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Murkowski wants to ‘really hear the case’ against Trump before deciding what more is needed

READ: https://apnews.com/0b9f4a27607aa439308f02923a51b6ef

Magnitude 3.4 quake felt in Anchorage, Eagle River, center says

READ: https://apnews.com/3597cc7a1d44272c122fc5c4ec16e27a

Thousands gather for Women’s March rallies across the U.S.

READ: https://apnews.com/5a5b32b3abd47e202521c94998ecc297

China reports 17 new cases in viral pneumonia outbreak

READ: https://apnews.com/a478dde9f8fbc1c47d1ef6a5ede6fe9f

Hong Kong protest by thousands cut short by clashes with police

READ: https://apnews.com/e182d183da003f50f608fb909661229e

French trial bares extent of how church covered for predator priest

READ: https://apnews.com/1e2e059fc1008bc1d2f532e4cfc447c2

‘New Light of God’ cult ‘kills 7 in Panama jungle

READ: https://apnews.com/73258c57329e8bdc29b11b31781e29a5

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