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Jenkins: Alaskans should be outraged at House failures

By Paul Jenkins | If it were not so pitiful, it would be hoot to just sit back and watch our august state House of Representatives stumble around, looking, for all the world, like a Three Stooges act as it tries to sort out who is in charge. A quarter of the way through the […]



Michael Ramirez is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner for editorial cartoons.

Jenkins: Enshrining Permanent Fund dividend in the constitution would make a bad idea even worse

By Paul Jenkins | If you can say anything for certain about many lawmakers, it is this: They never, ever give up pushing their ideas — no matter how lousy those ideas might be. Take, for instance, the notion of enshrining the Permanent Fund dividend — itself a particularly harebrained public policy decision dating back […]

Jenkins: Where is all that Ballot Measure 1 dough coming from?

By Paul Jenkins | Perhaps the most troubling bit of flotsam to wash up in the storm over Ballot Measure 1 is the claim that boatloads of dark money are being poured into the fray by its mostly green, Outside supporters, and the stunning lack of transparency. It serves as a reminder of the danger […]

Jenkins: Something stinks in District 15

By Paul Jenkins | Let’s see. What stinks? Alaska emerging from the ice in spring surely does. Or Limburger cheese. How about the mudflats on a hot day? There are, of course, various and sundry scatological possibilities that good taste and leery editors prevent me from itemizing. Oh, and then there are the results from […]

Jenkins: If it’s not the Russkies …

By Paul Jenkins | What is it with the left and elections? When it is not busy blaming the Russkies for its losses, it frantically is scrambling to engineer wins by hook or by crook — even here in the Frozen North. Take, for instance, its latest attempt to hammer out a bothersome deal to better […]

Jenkins: We have a process for resource projects; use it

By Paul Jenkins | Alaskans right about now should be demanding the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission yank the plug on the state’s proposed $45 billion liquefied natural gas project. The massive undertaking’s fate is pending before that panel, which could kill it by refusing to issue necessary authorizations. Alaskans should call for a halt in […]

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