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Brennan: A ‘bloodbath’ overblown

By Tom Brennan Did you read about the massacre of incumbents tossed out of legislative office last week? Headline and story suggested people were furious about inaction by state leaders on critical issues and took revenge at the polls. Actually, what happened was no big deal. Seven incumbents in a 60-seat Legislature lost their elections. […]

Brennan: Les Gara can’t be all bad

By Tom Brennan In years past when I didn’t like any of the candidates for public office I always wrote in the name of my dog, Clyde. But Clyde passed away last spring and her surviving friend Bonnie is only 2 years old, much too young to serve in public office. Bonnie is a goldendoodle […]

Brennan: Internet brings ‘pure’ democracy

By Tom Brennan | If John Adams were alive today he would probably point to the Internet and this year’s presidential election and say: “See, I told you so.” Adams, one of the nation’s Founding Fathers and its second president, warned during debate about how the nation should be governed; he said that adoption of […]

Brennan: High salaries but low finesse

By Tom Brennan You have to wonder about the political naiveté demonstrated by some of the high-priced help around here these days. First we had Keith Meyer, the new president of the Alaska Gasline Development Corp., who makes an annual salary of $550,000 and will likely get an annual performance bonus of $200,000. He will […]

Brennan: Walker threatens to kill ‘puppies’

By Tom Brennan Right now Alaska seems to be up the creek with not much in the way of a paddle. Though Gov. Bill Walker cut $800 million from the state’s monstrous $4 billion budget deficit, the Legislature and Gov. Bill Walker are still in a Mexican standoff while the state’s credit rating seems sliding […]

Brennan: Things that bug me

By Tom Brennan A column is for airing beefs so here are a few of mine. I don’t doubt that global warming is a reality or that human activities are at least a partial cause, perhaps a major one. But the news media never mention that the planet has been in a warming cycle off […]

Brennan: State line wouldn’t have tax-happy partner

By Tom Brennan The notion of a state-owed gas pipeline conjures visions of an 800-mile-long grain elevator sitting financially high and dry, too expensive to ship gas at a price the market will accept. That is a very real and realistic worry. State governments generally don’t do those things well — and the state’s record […]

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