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More money, more homeless

Here is a surprise: The number of homeless people in Anchorage has increased by more than 200 people since last year. The city conducted a week-long count in the third week of August and found the number of homeless was 1,272 compared to last year’s 1,064 – and cleaning up their illegal camps apparently did little […]

Department of Idiocy

What this state needs is a Department of Idiocy. No, really, and we nominate as commissioner whoever at the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities recently came up with two catastrophically dumb ideas that unnecessarily would endanger motorists. The first really, really bad idea was to shut off the lights on the Glenn Highway in […]

What’s not to understand?

The asinine fight over where the Legislature should meet for a special session called by Gov. Mike Dunleavy is not the first time the Legislature and a governor have tangled over the question. Dunleavy called for the special session to determine this year’s Permanent Fund dividend to meet in Wasilla and 22 lawmakers did just […]

Showing its face

At some point, a rational person must simply marvel at the Democratic Party and its pell-mell rush to the political Left. During its first two presidential debates, the party offered up enough new “programs” to further bankrupt the United States, everything from forgiving more than $1 trillion in student loan debt to free health care […]

Jenkins: Decision on Permanent Fund dividend’s future should be ours to make

By Paul Jenkins | The Alaska Permanent Fund dividend is, was and will be in the future a genuinely lousy idea. In the 39 years since the payout was hatched to buy undying love, support and citizen protection for the fund itself, it has evolved from being the tail wagging the dog to the tail […]


Samples: Don’t believe too much in democracy, Mark Zuckerberg

By John Samples | Everyone dislikes the social media companies these days. Conservatives (that is, Republicans) decry alleged bias against their views. Liberals (that is, Democrats) complain about hate speech online and market domination. And that’s just the start for both sides. Of course, both sides believe “something must be done,” ranging from federal agencies […]

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