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Potatoes Gratin

By Scott Banks Planet Food Guy When I was cooking in tent camps, gratin potatoes arrived freeze dried in an oversized milk carton by a brand called Trio. They tasted pretty dang good when you realized that a ride to the nearest restaurant was a 150-mile helicopter flight. The saving grace of these potatoes was […]

The strange tale of a brownie thief

By Scott Banks Planet Food Guy I had a strange experience with brownies. On my first job, I was on the north side of the Brooks Range on a gravel Herc strip cooking for four petroleum geologists, a helicopter pilot and his mechanic. They were a kind and forgiving crew, considering I was 20 years […]

Super Bowl Food Frenzy

By Scott Banks Planet Food Guy Super Bowl Sunday is a day where you forget about cholesterol and start thinking about investing in Spandex and renewing your gym membership. I will not judge because I’m right there with you. Hate football? Anti-football people can eat this food while watching the Puppy Bowl or après Alaska […]

New Year’s resolutions

By Scott Banks Daily Planet Food Guy Before Christmas, everyone compiles Top 10 lists for 2013. After Christmas the list comes in as New Year’s resolutions. A few years ago, I took a moment to reflect and then I wrote a list of resolutions that looked like this: New Year’s Resolutions 1. 2. 3. 4. […]

Christmas breakfast: The gift of time

By Scott Banks Planet Food Guy Christmas is the time of excess, but one commodity we don’t have is an excess of time. The precious hours seem to melt away as we hustle for last-minute shopping, parties and shipping off the last Christmas cards. So, what to serve for breakfast on Christmas morning might not […]

Banks: Three new restaurants

By Scott Banks Planet Food Guy Three new restaurants have arrived on the Anchorage dining scene. Here’s a roundup of first impressions, but it’s too soon to be judge how good they will be. We have to give them some time to get their legs under them. I’m betting all three will do just fine. […]

Thanksgiving: Internet Style

Thanksgiving: Internet Style

By Scott Banks Planet Food Guy Thanksgiving is about decision-making at a time we don’t want to make decisions: what to cook, how to cook it and where to get the recipes? Balance those food decisions with other questions: who to invite and not invite, where to hold the celebration? Turkey or ham? I am […]

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