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Brennan: State road-building priorities are wrong

By Tom Brennan Believe it or not, there is no line of cars with honking horns waiting for the Knik Arm Crossing to be built. You might think drivers were clamoring for the project based on the priority given by our state leaders to the billion-dollar crossing and the more than $130 million in state […]

Brennan: There is no database of deranged

By Tom Brennan National gun control advocates are saying we need background checks to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally deranged. I agree with the idea, absolutely, but there is a problem. Let’s say I own a sporting goods store and want to check on a prospective buyer before selling him a […]

Brennan: Forget about those dams

By Tom Brennan It’s time to get off this political correctness bandwagon and stop doing stupid things in the name of environmental stewardship. We cannot allow a 370-foot-high dam to be built on the Talkeetna River about 20 miles upriver from the village of Talkeetna and a 700-foot dam on the Susitna River 90 miles […]

Brennan: When good news seems bad

By Tom Brennan Silly me. I thought our sea-ice glass was half full; turns out it’s half empty. It’s amazing how some scientists and academics can take the same information and see it as bad news when some might think it was good news. Not great news, but good nonetheless. And guess who plays their […]

Brennan: Party-hopping deal looks sleazy

By Tom Brennan The Ken Jacobus/Steve Strait argument for undoing the Walker/Mallott opportunist ticket sure has the ring of truth. I’m no lawyer, which should be obvious, but having Byron Mallott, Hollis French and Craig Fleener walk away from their primary election nominations to help a jerry-built Walker/Mallott independent team win in November seems unfaithful […]

Brennan: Ice pack gains a million miles

By Tom Brennan Al Gore must be disappointed. When he accepted his Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 – awarded for fear-mongering on global warming – he said the Arctic Ocean could be ice-free by 2014. But the Arctic icepack has been increasing for the last two years and has grown by more than 1 million […]

Brennan: Alaska pot use second in nation

By Tom Brennan If Alaska’s pot users remember to go to the polls on Nov. 4, this state could be the next – or one of the next – to legalize recreational use of marijuana. Everybody will be voting, but young people especially could be drawn to the voting booth in large numbers since legalization […]

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