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Jenkins: The fake Whole Foods sign and an unlikely urban renewal guerrilla

By Paul Jenkins |   So, my cellphone rings and it’s a friend who asks whether I had read a story in the newspaper headlined “Someone trolled Anchorage with a sign announcing a Whole Foods store. But who? And why?” Sure, I told him, I read the story. Why? “It was me,” he replied. The sign […]

Jenkins: McAuliffe wrong; Americans do not want more gun control

By Paul Jenkins | For a frightening instant, it sounded as if Barack Obama, through some twisted stroke of cosmic freakiness, were back in the saddle, but it was only Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe making a fool of himself — and, in emblematic Democratic fashion, crassly refusing to let a crisis go to waste. It should […]

Jenkins: House recalcitrance at heart of budget compromise squabble

By Paul Jenkins | The theatrics in Juneau are entertaining, but a game of chicken is still a game of chicken and in the end the real question is: Who is going to be left holding the yucky end of the stick when the ongoing imbroglio over how best to close the state’s yawning $2.5 […]

Jenkins: Fiscal plan requires ‘art of the attainable’

By Paul Jenkins | Watching the fracas in Juneau over the benighted notion of an income tax, it is easy to see that many of our legislators, particularly those in the Democrat-led House coalition, do not embrace Prince Otto von Bismarck’s realpolitik views on how to get things done. “Politics is the art of the […]

Jenkins: Left has nothing on 5-year-old

By Paul Jenkins | The boos, catcalls and back-biting rudeness directed at Sen. Dan Sullivan during his recent Anchorage town hall meeting vividly illustrate the left’s attempt to silence Republicans and conservatives — and stall President Donald Trump’s agenda. Hundreds packed the Bartlett High School auditorium last weekend, ostensibly to hear Sullivan and exchange views. […]

Jenkins: Lawmakers reject Phoenix for being different

By Paul Jenkins | By any yardstick, the Alaska Legislature embarrassed itself and Alaska when it balked at confirming Gov. Bill Walker’s appointee to the Alaska Commission for Human Rights — not because the pick is a bad guy, but because he is pushy transgender guy. After hostile hearings earlier this month and mostly along […]


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