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Brennan: Hang onto your hat

By Tom Brennan | The world is eyeing Alaska’s Permanent Fund dividend program. Though the observers are heaping praise on the program, the attention should be enough to make us all nervous.First we had Mark Zuckerberg, one of the two founders of Facebook, who came to Alaska early this summer and spent four days around […]

Brennan: A historic voyage

By Tom Brennan | Long before global warming began to open the Arctic Ocean for shipping, the tanker Manhattan made a historic voyage from the Delaware River through the Northwest Passage to Prudhoe Bay. That was in August 1969 when Humble Oil was still hoping to avoid building the trans-Alaska pipeline. If the Arctic route […]

Brennan: A day to honor highway workers

By Tom Brennan | When you are making plans for celebrations this fall you might want to hoist a glass on Wednesday, Oct. 25, to the memory of those who built the Alaska Highway, to those who completed Alaska’s long-awaited land link 75 years ago. Prior to that intensive World War II, effort Alaska was […]

Brennan: Encounters with racism

By Tom Brennan | My first encounter with racism was quite jarring. I knew such things existed but was not prepared. I grew up in Massachusetts in a community outside Fort Devens, a mid-size Army facility, and my dad was a civilian executive at the Quartermaster Corps. Many of my friends were from families that […]

Brennan: Journey of a lifetime

By Tom Brennan Fifty years ago today my wife and I were nearing the end of the journey of a lifetime. We were in Montana and headed north toward the southern end of the Alaska Highway. We had left Massachusetts on July 5, driven south to visit my folks in Hampton, Virginia, and then taken […]

Brennan: Drill ANWR to protect the caribou

By Tom Brennan | Since this is the 40th anniversary year of the Trans Alaska Pipeline startup and the 50th year of the oil well that made the Prudhoe Bay discovery, those who were involved are being urged to record their memories. I worked at ARCO from 1969-1980 and at Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. in […]

Brennan: A bird in the hand

By Tom Brennan News that ExxonMobil might send its Point Thomson gas to Prudhoe Bay seems a very positive development. It could mean bad news for a gas pipeline in the near term, but that project seems a long-shot possibility for the time being. And Alaska could use some near-term good news right now. Redirecting […]

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