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Brennan: Watching sausage get made

By Tom Brennan This is that time of year when watching the Legislature at work is like watching sausage being made. It can cause digestive distress, at the least. Alaska is in an odd situation with a $5 billion budget, but less than $2 billion expected in revenue this year. The state isn’t exactly destitute […]

Brennan: Hillary could lose out

By Tom Brennan Next year’s federal election could be one of the most interesting in modern history. The big question will be: Now what, Hillary? America’s former first lady can probably control the Democratic Party nomination — and take it for herself, as she surely will if she can — but she doesn’t seem likely […]

Bad call on film subsidies

By Tom Brennan Alaska may have shot itself in the foot once again, this time on the film subsidy program. We had a pretty good program going for awhile, one that was paying big dividends in two ways. The film subsidies utilized tax credits and helped create good-paying and interesting private-sector jobs working on film […]

Brennan: Wait until dust settles

By Tom Brennan The last few days of a legislative session are always like the last days of a visit by your house guests from Hell, as Mr. Whitekeys would describe those who overstay. But this year’s prolonged version brings to mind the line, “How can we miss you if you won’t go away?” Granted, […]

Brennan: Bonnie loved Puppy School

By Tom Brennan Bonnie graduated from Puppy School the other day. It was tough to get her to leave. She kept jumping out of the car and running back into the school building. Bonnie is an 8-month-old Goldendoodle and she loved going to school. It was her favorite night of the week, mainly because she […]

Brennan: Legislators talk T-word

By Tom Brennan You can tell times are getting tough when Alaska’s legislators are cutting popular programs and talking about the T-word. Nothing may come in the way of taxes this year but it is time to start thinking about them. Alaska has many public needs and we may never be able to cover them […]

Brennan: Walker should work with producers

By Tom Brennan Gov. Bill Walker’s insistence that he should have the authority to upsize a state-run gas pipeline project to take the place of the Alaska LNG project raises anew questions about his planet of origin. The state-run pipeline would theoretically replace the main gas pipeline if the primary North Slope producers elect not […]

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