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Brennan: It’s our 15 percent

By Tom Brennan “It’s Our Oil! – at least 15 percent or so. The rest is ‘owned’ by the oil companies under terms of the leases we issued them.” It isn’t much of a chant, I know, and as for putting it on a lawn sign – forget about that. It would cover your lawn […]

Brennan: Legal pot separates hard drugs

By Tom Brennan Colorado residents have noticed one important result of legalization of marijuana, a step their state took at the beginning of the year. Pot users, most importantly young adults, can now buy marijuana from dealers who are not also selling –and often pushing — cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and other drugs. Legalization doesn’t exactly […]

Brennan: Suicide Basin may flood Juneau

By Tom Brennan This just in: climate change is causing everything from dangerous volcanic eruptions to chronic flatulence. Really. The latest disruption of civilization was described the other day in an Anchorage Daily News article about the very real threat to Juneau’s heavily populated Mendenhall Valley from water dammed up in the ominously named Suicide […]

Brennan: Obama is no Jefferson

By Tom Brennan Our President sometimes behaves like a jerk. He is certainly entitled to challenge Congress over the sweep of his presidential powers, but he looks like an arrogant schoolyard bully when he says, “So sue me.” His usurpation of authority and assuming the regal bearing of some kind of smart-ass monarch are inappropriate […]

Brennan: Put them in jail and let them wait

By Tom Brennan The Veterans Administration scandal and the Internal Revenue Service’s illegal destruction of records could be the most egregious bureaucratic corruption in modern American history. At the VA, employees were altering records to make it appear that ailing veterans were experiencing only brief waiting periods before being treated. In fact many of those […]

Brennan: We let the dogs out in Iraq

By Tom Brennan Watching Iraq come apart at the seams, it’s difficult not to wish that President George W. Bush had taken the Clinton approach to problems in the Middle East and just blown up a few tents. Three Iraqi factions are fighting for pieces of the country and Iran has sent troops to back […]

Brennan: Obama did his work too well

By Tom Brennan Has the United States finally knocked itself off the podium as the world’s last remaining superpower? It sure looks that way. President Barack Obama isn’t the only national leader who has moved us in that direction, but when he assumed office it required only a short putt to take us the rest […]

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