, 1967. My wife and I were total greenhorns, but we fell in love with […]

Brennan: ALPAR got help from its friends

By Tom Brennan The news that cigarettes cause cancer came over the car radio just as I was opening a package of Lucky Strikes and trying to forget I had an awful hangover. It was too much. I crumpled up the cigarette pack, rolled down the window and threw it out onto the roadside. I […]

Brennan: Goodbye to Alaska megaprojects

By Tom Brennan Ding dong the witch is dead. Gov. Bill Walker announced the other day that he is killing off the remaining vestiges of the Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority. The Knik Arm bridge was one of those many misguided megaprojects that the state initiated in the days when Alaska’s state leaders saw […]

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