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Michael Ramirez is a two-time American Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist.

Jenkins: If there’s no crisis, Gov. Walker, why the cuts and warning of taxes?

By Paul Jenkins If it looks like a fiscal crisis, walks like a fiscal crisis, quacks like a fiscal crisis, is it really a fiscal crisis? Or is it a downturn? Or a glitch? How about a fiscal situation? A bump in the road? Or is it any of those? In Alaska, it depends on […]

Jenkins: Walker makes a mess of conflict question

By Paul Jenkins Newly elected Gov. Bill Walker and his attorney general and former law partner, Craig Richards, find themselves neck-deep in a messy, complicated ethics dilemma as they try to break new ground in the halls of power. Walker and Richards in 2012 filed a public interest lawsuit challenging the state’s hard-won settlement with […]

Jenkins: Alaska Dispatch News should have opinions

By Paul Jenkins The headline was straightforward enough: “Lt. Gov. Mallott to assess governor’s, attorney general’s legal conflicts.” Fusion Gov. Bill Walker, it turns out, has handed his subordinate, Byron Mallott, final say on whether Walker and his attorney general and former law partner, Craig Richards, can join in at least a half-dozen legal proceedings […]


Bob Gorrell is a nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist distributed by Creators Syndicate, Inc.

Jenkins: All of Alaska has to deal with consequences of Mayor Sullivan’s AO-37 debacle

By Paul Jenkins Media organizations cobble together ‘Top 10″ lists this time of year because news of any consequence is, well, exceedingly rare — and space and time must be filled. My list — “Big screw-ups” — is short. It contains only one item: Anchorage Ordinance 2013-37, the Responsible Labor Act. The way AO-37 was […]

Be safe tonight

Those of you who will venture out tonight to joyously celebrate the New Year, please be safe. Many celebrations around town will involve – surprise! – drinking alcohol. There certainly is nothing wrong with that, but we urge moderation and common sense – and designated drivers. We urge that you do not get behind the […]

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