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Brennan: Where brilliance strikes

By Tom Brennan Art Hackney’s billings for $200-an-hour meetings with Gov. Bill Walker and others may not be as exciting as they sound. Hackney is a political consultant hired by Walker to help push his budget plan. The details of his billing sheets made headlines in the last 10 days or so in articles about […]

Brennan: Alaska State Troopers anniversary

By Tom Brennan Now that the Anchorage Centennial is out of the way, it’s time to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Alaska State Troopers. That fine organization got its start in 1941 when the Territorial Legislature established the Alaska Highway Patrol. The Patrol’s initial assignment was enforcing the traffic code throughout the vast expanse […]

Brennan: Let’s tackle energy project

By Tom Brennan Back in my newspapering days, a young woman once told me: “I only drink when I’m alone or with somebody.” She was only kidding, but recalling her words brings to mind the approach the United States needs to take in resolving the all-important problem of worldwide air and water degradation from use […]

Brennan: Cozy cellmate issue

By Tom Brennan Let’s hope the Legislature doesn’t spend too much time debating whether married couples should be able to share a cell if both are inmates serving time in the same Alaska prison. It seems a weird question to be on the public agenda, but at the moment that seems to be where the […]

Brennan: Year of great testing

By Tom Brennan | This will be a year of great testing for Alaska’s political leaders. If this state is going to dig its way out of the financial hole in which it finds itself, some incredibly important legislation must be passed and made law, legislation that will be unpalatable to many voters. And that […]

Brennan: A lovely white elephant

By Tom Brennan The Legislature never should have authorized that monument to itself in Downtown Anchorage, but walking away from the deal could be a worse idea than the building itself. Some good people were involved in negotiating the lease on the Legislative Information Office, as it is called. And the negotiations were carried out […]

Brennan: Protecting ANWR caribou

By Tom Brennan If you are undecided about allowing drilling on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind. For one, it doesn’t look anything like the photos used to publicize the issue. Those are all taken either in the Brooks Range […]

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