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Brennan: Professionals take that extra step

By Tom Brennan The difference between a ragman and a professional is that a professional takes those few extra steps to make things go right. And today we have a cautionary tale that illustrates the difference. Perhaps my two buddies and I should not have scheduled a fishing trip on Friday the 13th, but none […]

Brennan: A time of testing

By Tom Brennan The next few years will be a real test for Alaska’s political leadership and perhaps for its citizenry. With oil production dwindling and the economic situation complicated by falling prices on the little oil being produced, state revenues are falling and don’t look like they’ll be rising anytime soon. With wise political […]

Brennan: Notes on a Can-Do project

By Tom Brennan My wife once put an Alaskan in the White House. Actually it was the Rose Garden rather than the White House itself, but one of Marnie’s great schemes won a national recycling ideas award and Mark Williams, then CEO of Carrs Quality Centers and chairman of Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling, […]

Brennan: Treasury should get dividends too

By Tom Brennan The Alaska Permanent Fund should be paying dividends to the state’s Treasury as well as to its citizens. It’s time for the fund to start fulfilling the purpose for which it was established in 1976. That purpose was not to provide a bonus to each of us but to help support state […]

Brennan: We need longer sessions

By Tom Brennan My old colleague Bill Tobin will be spinning in his urn if he sees me say it, but I think it is time to go to a 120-day legislative session. A 90-day session is just a little too short. The hope of the shorter sessions is that they will result in a […]

Brennan: Walker wags the dog

By Tom Brennan Gov. Bill Walker is absolutely convinced that a tail can wag a dog. He has always been like that. Walker is convinced that the state of Alaska can dictate to the North Slope producers what the terms of a gas pipeline will be. It doesn’t matter that the producers and their backers […]

Brennan: Let’s dump daylight saving

By Tom Brennan A few years ago somebody said the best reason to switch to daylight saving time is that it helps people who don’t fly understand what jet lag is. That’s not a bad description and it illustrates how little sense the daylight saving system really makes these days. If Alaska exempts itself from […]

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