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Brennan: Fleeing the villages

By Tom Brennan | The Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corp. board is opposed to development of the proposed Donlin Gold mine in its area. Some of its concerns relate to the possible environmental impacts of the mine and must be carefully considered. But one of its given reasons seems odd, if not horrific. The Y-K Health Corp. […]

Brennan: Climate needs a Hawking

By Tom Brennan Climate science could use a guy like Stephen Hawking, a brilliant man with great credibility. But Hawking is a theoretical physicist and cosmologist. His physical disabilities keep him off the speaking circuit but when he makes a pronouncement, people believe it. When Hawking and a colleague say black holes probably emit radiation, […]

Brennan: Phooey on tank report

By Tom Brennan The latest report from the Rasmuson Foundation on the state budget crisis makes you wonder if they read them before they send them in. The report, put together by a so-called nonpartisan think tank in Washington, D.C., called the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, snaps at Gov. Bill Walker about his […]

Brennan: Putin’s buddy’s violins

By Tom Brennan It’s getting so you can’t trust anybody. Now even Russian President Vladimir Putin is looking shady. Putin says the allegations are all an American plot to undermine Russian unity, but legal documents leaked from a Panama law firm this week showed that close associates of Putin have squirreled away $2 billion in […]

Brennan: Pause button for history

By Tom Brennan | Years ago, back before television sets had remote controls with pause buttons, I knew a woman who had a pause button for conversations. Like many of our fellow reporters at The Anchorage Times, my wife and I used to go for a drink after work at the old Club 25, which […]

Brennan: You’ll get your check

By Tom Brennan | People are getting too worked up about the prospect of dipping into the earnings reserve account of the Alaska Permanent Fund to cover part of the state deficit. Doing so wouldn’t take your dividend check away and might not affect it for years, if ever, unless our state leaders really dive […]

Brennan: When kids talk politics

By Tom Brennan The time may come when, if a child expresses a desire to seek high public office, a parent will wash the kid’s mouth out with soap. This year’s election has not done much for the image of the politician. Apparently the primary requirement for seeking the highest office in the land is […]

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