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Brennan: They’re just being careful

By Tom Brennan | It’s easy to think that our legislators are blowing smoke about Alaska’s budget problem, but actually they are just being careful. There is plenty of money available to deal with this year’s budget crunch, even if they are dragging their feet on reducing state spending. Things are moving slowly because decisions […]

Brennan: Mail-in balloting stinks

By Tom Brennan | We are probably stuck with mail-in balloting for Anchorage’s municipal elections now, but I still think the system stinks. We are presumably going to stick with the system since it increased turnout. This year, almost 79,000 voters “turned out” for the election compared to 71,000 in 2012. I put quotes around […]

Brennan: New York Times Magazine features Lisa Murkowski

By Tom Brennan | This week’s edition of The New York Times Magazine contains a highly flattering article about Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski. The headline and subhead read: “How Lisa Murkowski Mastered Trump’s Washington. The Alaska senator is one of the few Republicans who has gone toe-to-toe with the president — and thrived.” The article […]

Brennan: Mail-in balloting raises questions

By Tom Brennan | The mail-in balloting system for Anchorage’s municipal election was supposed to do good things for the body politic, but so far it seems more like hemorrhoids. There are still two days to get ballots into the mail — and a get-out-the vote campaign is going full steam ahead — but the […]

Brennan: New look at Knik Crossing

By Tom Brennan | This week’s goat-rope on the Glenn Highway has already got people thinking about the old Knik Arm Crossing once again. Having only one way in and one way out of Anchorage can be a real nuisance when some truck driver miscalculates his vehicle height and smashes into a bridge. Rep. Dan […]

Brennan: Pay PFDs to the Fairbanks Four

By Tom Brennan | The Alaska Legislature should bite the bullet and pass legislation that would allow the Fairbanks Four to apply for the Permanent Fund dividends they missed while spending 18 years in prison on questionable charges. The four men — Marvin Roberts, George Freese, Kevin Pease and Eugene Vent — were released in […]

Brennan: Good luck in picking candidates

By Tom Brennan | I’ll be doing a lot of coin-flipping when deciding who to vote for in the election this week. Most of the ballot will be something of a mystery, starting with the question of whether to sell ML&P to Chugach Electric and including choosing between the various candidates for public office. The […]

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