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Brennan: Reality drives pet shopper online

By Tom Brennan | Online sales and marketing are changing the world in wondrous new ways. I have tried to resist, but reality has made my little rebellion futile. The closing of the once-dominant Nordstrom store in Anchorage brought the issue to mind, but I never was a Nordstrom shopper. My own experience is more […]

Brennan: Arctic needs heavy icebreakers

By Tom Brennan | President Donald Trump and U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan should put the hammer down on the Coast Guard for the foolish decision to keep its heavy icebreakers away from the Arctic. For reasons known only to bureaucrats, the Coast Guard insists on assigning its heavy icebreakers to the Antarctic, far from United […]

​​​​​Brennan: Kids will be super-informed

​​​By Tom Brennan | Two events this week brought home to me the strong likelihood that children born today will be vastly better informed than we are. The two were this year’s Stanley Cup finals and the National Spelling Bee. Years ago I was on the public relations staff at Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. when […]

Brennan: Forget about raising oil taxes

By Tom Brennan | Here is an important message for Sen. Bill Wielechowski and any other citizens who think Alaska should raise oil taxes to deal with the state’s fiscal crisis: Forget About It. We would be stealing from our children, our grandchildren and all those who come after us. Alaska made deals with the oil industry […]

Brennan: KIC-1 was a strat test

By Tom Brennan | The New York Times reporters writing the story of the KIC-1 well drilled in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in 1986 thought it was an excess of caution for the drillers to haul everything away, “even the rock cuttings.” Actually, the well drilled by several major oil companies that year was […]

Brennan: Dunleavy takes on tough task

By Tom Brennan Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s proposed budget is making many people nervous, and well it should. If enacted as proposed, a very large portion of our state government would need to be reconfigured and downsized. While it’s perhaps unlikely that the budget will be adopted whole, we should acknowledge that Dunleavy seems to have […]

Brennan: Doing less with less

By Tom Brennan | Gov. Mike Dunleavy has a challenging task ahead of him in trying to right-size Alaska’s state government. He has already stated that we have more government than we can afford and he plans to tackle the problem. The work of governing and providing appropriate government support is carried out by the […]

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