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Brennan: Newsrooms tackle major change

By Tom Brennan | The news business is going through a scary time and it’s unclear how that is going to end. The problem seems essentially that online gabfest sources and changing public interests have caused a switch from local media sources with reliable reporting and editing to unfocused entertainment outlets with no overriding drive […]

Brennan: Could common sense work?

By Tom Brennan | Online publisher and radio personality Brad Keithley raises the question of whether Alaska’s economy is improving or just getting worse more slowly. The answer, of course, is yes. The economy is improving, at least in comparison to its recent depths, but the boom days of peak oil are gone for good. […]

Brennan: AWA tackling Mud Lake problem

By Tom Brennan | My old friends at the Alaska Waterfowl Association are looking at ways to resolve the littering problem at Mud Lake off Maud Road near Butte. The junk and trash matter has become so critical that a key landowner, Eklutna Inc., has closed off access to a popular boat launch on the […]

Brennan: Nice people in public sector

By Tom Brennan | Let us say a few kind words about a group of people who are not always appreciated — government employees. There are, of course, many of them in government at all levels. And they vary in personalities, from grumpy to downright friendly. But I have consistently found that those who deal […]

Brennan: California incites division

By Tom Brennan | If California somehow manages to divide itself into three states, some small-population states like Alaska may consider seceding. It’s an unlikely scenario, for sure, but a California billionaire is pushing hard for it and a measure to carve up the state will be on the California election ballot this November. The […]

Iditarod gets bad rap

By Tom Brennan | The Iditarod could use a few friends. It has many, but The Last Great Race has taken a few hits lately. The latest blow came from Brown Forman, makers of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, which dropped its long-time sponsorship saying it was changing its advertising focus and would give its money to […]

Brennan: Let employees downsize government

By Tom Brennan If neither the Legislature nor Gov. Bill Walker can bring themselves to cut the budget enough, let’s impose a hiring freeze on state jobs. We may want to exempt law enforcement and health-related positions, but all other jobs should be frozen and kept frozen until attrition shrinks state hiring rolls and programs […]

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