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Jenkins: GOP leaders stand strong against Walker’s Medicaid expansion fiat

By Paul Jenkins While the left revs up its propaganda machine to decry the Legislative Council’s correct — sublimely correct — decision to sue the pants off Gov. Bill Walker for embracing Barack Obama’s penchant for ignoring constitutional strictures and playing overlord, the rest of us should be thanking our lucky stars. Perhaps the folks […]

Jenkins: Sen. McGuire’s right to call for closer look at Mosley death

By Paul Jenkins After a few years of loitering in courtrooms as a reporter, after being able to see inside a few correctional institutions, to sense the dreary, concrete block sameness and the numbing, noisy claustrophobia, prison, at least for me, is a huge deterrent. Perhaps the worst would be the loss of control; the […]

Come on up

For reasons we will never understand, Portland’s mayor, a guy named Charles Hales, says he plans to go to Washington, D.C., and lobby President Barack Obama to stop oil drilling in the Arctic. Like us, you probably wonder why somebody from Portland, which makes a lot of money from Alaska’s oil industry – and from […]

Jenkins: Kudos to UAF for reversing bad decision to remove Mississippi flag

By Paul Jenkins | When good sense overcomes the nincompoopery of politically correct cultural cleansing in the name of “diversity,” it is, well, heartening. Take the flag fiasco at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, for instance. Exhibiting lap-dog eagerness to appease those laboring mightily to eradicate all traces of Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern […]

UAF flag episode an embarrassment

It is always sad when raw ignorance and emotionalism manage to swamp a sense of history and good sense. It is especially troublesome when it happens on a university campus. The University of Alaska Fairbanks, apparently eager to take its place among the ranks of the mob-driven politically correct, yanked the Mississippi state flag from […]

Jenkins: Alaska shouldn’t sweat Iranian oil glut yet, but must get finances in order

By Paul Jenkins News of the Mad Hatter accord ostensibly aimed at limiting — or ensuring, depending on your viewpoint — Tehran’s ability to conjure up a nuke by next Tuesday in return for lifting international oil, weapons and financial sanctions understandably triggered night sweats about oil prices and Alaska’s iffy fiscal situation. Read More:

Jenkins: Anchorage NAACP president off-base in criticism of column on Charleston killings

By Paul Jenkins Whenever a writer fires off something that can be construed as biting or controversial in a volatile atmosphere, pushback — some good, some not so good — should come as no surprise. A few weeks back, a piece I wrote about the predictable and distasteful reactions of some American officials and businesses […]

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