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Jenkins: Pursuing gas instead of oil is stepping over dollars to pick up pennies

By Paul Jenkins | An easily excitable friend wondered the other day: If Alaska is an oil state, which it most certainly is, and if it has a spending problem, which it most certainly does, why is it dorking around, spending boatloads of cash on a mega-LNG project when the real dough is in oil? […]

Jenkins: Appeals court stretches for backdoor gun control

By Paul Jenkins | If ever there were justification to drug test the nation’s judges, it would be the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision upholding the People’s Republic of Maryland’s ban on most magazine-fed rifles, including the AR-15, calling them “exceptionally lethal weapons of war.” Further, the court ruled, “assault weapons and large-capacity […]

GCI posts 2016 loss, drop in wireless revenue


Iditarod 45 race blog


Many in Mountain View welcome added foot patrols by police


Obama-era targeting of tea party groups may be detailed in 7K unacknowledged IRS documents


Impeached South Korean president ousted for corruption, influence peddling


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