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Brennan: Economy has a pulse

By Tom Brennan | Call off the funeral folks. Alaska’s economy ain’t dead yet. It showed a couple of terrific signs of life this week, both on the same day. The most important one might have been ConocoPhillips’ commitment of a $900 million budget to develop the Greater Mooses Tooth #1 development in the National […]

Brennan: Consultants don’t get salaries

By Tom Brennan Loose language can keep us stupid — or at least seriously misinformed. Take for instance the difference between a consultant’s fee and a salary. I was a consultant for many years and charged what was then a fairly hefty fee for my services: $110 an hour. This was back in the days […]

Brennan: Hang in there

By Tom Brennan Our family motto has always been: The good old days are just ahead. The half-serious claim has helped us get through a few rough patches in the last half-century in the North Country. It becomes a little less credible as one gets longer in the tooth, but it is hopefully valid for […]

Brennan: Walker might be right

By Tom Brennan It may be time to have my head examined. I think I agree with Gov. Bill Walker on something. Keeping in mind that I was an English major and, as the old song goes, don’t know much about arithmetic, Walker’s scheme for converting the Alaska Permanent Fund to help support state government […]

Brennan: Let’s work together

By Tom Brennan | Everybody and his brother is calling for legislators to pledge undying love for new taxes to cover the still-looming deficit. But how do you do such a thing out of context? Voters will be leery, to say the least, and you’ll never get them to roll over for a personal income […]

Brennan: Ads support past credits

By Tom Brennan Don’t get your undies in a bunch about AOGA’s advertising campaign defending the state’s tax credit program. It’s unlikely the oil industry is hoping to convince the Legislature it should fully renew the tax credit program at a time when Alaska barely has enough tax and royalty revenue to sole its shoes. […]

Brennan: ‘Game show’ elections

By Tom Brennan Next year the United States could elect its first president using a game show process. We have been heading in that direction for a number of years, but this is the first time that the game show format has entirely dominated the electoral system. I could qualify that by saying “so far” […]

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