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Brennan: A chore for Donald Trump

By Tom Brennan The scientific community is doing itself and the public a great disservice by encouraging the belief that global warming is entirely the result of human-generated greenhouse gases. Planet Earth’s climate has never been stable for any extended period. It has been fluctuating since time began, with at least five ice ages and […]

Brennan: Trump will want to succeed

By Tom Brennan OK people, the election’s over. Settle down. While the media hyperventilate about the names mentioned for top jobs in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration, this would be a good time for the rest of us to pick up our lives where they left off a year or so ago. Trump has obvious flaws […]

Brennan: Brave new world

O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, That has such people in’t. — William Shakespeare, The Tempest By Tom Brennan America and Alaska are on the doorstep of a brave new world, one filled with great potential and considerable risk. To grasp its reality you have […]

Brennan: Frankly, my dear

By Tom Brennan Forgive me, friends. I know I should worry about what will become of the Supreme Court if Hillary Clinton is elected president. But after wallowing through the national campaign for the last year, my feelings are much like those of Rhett Butler when Scarlett O’Hara asked him in the Civil War movie […]

Brennan: Drive the rascals out

By Tom Brennan The bureaucratic cretins who made the decision to claw back military enlistment and reenlistment signing bonuses from veterans should be tracked down and drummed out of government service. Going after veterans for money mistakenly paid to thousands who signed up to serve years wearing the nation’s military uniform was wretched and intolerable […]

Brennan: America’s standing among nations

By Tom Brennan Will next month’s national election be the end of American civic life as we know it? Well, yeah. Kinda. If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency we might face four years of fairly continuous exposure to the seamy side of Washington politics. If there aren’t too many more nasty revelations about her or […]

Brennan: Don’t ask; don’t tell

By Tom Brennan Anybody care to bet whether people will be wearing those “I Voted Today” stickers on Election Day? They may vote but my guess is that millions of people will be exiting their polling places looking more like they were coming out of a dirty movie. And that goes pretty much no matter […]

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