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Jenkins: Walker is boldly taking us further from a gas line

By Paul Jenkins For a guy with no natural gas, no money, no support from North Slope oil producers and no legislative backing worth a hill of beans, Gov. Bill Walker is clinging to dreams of building a gas line on his own terms like a shipwreck survivor clutches a life ring. It smacks of […]

Jenkins: Anchorage is fortunate to have politicians so in tune, vandals so polite

By Paul Jenkins As the dust settles from a shocking bit of vandalism that stirred so much attention in Anchorage, all of us in this city — each and every last one of us — should be thanking our lucky stars. It seems Sudanese immigrants living in a Spenard apartment awoke last Sunday to find […]

Jenkins: Coffey’s Anchorage mayoral candidacy is roadkill; just ask Joe Miller

By Paul Jenkins A little more than four years ago during a Senate election campaign, I wrote, “Joe Miller’s political future in Alaska is, not to put too fine a point on it, deader than Alabama roadkill. Draw a chalk line around it and call somebody to clean it up. The worst part? Miller insists […]

Jenkins: Alaska Rep. Reinbold defies caucus, and her constituents pay the price

By Paul Jenkins When I was a kid in Florida, my dad let me use his car for the evening. It was an MGA, a wire-wheeled wonder I dreamed of getting upon graduation. He warned me not to take it to Daytona Beach that night — or else. “You understand?” he asked. No beach. Or […]

Jenkins: Alaska needs more people like June Stein

By Paul Jenkins If you are around politics long enough, you come to know there is but a single certainty: It is as nasty as the floor of a bologna factory, and twice as messy. Eventually, unless you have the soul of a dung beetle, it will turn your stomach. Take, for instance, the shameful […]

Jenkins: Walker’s wrong-way gas line plan hits wall of opposition

By Paul Jenkins Gov. Bill Walker now finds himself at loggerheads with lawmakers correctly cranky about his grandiose expansion plans for the $10 billion Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline. His idea is to have ASAP compete with the $65 billion Alaska LNG Project, even though that could ball up the state’s business relationship with producers, who […]

Jenkins: Gas line policy? Walker is either crazy like a fox or crazy as a loon

By Paul Jenkins So, there you are, Big Oil Inc. plugging away, spending hundreds of millions of dollars doing prep work for a long-awaited $65 billion liquefied natural gas project to monetize vast North Slope reserves. After fits and starts spanning decades, a gas line finally may make economic sense, you are thinking. It would […]

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