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Brennan: Wally would order trucks to roll

By Tom Brennan If Walter Hickel were governor today and faced the problem of federal idiocy on the King Cove road issue, Wally would have ordered state equipment to roll. That’s what he did in 1968 after the discovery of oil at Prudhoe Bay. The State of Alaska wanted surface access to the North Slope […]

Brennan: Moving city election might be worse

By Tom Brennan I’m not sure moving the municipal elections from spring to fall would accomplish anything. It could even make things worse. The problem with spring elections, when voters decide only on Assembly and School Board candidates and ballot measures, is that turnout averages only 28 percent or so of the electorate. On Tuesday, […]

Brennan: Plenty of guilt to go around

By Tom Brennan I’ve been biting my lip throughout the Exxon Valdez 25th anniversary season and should probably just keep on chewing, but there are a few things worth mentioning just for the record. First, a mea culpa. I was media relations director for Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. at the time of the oil spill […]

Brennan: Official state hat should be tinfoil

By Tom Brennan You have to wonder about this state’s priorities when its House of Representatives votes to defund a program encouraging medical practice for underserved and rural populations but continues to throw many millions at the Knik Arm Crossing and Watana Dam. Such decisions are usually made by people wearing tinfoil hats. The program […]

Brennan: Joe McGinniss loved Alaska

By Tom Brennan I lost a good friend this week when Joe McGinniss passed away in my old hometown, Worcester, Mass. That’s where I first met Joe back in 1964 when he was finishing up his studies at Holy Cross and joined the news staff at The Worcester Telegram, where I was then a reporter. […]

Brennan: Decide who you can trust on oil taxes

By Tom Brennan You can be forgiven if you’re thinking the debate over repeal of the SB21 oil tax law is starting to look like a game of liar’s poker. But the BS is coming largely from one side – those who want to repeal SB21 and either go back to the old Alaska’s Clear […]

Brennan: This foxhole is taken

By Tom Brennan Who are those rascals, anyhow? First, the liberals decide they have worn out that appellation – the word ‘liberal’ is now often used as an epithet – so they want to be known as ‘progressives.’ Then we have the environmentalists who now feel their old name is too often considered a bad […]

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