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Brennan: Ice pack gains a million miles

By Tom Brennan Al Gore must be disappointed. When he accepted his Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 – awarded for fear-mongering on global warming – he said the Arctic Ocean could be ice-free by 2014. But the Arctic icepack has been increasing for the last two years and has grown by more than 1 million […]

Brennan: Alaska pot use second in nation

By Tom Brennan If Alaska’s pot users remember to go to the polls on Nov. 4, this state could be the next – or one of the next – to legalize recreational use of marijuana. Everybody will be voting, but young people especially could be drawn to the voting booth in large numbers since legalization […]

Brennan: Voters made good business decision

By Tom Brennan Somehow Alaska seems to have faced one of the occasional great tests of a representative democracy – making a good business decision – and muddled its way through to a good one. Though I’m not an economist, I do have experience with both small business (my own) and big business (the oil […]

Brennan: Watch for confused voters on Tuesday

By Tom Brennan I’m taking bets on how many people come out of the voting booth on Tuesday wondering what and who they just voted for. Those with the most wonder in their eyes may be the Republicans since some will be hoping they got their Dan Sullivans straight. There are two in the election, […]

Brennan: Gravy train could hit end of line

By Tom Brennan The primary election coming a week from Tuesday could be the most consequential in Alaska history, second only to the decision in territorial days to press ahead for statehood. Oh, if the oil tax reform law is repealed the oil companies will stick around and try to maximize the benefit of their […]

Brennan: White elephants come out of nowhere

By Tom Brennan I don’t understand what gives white elephants so much momentum. They get many millions of dollars in scarce funding when the state is short-funding education, road maintenance, the ferry system and a lot more. Projects such as the Knik Arm Crossing don’t belong on any agenda – at least for the next […]

Brennan: It’s our 15 percent

By Tom Brennan “It’s Our Oil! – at least 15 percent or so. The rest is ‘owned’ by the oil companies under terms of the leases we issued them.” It isn’t much of a chant, I know, and as for putting it on a lawn sign – forget about that. It would cover your lawn […]

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