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Jenkins: Baker’s Supreme Court case tests First Amendment

By Paul Jenkins | There is absolutely no question the U.S. Supreme Court should side with a Colorado baker who refused, because of his religious convictions, to bake a custom cake for a gay couple’s wedding. The First Amendment’s future hangs in the balance. A central question in court filings is “Whether applying Colorado’s public- […]

Jenkins: What will drive voters in 2020?

By Paul Jenkins | A  friend with inexplicable liberal tendencies was wallowing in a blue funk about the state of, well, anything and everything Trump — his prickly insanity, his boorish, endless tweeting, his outrageous gaffes — when he sighed and said wistfully, “Well, it will all be over in about two years.” Do you […]

Jenkins: Left chases gun control, ignores what just might work

By Paul Jenkins | If anything can be said about our friends on the Left, it is this: No matter how lousy the idea they hatch, no matter how ridiculous or dangerous to our hard-won constitutional freedoms, they never give up. As if to prove that point, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and at least 23 of […]

Jenkins: Left and Times wrong about Electoral College

By Paul Jenkins | The political left and its mouthpiece, The New York Times, are still fuming over Hillary Clinton’s election humiliation last year, and are nothing if not determined — even frantic — to rid this nation of the pesky Electoral College that installed Donald Trump as president. Clinton is the fifth candidate in […]

Jenkins: Time to use the Permanent Fund earnings for their intended purpose

By Paul Jenkins | Suppose you were a deer staring blankly into the blazing headlights of an oncoming, speeding truck. And suppose you were a member of the Alaska Legislature. But, with a tip of the hat to Mark Twain, I repeat myself. The state Department of Revenue guys analyzed Gov. Bill Walker’s proposed payroll […]

Jenkins: Enshrining PFD in constitution a lousy idea, or is it?

By Paul Jenkins | Alaska’s politicians, dragging out the flag, mom and apple pie, are stumbling all over themselves trying to save our Permanent Fund dividends from, well, Alaska’s politicians. Democratic Rep. Chris Tuck and Republicrat Gabrielle LeDoux are the latest publicly to join the festivities, opining in an Alaska Dispatch News op-ed that Alaskans, […]

Jenkins: Let’s set an Alaska LNG deadline – and stick to it

By Paul Jenkins | When will Gov. Bill Walker and the guys at the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. get around to admitting the handwriting may be on the wall when it comes to the massive Alaska LNG project? With Alaska going broke, the public corporation, despite little tangible interest from gas buyers or investors, is […]

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