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Brennan: Walker’s pipeline scheme

By Tom Brennan | Having the state take over ownership of the gas pipeline project would be a terrible idea. The last thing in the world such a project needs is government ownership and direction. One very likely outcome of having the state take such a role would be to discourage involvement by the North […]

Brennan: Union firestorm looms

By Tom Brennan Alyeska Pipeline Service Company’s change in oil-spill contractors for Prince William Sound comes at a bad time. Alyeska is ending its long-time contract with union maritime company Crowley Marine of Florida and signing up with nonunion company Edison Chouest based in Louisiana. The contract is for oil spill response and tanker escort […]

Brennan: Good days ahead

By Tom Brennan | Alaska’s glory days as an oil-boom state may be over but, as we like to say at my house, the good old days are just ahead. Many members of the public are wondering whether they should bail out and put their houses up for sale or just pull the covers over […]

Brennan: Reporter helped nab Avery

By Tom Brennan Investigative reporting is still alive and its sometimes long arm helped put Mark Avery in the slammer. Avery, a one-time state and municipal prosecutor in Alaska, was sentenced this week to 13 years and four months in prison for a long list of crimes, including looting an elderly widow’s trust fund of […]

Brennan: Squirrel wrestling match

By Tom Brennan These are what you might call interesting times. Our state leaders are flailing away in Juneau trying to cobble together a state budget supported by revenue sources that hopefully won’t destroy our economy. A legislative session is always an unsettling time in Alaska, but this year the stakes are especially high. The […]

Brennan: Beaufort promise still high

By Tom Brennan Several major oil companies are throwing in the towel on Chukchi Sea exploration and many observers are reading that as giving up on the Alaskan Arctic. But hold the phone, folks. For those who are geographically challenged, the Chukchi is that big body of water off Alaska’s Northwest Coast. Industry did invest […]

Brennan: Windmill eagle limit hiked

By Tom Brennan Sometimes the hypocrisy of the federal government gets downright unbearable. For example: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to raise the limit on bald eagles killed by wind farms to 4,200 per year but keep the limit on Alaska Natives killed while being medevacked out of King Cove (or sickened while […]

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