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Brennan: Federal prosecutors robbed Alaska

By Tom Brennan The greatest theft in Alaska history was the blatant robbery of Ted Stevens’ reputation by a federal task force working with its star witness in a so-called political corruption case. Perpetrators were the prosecutors in the Alaska investigation and the trials that followed. Their star witness was Bill Allen, former chairman of […]

Brennan: Years ahead may be OK

By Tom Brennan We live, as they say, in interesting times. That is supposedly an ancient Chinese curse, though Wikipedia says it never was. And the scary times we face may not be as bad as they appear to be right now, either. Alaska appears to be facing a disastrous worldwide glut of oil and […]

Brennan: Kindness breaks through autistic’s barriers

By Tom Brennan My grandson Tommy got sent to the principal’s office. Such words would strike terror in the hearts of most boys, as it did me in my grammar school years. (Girls didn’t get such scary orders in those days but in this time of equality between the sexes, girls might act up too […]

Brennan: That hole in the bucket

By Tom Brennan If Bill Walker serves as Alaska’s governor for the next four years – as it appears he will – there will almost certainly be days when he wonders why he wanted the job in the first place. Every governor has difficult days, and such thoughts may occur to all of them, but […]

Brennan: Pot law means step backward for police

By Tom Brennan The bad news is that the pot measure passed and the legalization process will now begin. It would have been far better to use Colorado and Washington as our lab rats and spend a couple of years watching how those two states coped with their newly legalized marijuana industry. The good news […]

Brennan: Never forget 2008 election

By Tom Brennan The election is almost over – at least the television advertising part of it – and, thank goodness, we can now get back to our normal schedule of erectile dysfunction medicine ads. For some reason, campaign ads seem to have taken a much nastier turn than in years past. That has made […]

Brennan: Don Young a great Alaska character

By Tom Brennan Don Young is one of Alaska’s great characters and has served this state well during his long career in the U.S. House of Representatives. If he is willing to continue as Alaska’s lone member of the House, by all means let’s vote for him and send him back as many times as […]

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