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Brennan: America’s standing among nations

By Tom Brennan Will next month’s national election be the end of American civic life as we know it? Well, yeah. Kinda. If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency we might face four years of fairly continuous exposure to the seamy side of Washington politics. If there aren’t too many more nasty revelations about her or […]

Brennan: Don’t ask; don’t tell

By Tom Brennan Anybody care to bet whether people will be wearing those “I Voted Today” stickers on Election Day? They may vote but my guess is that millions of people will be exiting their polling places looking more like they were coming out of a dirty movie. And that goes pretty much no matter […]

Brennan: Good news for a change

By Tom Brennan Things seem to be looking up for Alaska. It may be, as the fella says, we’ve been down so long it looks like up to us. But I don’t think so. First and perhaps foremost is the announcement by Caelus Energy that its discovery at Smith Bay off the North Slope coast […]

Brennan: Let’s draft our presidents

By Tom Brennan It’s becoming increasingly obvious that any admirable person who aspires to the presidency can’t get elected. So perhaps it’s time to institute a draft. Limiting our choice of candidates to those who want the job seems like a sure way to get either a crackpot president or one with suspicious motives. And […]

Brennan: There’s always something

By Tom Brennan These seem like scary times and perhaps they are, but only for those with short memories. Keep in mind those immortal words uttered by many grandmothers, “there’s always something.” The prospect of a Donald Trump in the White House, or more likely four more years of liberal domination with Hillary Clinton in […]

Brennan: Leave White House vacant

By Tom Brennan This is one of those years when you start to ask whether we really have to have a president. Rather than choose between the two major candidates currently before us, might not the nation do better by leaving the job vacant for an election cycle? There would be some obvious disadvantages, notably […]

Brennan: Seniors meet life head on

By Tom Brennan If you are over 50 and need some inspiration, drop by the Anchorage Senior Center. It’s filled with people who refuse to take getting old lying down. I started going there early last year mostly out of curiosity after my old friend Rebecca Parker became the organization’s general manager. Becky and I […]

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