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Brennan: Greens run ANWR scam

By Tom Brennan | The environmental activists are doing a snowjob on the American public in their battle against opening the ANWR coastal plain to oil drilling. Their latest gambit was distribution of an article by former Interior Secretary Sally Jewell damning the drilling idea and accompanied by a beautiful photograph of a large caribou […]

Brennan: My hard lesson in China

By Tom Brennan | Gov. Bill Walker hit the jackpot when he took a group of Alaska businesspeople to China recently. He didn’t get the big prize he was hoping for, getting China to build and pay for a gas pipeline, but the other business deals along the way made the trip a worthwhile venture. […]

Brennan: Blue-ticketing bad guys

By Tom Brennan | Nostalgia can sometimes lead to politically incorrect thoughts, like the notion of bringing back the old Alaska blue-ticketing system for dealing with miscreants. It would never pass legal muster these days but back in early territorial times the law-abiding people of Alaska found a unique way to deal with the bad […]

Brennan: Sea otters are trouble-makers

By Tom Brennan | Those pesky sea otters are causing trouble again. First they drew the Russians here in 1732, then the Americans in 1867 and now the little rascals are driving shellfish harvesters crazy in Southeast Alaska. If they weren’t so cute — they hold hands while they are sleeping — and their fur […]

Brennan: Don’t worry about ANWR caribou

By Tom Brennan | Canada is generally a good neighbor but sometimes behaves more like a ditzy uncle. Take its years-long opposition to opening the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil development. Canada long ago sided with the environmentalists and has ignored Alaska’s 50-year experience with the energy industry on its […]

Brennan: Forget about voter turnout

By Tom Brennan To heck with boosting voter turnout. Hounding people to vote just encourages people to decide on candidates and issues that many of them know little-to-nothing about. Let those who know enough about the candidates and issues to make them want to vote do so. At election time, the best thing for the […]

Brennan: Bears are our heritage

By Tom Brennan | Help save a bear’s life. Keep it out of your garbage. To many Alaskans, living near bears is a great privilege, a reminder that we are on the edge of a vast wilderness, the kind of wild country that’s come to symbolize life in the Far North. There are many communities, […]

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