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Brennan: Down with political correctness

By Tom Brennan Phooey on political correctness. It results in some very questionable decisions. The latest on the national scene is the renaming of Calhoun College, a branch of Yale University. Calhoun College, previously named for former Vice President, Senator and Secretary of State John C. Calhoun, will henceforth be known as Hopper College. That […]

Brennan: State government workforce shrinks

By Tom Brennan The state government workforce actually is shrinking. Katie Marquette, the governor’s press secretary, says that the number of state employees has declined by about 2,500 in the last two years (from about 18,000) and is expected to drop another 400 this year. There was talk last year of a hiring freeze but […]

Brennan: Keep your fingers crossed

By Tom Brennan This is an odd-numbered year, so no state election, and perhaps the best opportunity we’ll have in this decade to straighten out Alaska’s scary public finances. But the positioning by key players so far is unpromising. Perhaps it’s too early for them to be showing their most important cards, but you would […]

Brennan: Rare words on climate change

By Tom Brennan | Saw something rare the other day. A major news media outlet, Reuters, acknowledged that climate change might not be entirely caused by human activities. The words used were that scientific research indicates carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels “contributes to” global warming. Well, I’ll be. Almost everything you read these […]

Brennan: A five-year hiring freeze

By Tom Brennan If Alaska is going to get serious about reducing the cost of state government it should impose a hiring freeze and employee travel limitation for at least five years for all departments except Alaska State Troopers. When state employees quit, get fired or retire, their positions should be eliminated and their workloads […]

Brennan: Let’s fix flawed laws

By Tom Brennan On the national scene the obvious top priority will be fixing or replacing that deeply flawed piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act (popularly known as Obamacare). The act, passed in 2010, was President Barack Obama’s signature achievement (at least that’s what he and the liberals think) and it brought millions of […]

Brennan: Obama throws bombs from exit door

By Tom Brennan President Barack Obama and his team are throwing a lot of bombs as they near the exit door of the White House. Their attack on common sense began months ago but the pace has become furious in the last few weeks and even worse in just the last few days. Among their […]

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