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Brennan: Alaska’s best hope for future

By Tom Brennan So where does Alaska go from here? With Shell bailing out of the Arctic, oil prices and oil pipeline throughput low and unlikely to increase, how does Alaska build a future for itself? The best hope, obviously, is for a gas pipeline. If that could somehow become a reality the construction jobs […]

Brennan: Oil boom nears end

By Tom Brennan Alaska is fast approaching the end of an era, the great oil boom of the late 20th century and early 21st century. This state surely has a lot of good years ahead of it, but the time of the oil boom now seems to be behind us. Alaska’s future could be in […]

Brennan: Rich Gawrys helped Dr. Linehan

By Tom Brennan It’s such a shock to hear that a friend is dead, especially one you have known for many years. And when you hear he died months ago, that somehow makes it worse. “Hi,” the woman’s voice said, “this is Kelli, Rich Gawrys’ widow.” “His widow?” I gasped. “What happened to Rich?” It […]

Brennan: Dealing with $3.5 billion deficit

By Tom Brennan So how does the State of Alaska come up with enough revenue to survive what is looking more and more like a fiscal crisis? Obviously we tap the state’s savings accounts set aside for that purpose first. Then we reduce the size of government to something affordable, if there is such a […]

Brennan: When ducks won big

By Tom Brennan Unintended consequences are usually a bad outcome from good intentions, but that’s not always the way things work. This is the story of good intentions gone wrong and then gone very, very right. I’m reminded of the story because I just returned from my annual duck hunting trip with my son, grandson […]

Brennan: Let’s downsize government

By Tom Brennan | If Alaska is going to get through the difficult years ahead its government is going to have to do some serious downsizing. The last half-century has been a time of great abundance in the 49th state and we have built a government we can no longer afford. Many people in high […]

Brennan: Fresh face in conservation fight

By Tom Brennan | It’s about time we had an organization like the Alaska Conservation Trust, a non-profit dedicated to sensible and careful resource extraction. For reasons unknown, the resource industry and its supporters allowed environmental extremists to seize what appeared to be the high ground long ago. The result has been a constant battle […]

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