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Collision heavily damages fire truck on Glenn Highway


Jenkins: Taxes may be necessary, but not without more cuts

By Paul Jenkins | As increasingly antsy Alaska legislators stare down a $3 billion budget hole and watch state reserves dry up, the discussion on closing the gap inexorably is veering toward a personal income tax and using Permanent Fund earnings to make ends meet — with spending cuts taking a back seat. The numbers […]

Jenkins: Trump does devil’s work in attack in attacking court

By Paul Jenkins | It is unsettling, even frightening, to hear a president of the United States, any president, lash out and publicly attack a court, any court in this country, as “political” and “disgraceful.” It can serve no purpose, but to undermine the public’s confidence in its courts and the rule of law. President […]

Jenkins: Despite uncertainty of Trump immigration order, overhaul long overdue

By Paul Jenkins | If ever there were an illustration of a ship of state steaming into uncharted waters, President Donald Trump’s executive order sharply, albeit temporarily, ratcheting down immigration must stand as a shining example. Coming out of the blue as it did, the order startled some, terrified others and caught most — even […]


Gary Varvel is a political cartoonist for the Indianapolis Star. He has been with The Star since 1994.


Michael Ramirez is a two-time American Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist.

Jenkins: Nation needs tough, honest press

By Paul Jenkins | It has been a tough year or so for the news media and talking heads who mocked and belittled Donald Trump as a bombastic idiot, who dissed flyover America as rubes, racists and irrelevant, and who were happily playing kissy-face with the Hillary Clinton campaign. In the frenzied process of “getting” […]

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