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Brennan: There’s always something

By Tom Brennan These seem like scary times and perhaps they are, but only for those with short memories. Keep in mind those immortal words uttered by many grandmothers, “there’s always something.” The prospect of a Donald Trump in the White House, or more likely four more years of liberal domination with Hillary Clinton in […]

Brennan: Leave White House vacant

By Tom Brennan This is one of those years when you start to ask whether we really have to have a president. Rather than choose between the two major candidates currently before us, might not the nation do better by leaving the job vacant for an election cycle? There would be some obvious disadvantages, notably […]

Brennan: Seniors meet life head on

By Tom Brennan If you are over 50 and need some inspiration, drop by the Anchorage Senior Center. It’s filled with people who refuse to take getting old lying down. I started going there early last year mostly out of curiosity after my old friend Rebecca Parker became the organization’s general manager. Becky and I […]

Brennan: State-owned gas line could work

By Tom Brennan Having the state of Alaska build the gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Nikiski is a scary thought, but it might be the only way to go. And it could work. With the obvious exception of Gov. Bill Walker, most people would much rather see the line built by the private sector […]

Brennan: Columnist misremembered

By Tom Brennan I stand corrected. The dividend checks were indeed part of Jay Hammond’s original idea for the Alaska Permanent Fund. My recollection was that the dividends were an afterthought, but Tim Bradner, Brad Keithley and Hammond himself convinced me that I misremembered. Hammond passed away in 2005 but Keithley directed me to a […]

Brennan: A ‘bloodbath’ overblown

By Tom Brennan Did you read about the massacre of incumbents tossed out of legislative office last week? Headline and story suggested people were furious about inaction by state leaders on critical issues and took revenge at the polls. Actually, what happened was no big deal. Seven incumbents in a 60-seat Legislature lost their elections. […]

Brennan: Les Gara can’t be all bad

By Tom Brennan In years past when I didn’t like any of the candidates for public office I always wrote in the name of my dog, Clyde. But Clyde passed away last spring and her surviving friend Bonnie is only 2 years old, much too young to serve in public office. Bonnie is a goldendoodle […]

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