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Jenkins: Primary turnout pathetic, results good, debate goes on

By Paul Jenkins You have to wonder about a state where elections sometimes are decided by a coin-flip or vitally important questions about its future are decided by one in three registered voters. Heck, one in three people here routinely wear tin-foil hats. In Tuesdayʼs primary election balloting, with Ballot Measure 1 — and arguably […]

Jenkins: Returning to ACES will mean losing oil gains

By Paul Jenkins With the hours ticking away until Tuesday’s primary election, the half-truths, whoppers and statistics apparently conjured from thin air are swirling like tornadoes through the debate about whether to repeal oil tax reform and return to the failed Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share oil tax. The balloting comes — thankfully, in the […]

Jenkins: Jewell refuses to hear sense on King Cove road

By Paul Jenkins If you are laboring under the illusion that the Obama administration and its sycophants on the left care about Alaska Natives in King Cove or anyplace else, you might weigh what her highness, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, has to say: Just get over it. King Cove, a flyspeck Aleut fishing village at […]

Begich tries to hitch a ride with Murkowski, but Lisa doesn’t want him in the car

By Paul Jenkins Liberal Democrat Mark Begich is praying for a second lightning strike in this cherry-red state as he struggles to transmogrify himself — zaaaap! — into something more palatable to Alaskans than a tax-and-spender beholden to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Barack Obama. Begich wants, even needs, Alaskans to embrace him […]

Jenkins: EPA’s Pebble play is an abuse of power – with more to come

By Paul Jenkins While the Environmental Protection Agency pursues its dubious war on the proposed Pebble mine project, and the end-justifies-any-means crowd applauds, we should be asking: Which project is next and how far will we allow this federal agency to exceed its lawful authority? Make no mistake, the EPA’s headlong rush to block Pebble […]

The EPA run amok

The Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement of severe restrictions on the proposed Pebble Mine on state land – even before its developers can file an application for permits – is simply another egregious example of this federal agency ignoring the law. The new restrictions announced last week would forbid discharges that would destroy five or more […]

Jenkins: Oil tax debate reflects philosophies of more or less government

By Paul Jenkins The nettlesome brawl over oil taxation in Alaska at its core is no more than a clash between radically different, competing political ideologies. It is not a small divergence, mind you; it is a Grand Canyon among philosophical divides. At one end of the spectrum, government is an all-powerful decider, a provider […]

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