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Brennan: That incredible night sky

By Tom Brennan | It’s that time of year when the nights grow longer and city-dwellers grit their teeth when the weather forecasters talk about the beautiful Northern Lights. People in rural areas and even those in some fringe portions of our cities often get great views of those celestial light displays but city-dwellers like […]

Brennan: Keep your fingers crossed

By Tom Brennan | Alaska has reached a crossroads in its economic development and there is no clear direction on which path to take. Our state government and its various programs are too expensive to fund with our current revenue sources. And some of the options being proposed, like increasing oil taxes, would most likely […]

Brennan: Passing the torch in Alaska

By Tom Brennan | BP’s looming departure from Alaska marks the end of a very exciting era in this state — and perhaps the beginning of a new one. My wife and I arrived in Alaska in August 1967 when Richfield Oil was drilling what became its Prudhoe Bay discovery well. That December a small item […]

Brennan: State income tax coming soon

By Tom Brennan | The sale of BP’s Alaska properties to Hilcorp. could bring the state personal income tax back to Alaska. Though nobody in their right mind wants to bring the income tax back, it could be the best long-term solution to solving this state’s fiscal problems.  And it could end the most unfair way […]

Brennan: Big things in the works

By Tom Brennan | There are a lot of good reasons for believing the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge contains a lot of oil.  One of the best is that the man in charge of the only exploratory well drilled there led the fight to open ANWR for many years. Roger Herrera […]

Brennan: Scaring rabbits in the woods

By Tom Brennan | The last time I agreed with editorial writers at The New York Times I was still looking forward to puberty. It has been awhile. The Times is a great newspaper, but the credit goes to its reporters and not to the opinion drafters. They lean way too left for me. What I […]

Brennan: Reality drives pet shopper online

By Tom Brennan | Online sales and marketing are changing the world in wondrous new ways. I have tried to resist, but reality has made my little rebellion futile. The closing of the once-dominant Nordstrom store in Anchorage brought the issue to mind, but I never was a Nordstrom shopper. My own experience is more […]

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