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Jenkins: Even ‘serious’ cyclists need to obey the rules of the road

By Paul Jenkins There was no traffic in the quiet “SoNo district” neighborhood when my truck rolled to a halt at a four-way stop the other morning. As my foot came off the brake and I started forward, there was a flash from the right, and in a nanosecond a short-haired woman on a bicycle […]

Don’t expand Alaska’s Medicaid system until it’s been reformed

By Paul Jenkins As the state stares down the barrel of perhaps a $4 billion budget deficit, it is beyond baffling that anybody — even a liberal clinging desperately to freebie medical care as some sort of talismanic human right — could justify adding even one person to Alaska’s Medicaid rolls, much less 40,000, as […]


Michael Ramirez is a two-time American Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist.

Jenkins: Left banks on Berkowitz, and it’s easy to see why

By Paul Jenkins Turnout, if not truckloads of cash, will decide this week’s Anchorage mayoral contest. Ethan Berkowitz, former Democratic legislator, has the lion’s share. His opponent, Amy Demboski, a conservative, has an electorate that largely mirrors her views in many areas. As important is the question of who supporters of Dan Coffey and Andrew […]

Jenkins: What’s going on in Wisconsin violates basic American rights

By Paul Jenkins If the notion of wielding the IRS as a weapon against political enemies or wiretapping the Associated Press does not bother you; if the NSA’s pervasive eavesdropping or Barack Obama’s lawless presidency does not make you nuts, what happened in Wisconsin will seem like, well, just a walk in the park. If […]

Jenkins: May Amy Demboski bedevil the left all the way to Anchorage mayor’s office

By Paul Jenkins Reading through a recent ideological litmus test masquerading as an election Q&A piece grilling mayoral hopefuls Amy Demboski and Ethan Berkowitz, a favorite cartoon came to mind. Drawn by two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Michel Ramirez, it depicts a short-haired, dumpy frau wearing geeky glasses and a yellow T-shirt emblazoned with “LEFT” in […]

Jenkins: Walker is boldly taking us further from a gas line

By Paul Jenkins For a guy with no natural gas, no money, no support from North Slope oil producers and no legislative backing worth a hill of beans, Gov. Bill Walker is clinging to dreams of building a gas line on his own terms like a shipwreck survivor clutches a life ring. It smacks of […]

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