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Brennan: That hole in the bucket

By Tom Brennan If Bill Walker serves as Alaska’s governor for the next four years – as it appears he will – there will almost certainly be days when he wonders why he wanted the job in the first place. Every governor has difficult days, and such thoughts may occur to all of them, but […]

Brennan: Pot law means step backward for police

By Tom Brennan The bad news is that the pot measure passed and the legalization process will now begin. It would have been far better to use Colorado and Washington as our lab rats and spend a couple of years watching how those two states coped with their newly legalized marijuana industry. The good news […]

Brennan: Never forget 2008 election

By Tom Brennan The election is almost over – at least the television advertising part of it – and, thank goodness, we can now get back to our normal schedule of erectile dysfunction medicine ads. For some reason, campaign ads seem to have taken a much nastier turn than in years past. That has made […]

Brennan: Don Young a great Alaska character

By Tom Brennan Don Young is one of Alaska’s great characters and has served this state well during his long career in the U.S. House of Representatives. If he is willing to continue as Alaska’s lone member of the House, by all means let’s vote for him and send him back as many times as […]

Brennan: State road-building priorities are wrong

By Tom Brennan Believe it or not, there is no line of cars with honking horns waiting for the Knik Arm Crossing to be built. You might think drivers were clamoring for the project based on the priority given by our state leaders to the billion-dollar crossing and the more than $130 million in state […]

Brennan: There is no database of deranged

By Tom Brennan National gun control advocates are saying we need background checks to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally deranged. I agree with the idea, absolutely, but there is a problem. Let’s say I own a sporting goods store and want to check on a prospective buyer before selling him a […]

Brennan: Forget about those dams

By Tom Brennan It’s time to get off this political correctness bandwagon and stop doing stupid things in the name of environmental stewardship. We cannot allow a 370-foot-high dam to be built on the Talkeetna River about 20 miles upriver from the village of Talkeetna and a 700-foot dam on the Susitna River 90 miles […]

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