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Brennan: We need longer sessions

By Tom Brennan My old colleague Bill Tobin will be spinning in his urn if he sees me say it, but I think it is time to go to a 120-day legislative session. A 90-day session is just a little too short. The hope of the shorter sessions is that they will result in a […]

Brennan: Walker wags the dog

By Tom Brennan Gov. Bill Walker is absolutely convinced that a tail can wag a dog. He has always been like that. Walker is convinced that the state of Alaska can dictate to the North Slope producers what the terms of a gas pipeline will be. It doesn’t matter that the producers and their backers […]

Brennan: Let’s dump daylight saving

By Tom Brennan A few years ago somebody said the best reason to switch to daylight saving time is that it helps people who don’t fly understand what jet lag is. That’s not a bad description and it illustrates how little sense the daylight saving system really makes these days. If Alaska exempts itself from […]

Brennan: A film subsidy program secret

By Tom Brennan The state’s film subsidy program will almost certainly get the ax, or a deep cut, in this time of belt-tightening and that’s probably the way things should be. But even many of the program’s most ardent supporters never really understood the most important reason for spending state money on it. The state […]

Brennan: Conservatives wonder as Palin blithers

By Tom Brennan Sarah Palin tried to throw her slipper into the national political arena again the other day, but it didn’t go well. First, she told a reporter in an interview that she would be interested in running for president in 2016, and then she was giving a speech to conservatives in Iowa when […]

Brennan: Obama claims crisis passed

By Tom Brennan When President Barack Obama claimed that “the shadow of the crisis has passed” the other night, it reminded me very much of that big aircraft carrier sign behind President George W. Bush, which read, “Mission Accomplished.” Bush was standing on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln after the first major combat […]

Brennan: Two babes in big woods

By Tom Brennan Since my wife and I arrived in Anchorage just as the discovery well was being drilled at Prudhoe Bay – and we have lived here through one of the most fascinating periods in Alaska history – several readers have asked for more about our personal history. After being welcomed by a customs […]

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