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Michael Ramirez is a two-time American Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist.  

Jenkins: Palin drama? Small potatoes compared to violence against women, kids

By Paul Jenkins Sitting down to write this column, I had a lead in mind: A funny thing happened on the way to the trailer park the other night. Alaska’s former first family piled out of a stretch Clampettmobile at a party and stumbled — proud, rowdy, middle fingers defiantly flying — headlong into national […]

Jenkins: Who is Bill Walker? Neither party may like the answer

By Paul Jenkins With the frenzy surrounding announcement of a Bill Walker-Byron Mallott gubernatorial ticket – some breathlessly call it “historic” – you have to wade through a river of populist drivel to get to the meaty question: Who is Bill Walker? Pardon me for noticing, but Walker — a guy working hard to be […]

Jenkins: Alaska Democrats abandon principles, voters in jump to join Unity ticket

By Paul Jenkins Imagine my shock at the headline: “Walker, Mallott Form Union Ticket to Oppose Parnell.” Holy cow! I thought. Finally, the unvarnished truth about this latest bit of cheesy political legerdemain and, boy, are the union guys going to be ticked off. Ah, but, alas, no. On second reading, the headline actually said, […]

Jenkins: Democrats make demons of Kochs, and Alaskans shrug

By Paul Jenkins It is a hoot to watch the political left, always prowling for new boogeymen to hate for fundraising purposes, as it hustles to chase down fresh victims. Take, for instance, its ginned-up war on the conservative Koch brothers. It is even more fun, despite the leftʼs herculean efforts, when Alaskans stare blankly […]

Jenkins: Primary turnout pathetic, results good, debate goes on

By Paul Jenkins You have to wonder about a state where elections sometimes are decided by a coin-flip or vitally important questions about its future are decided by one in three registered voters. Heck, one in three people here routinely wear tin-foil hats. In Tuesdayʼs primary election balloting, with Ballot Measure 1 — and arguably […]

Jenkins: Returning to ACES will mean losing oil gains

By Paul Jenkins With the hours ticking away until Tuesday’s primary election, the half-truths, whoppers and statistics apparently conjured from thin air are swirling like tornadoes through the debate about whether to repeal oil tax reform and return to the failed Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share oil tax. The balloting comes — thankfully, in the […]

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