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Jenkins: Feds’ watch lists endanger rights

By Paul Jenkins | It is beyond unfathomable that we live in what is supposed to be a free, constitutional republic, but government is allowed to secretly put citizens’ names on a secret, flawed terrorist watchlist for secret reasons never revealed. What made me think of that is the U.S. Senate’s rejection of knee-jerk gun-control […]

Jenkins: City fattens coffers at your expense with shell game

By Paul Jenkins | On a slow day, it is entertaining to watch politicians scurrying to sniff out a way around or through the laws, regulations and wreckage left to them by their predecessors and blocking the path to greatness, and, of course, re-election or higher office. Usually it involves — surprise! — spending more […]

Jenkins: There are answers to Anchorage’s homeless problem; more government insanity is not among them

By Paul Jenkins | If the definition of insanity is doing the same things again and again and expecting different results, how best can this city’s approach to dealing with the homeless, drunks and drug addicts changing the face of Anchorage be described? Government has been laughably ineffectual in dealing with them. It succumbs to […]

Jenkins: American liberalism sacrifices fundamental rights to rigidity, intolerance

By Paul Jenkins | It always is entertaining, and a little unsettling at times, to watch liberal philosophy morph into something ugly, something so far to the political left as to be diametrically opposed to what it was only 50 short years ago and almost unrecognizable. That it is enveloped in intolerance and rigidity is no […]

Jenkins: Clinton vs. Trump? There is no real choice

By Paul Jenkins | Distracted and daydreaming about important stuff like fishing, and wondering where my socks went, the buzz of a focus group of women — angry women, from the sound of it — airing on television got my attention. Republican pollster and consultant Frank Luntz, looking slightly less disheveled than usual and with […]


Bob Gorrell is a nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist distributed by Creators Syndicate, Inc.

Jenkins: Obama’s easy control of the press dangerous for a free republic

By Paul Jenkins | A friend told me he was in a cab in a large East Coast city when he struck up a conversation with its driver, a Polish immigrant, and asked the guy about the differences between the two countries. The driver answered: “You get so much propaganda here. You get it all […]

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