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Tanner: What to expect If Democrats win the House

By Michael D. Tanner | There’s less than a month until the midterm elections, and, despite an uptick in Republican enthusiasm following the spectacle of the Kavanaugh nomination, it still seems likely that Democrats will capture control of at least one chamber of Congress. And as Election Day draws nearer, we can expect both parties […]

Tanner: Who’s really to thank for booming economy: Donald Trump or Barack Obama?

By Michael D. Tanner | Economic growth is up, unemployment is down, and President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama are fighting over who should get the credit. Both are offering a certain amount of truth on behalf of their claim, along with a healthy dose of hyperbole and more than a little statistical […]

Tanner: Congress finds a new excuse to avoid balancing America’s books

By Michael D. Tanner | In April of this year, the Congressional Budget Office warned that we were on track to return to trillion-dollar budget deficits by 2020. That warning turns out to have understated the problem: The latest estimates suggest we will now reach the dubious trillion-dollar milestone this coming fiscal year, and the […]

Tanner: Beware the politics of Fear

By Michael D. Tanner | The poets may say that love is the great motivator, but politicians know it is fear that turns out the vote. With the post-Labor Day start of the campaign season upon us, we can look forward to two months of hearing about all the horrors awaiting us if the other […]

Tanner: The dangers of naive faith in Big Government

By Michael D. Tanner | Last week the New York Times reported that Puerto Rican authorities had discovered at least ten trailers full of food, medicine, and baby supplies that were left to rot as a result of government ineptitude in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. At this point, news stories about such incompetence are […]

Tanner: Budget deficits only getting bigger under Trump

By Michael D. Tanner | Here’s a big surprise. It turns out that if you cut taxes while also spending more money, budget deficits get bigger. Despite the banal common sense of this proposition, the Trump administration has tried to pretend that it was different for them: They could make everyone happy by cutting taxes […]

Tanner: Our welfare system needs serious disruption

By Michael D. Tanner | President Trump’s supporters have long argued that we should overlook his manifest flaws because he is a “disrupter,” and God knows there are more than a few institutions in Washington that could use a little disruption. Of course, as the misery and chaos on our southern border show, disruption can […]

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