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Jenkins: Gas line policy? Walker is either crazy like a fox or crazy as a loon

By Paul Jenkins So, there you are, Big Oil Inc. plugging away, spending hundreds of millions of dollars doing prep work for a long-awaited $65 billion liquefied natural gas project to monetize vast North Slope reserves. After fits and starts spanning decades, a gas line finally may make economic sense, you are thinking. It would […]

Jenkins: About time Murkowski takes the gloves off in dealing with Interior

By Paul Jenkins An angry Sen. Lisa Murkowski finally has Interior Secretary Sally Jewell’s attention — and all it took was a not-so-veiled threat to bite a chunk out of Jewell’s department budget. Murkowski has had a snootful of the Obama administration’s myopic energy policies and view of Alaska as a second-class colony with interests […]

Jenkins: Daylight saving in Alaska – Grab your tinfoil hats

By Paul Jenkins, ADN Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Note to self: Buy more stock in the Outhouse Rat Tin Foil Hat Co. because the wackadoodles will be breaking out of Bonkersville in short order. Lawmakers, it turns out, are thinking about exempting Alaska from daylight saving time. They might as well be deciding […]

Jenkins: The left, blind to its own fat cats, reviles Koch brothers to no avail

By Paul Jenkins What is it with liberals and the Koch brothers? Our “progressive” friends must spend an inordinate amount of time peeking beneath their beds each night to ensure those ol’ boogeymen are not hiding there. If you believe the left — and, really, who does? — the libertarian businessmen and philanthropists are devils […]

Low-hanging fruit

It begins. Kinda. Alaska’s budget problems are prompting lawmakers in Juneau, and Gov. Bill Walker, to begin chipping away at the thankless task of trimming the state’s spending to match its dwindling income. With a $3.5 billion deficit, stagnant oil production and plummeting prices, the first steps are, at best, tentative. House Speaker Mike Chenault, […]

Jenkins: Obama sells out Alaska’s economic future to mollify his green base

By Paul Jenkins Alaska finds itself in the unenviable position of being a political pawn — environmental sop, actually — in a Barack Obama hustle that could devastate the state and deprive the nation of an inestimable energy bounty. Because of Obama’s glaring disconnect with Alaska, it is no matter to him the state is […]


Michael Ramirez is a two-time American Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist.

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