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Brennan: Let’s downsize government

By Tom Brennan | If Alaska is going to get through the difficult years ahead its government is going to have to do some serious downsizing. The last half-century has been a time of great abundance in the 49th state and we have built a government we can no longer afford. Many people in high […]

Brennan: Fresh face in conservation fight

By Tom Brennan | It’s about time we had an organization like the Alaska Conservation Trust, a non-profit dedicated to sensible and careful resource extraction. For reasons unknown, the resource industry and its supporters allowed environmental extremists to seize what appeared to be the high ground long ago. The result has been a constant battle […]

Brennan: Two wild ones

By Tom Brennan With Donald Trump dominating the national political scene and Bill Walker in the governor’s chair it’s tempting to wonder how any of this could end well. Trump’s ultimate ego is on the ultimate ego trip, the presidential campaign trail. He can’t win (I doubt there are that many gullible people in the […]

Brennan: Get traffic moving again

By Tom Brennan In years past, one of the top police priorities after a highway accident was to get traffic moving again. Investigators did their work as expeditiously as possible, getting injured people into ambulances, collecting and photographing any evidence they considered relevant, and trying to determine the causes of the accident. And just as […]

Brennan: Russian real estate in Wasilla

By Tom Brennan For those who think Donald Trump will be elected president in 2016, I have some Russian real estate to sell you just across the lake from Sarah Palin’s house in Wasilla. The polls may show Trump way ahead right now but such polls are actually meaningless. The only thing they are measuring […]

Brennan: Up creek, no paddle

By Tom Brennan Are you feeling too cheerful this morning, Bunky? Is that what’s troubling you? If so I suggest you get a copy of “The Last Alaskan Barrel – An Arctic Oil Bonanza That Never Was.” It may just convince you that Alaska is up Nasty Creek without a paddle. The Last Alaskan Barrel […]

Brennan: Let’s check Trump’s claims

By Tom Brennan Though Donald Trump may be a blowhard, Congress and the major news media should look into his allegation that Mexico is using the U.S. border as a dumping grounds for its worst elements. Trump’s claim has the painful ring of truth about it. The American immigration system is broken and desperately needs […]

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