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Tanner: Welfare can make more sense than work

By Michael D. Tanner Most decisions in life are the result of a cost-benefit analysis. When residents in Connecticut consider getting a job, they assume they would be better off having a job than not. They’d be wrong. Because in Connecticut, it pays not to work. Next Monday, the Cato Institute will release a new […]

Tanner: Defunding Obamacare worth a try

By Michael D. Tanner After a summer of relative quiet on the fiscal front, Congress is approaching two deadlines that will be vital not just in terms of the U.S. economy, but for the future of the Republican party as well. Sometime in late October, the federal government will once again reach its statutory debt […]

Tanner: GOP hypocrisy and the farm bill

By Michael D. Tanner Whenever Republicans attempt to cut spending for some social welfare program or another, Democrats are quick to claim that it is not unaffordable spending that the Republicans dislike, but poor people. By passing the farm bill this week — after stripping out spending for the food stamp program — House Republicans […]

Tanner: Mad Man

By Michael D. Tanner Even as the Obama administration was coming to the belated realization that ObamaCare’s employer mandate was a job-killing blow to the economy — postponing its implementation until after the 2014 midterm elections — it was signing an $8 million contract with the New York firm of Weber Shandwick to promote the […]

Tanner: What Frederick Douglass stood for

By Michael D. Tanner Wednesday, Congress will dedicate a statue of Frederick Douglass in the Capitol Rotunda. The dedication ceremony has unfortunately become wrapped up in the politics surrounding the District of Columbia’s lack of representation in Congress, but that controversy aside, it is hard to think of a man more deserving of the honor. […]

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