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Brennan: Up creek, no paddle

By Tom Brennan Are you feeling too cheerful this morning, Bunky? Is that what’s troubling you? If so I suggest you get a copy of “The Last Alaskan Barrel – An Arctic Oil Bonanza That Never Was.” It may just convince you that Alaska is up Nasty Creek without a paddle. The Last Alaskan Barrel […]

Brennan: Let’s check Trump’s claims

By Tom Brennan Though Donald Trump may be a blowhard, Congress and the major news media should look into his allegation that Mexico is using the U.S. border as a dumping grounds for its worst elements. Trump’s claim has the painful ring of truth about it. The American immigration system is broken and desperately needs […]

Brennan: This time no disaster

By Tom Brennan This would be the perfect time for a gas pipeline to come along. It would bail Alaska out of what is looking more and more like an economic pickle. With Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson seemingly about to lose 2,600 soldiers – and the Anchorage area to lose 2,600 military families – the Alaska […]

Brennan: Climate needs Apollo project

By Tom Brennan It’s probably just a coincidence that news of the North Slope coastal erosion study and new worries about polar bear habitat broke during a predictable pre-holiday news vacuum. Yeah, right. Both of these problems are serious and deserve attention, but there is little that can be done about either one until mankind […]

Brennan: Infestation of goofiness

By Tom Brennan There must be a full moon. You can’t tell that very well by looking at the sky since this is the Midnight Sun time of year. But read the newspaper and there can be no mistake. The loony things that tend to occur when the moon is full are upon us. The […]

Brennan: Pope Francis gets it right

By Tom Brennan The pope has his vestments in a bunch over global warming — with considerable justification. I was preparing to deal with the issue in this week’s column when the full detail of His Holiness’ encyclical came out on Thursday. Wow! His concerns go far beyond worries about whether human activities are a […]

Brennan: Wally’s ‘Owner State’

By Tom Brennan When Wally Hickel talked about Alaska as “the owner state,” I always assumed he meant that was a good thing. Now I’m not so sure. Wally was a successful businessman who served two terms as governor and was secretary of the Interior under President Richard M. Nixon. He was also one of […]

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