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Michael Ramirez is a two-time American Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist.

Jenkins: Alaska LNG Project raises more questions, few answers

By PAUL JERKINS | While the governor tries to muscle North Slope producers into doing the Alaska LNG Project his way, or else — despite his having no natural gas, no money and a very jumpy Legislature — there are questions every Alaskan should ask. A starter: Who is going to help pay the as-much-as […]

The truth is unsurprising

President Barack Obama, in the wake of the latest horrific police shooting in Baton Rouge, La., chided cops to admit they have problems in how they go about their work. He should take a look at a recent study by a black Harvard economist. It found no racial bias in police shootings. Police, professor Roland […]

Jenkins: Get screened for colon cancer; just do it

By Paul Jenkins | Looking out my front window, it was hard to miss the guy perched on the tippy-top rungs of a very overextended, shaky ladder leaning against the upper reaches of the very tall house across the street. He busily was scrubbing a window while swaying to and fro, keeping perfect time with […]

Alaska taking lead on Alaska LNG Project another in long line of bad ideas

By Paul Jenkins | Here is another in a long, twisted line of bad ideas: Gov. Bill Walker thinks maybe Alaska should seize control of the massive Alaska LNG Project because its industry partners, hammered by lousy oil prices and a global gas glut, are taking a cautiously slow approach to the perhaps $65 billion […]

Jenkins: Ah, the scam

You have to love a silky smooth scam, an artful flimflam where the sucker buys in lock, stock and barrel and does not even know he has been had. It requires chutzpah, hubris and the ability to solemnly furrow a brow and keep a straight face. Gov. Bill Walker, it turns out, is a master […]

Jenkins: Feds’ watch lists endanger rights

By Paul Jenkins | It is beyond unfathomable that we live in what is supposed to be a free, constitutional republic, but government is allowed to secretly put citizens’ names on a secret, flawed terrorist watchlist for secret reasons never revealed. What made me think of that is the U.S. Senate’s rejection of knee-jerk gun-control […]

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