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Jenkins: Pols, pundits react in predictable, pointless ways to Charleston killings

By Paul Jenkins The fallout from the murder of nine decent, innocent people by a craven lunatic in Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church was too predictable. If you believed the enormity of the horrific tragedy — its scope matched only by the awe-inspiring love, dignity and compassion of the slain churchgoers’ families — called […]

Can Alaska afford to expand Medicaid? Can it afford to trust Obama?

By Paul Jenkins It is hard not to chuckle now about political satirist P.J. It is hard not to chuckle when you read political satirist P.J. O’Rourke’s observation about the nation’s health care system as Bill and Hillary monkeyed with it: “If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it […]

High costs claim companies

Here is something scary. Largely because of Alaska’s small population and high health care costs, three insurance companies say they are pulling out of Alaska’s individual health insurance plan market. That will leave more than 5,000 Alaskans – mostly insured by only one of the companies – looking for health care coverage in a quickly […]

Jenkins: Alaska Permanent Fund can fill the budget gap if only we’d recognize it’s time

By Paul Jenkins On the heels of Gov. Bill Walker’s three-day “Building a Sustainable Future” shindig in Fairbanks to hash out details of Alaska’s fiscal problems and possible solutions, many of us are wondering when Alaskans will get around to connecting the dots. As some attendees pointed out, most of those at the gathering were […]

Jenkins: Alaskans, guard your wallets, a Fairbanks group to talk ‘revenue options’

By Paul Jenkins Watching frazzled legislators don Xtratufs and slosh around in puddles of red ink as they grapple with Alaska’s most recent budget dilemma — Cadillac wants, Kia dough — has lost its allure. It was amusing initially, but the comedic value is, well, kaput! The real fun is slated this weekend when members […]

Jenkins: Alaska should stabilize finances to avoid annual budget fiasco

By Paul Jenkins At first, off in the distance, it sounded for all the world as if the portals of Hades had cracked open and fiery souls were scrambling to daylight, splashing across the Styx, screaming in pain, howling, rending the cosmos with otherworldly shrieks and groans. But no, it was just Democratic Alaska legislators […]

Jenkins: Democrats and unions know this session is last chance to strike it rich

By Paul Jenkins Stop the presses! Those nasty ol’ Alaska Republicans are at it again, wrecking government, sowing ruin, keeping poor people down and coddling the evil oil industry — at least that’s the agitprop peddled by Democrats and their union pals as they try to justify hijacking the legislative process for their own political […]

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