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Brennan: Obama claims crisis passed

By Tom Brennan When President Barack Obama claimed that “the shadow of the crisis has passed” the other night, it reminded me very much of that big aircraft carrier sign behind President George W. Bush, which read, “Mission Accomplished.” Bush was standing on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln after the first major combat […]

Brennan: Two babes in big woods

By Tom Brennan Since my wife and I arrived in Anchorage just as the discovery well was being drilled at Prudhoe Bay – and we have lived here through one of the most fascinating periods in Alaska history – several readers have asked for more about our personal history. After being welcomed by a customs […]

Brennan: When Alaska walked on moon

By Tom Brennan My wife and I got here at a very special time in Alaska’s modern history. The statehood battle was over, oil had been discovered in Cook Inlet a few years before and the economy was starting to grow. Towing our houseboat across the continent with an International TravelAll was a tedious process, […]

Brennan: Now comes ‘Ultimate Frontier’

By Tom Brennan Stay put, young man, stay put. The mantra “Go West, young man” was popular in my youth and it helped fire my interest in Alaska, then known as the Last Frontier. When my new bride said “Let’s go,” we did, quitting our jobs at a Massachusetts newspaper, buying a houseboat on wheels […]

Brennan: Let’s flog dead horses

By Tom Brennan I hate to flog a dead horse, but since it’s almost 2015 and many things are cheaper and more satisfying in bulk, let’s flog a bunch of them. First, the good news: It’s worth flogging these seemingly lifeless steeds because there may actually be cause for hope. The state’s perilous financial situation […]

Being ‘Nice Nation’ too risky

By Tom Brennan America must decide whether it wants to be a Nice Nation, one that doesn’t do nasty stuff to anyone, no matter the situation, or a Great Nation, one able to protect and defend its citizens and its friends. A Nice Nation would never consider allowing one of its agencies to use techniques […]

Brennan: Federal prosecutors robbed Alaska

By Tom Brennan The greatest theft in Alaska history was the blatant robbery of Ted Stevens’ reputation by a federal task force working with its star witness in a so-called political corruption case. Perpetrators were the prosecutors in the Alaska investigation and the trials that followed. Their star witness was Bill Allen, former chairman of […]

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