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Tanner: The Debt and the GOP

By Michael D. Tanner With our national debt now passing the $18 trillion mark, and rising at the rate of $40 to $50 billion per month, it is worth taking a look at where the putative Republican presidential candidates stand on the question. Do they see it as a major issue? Would they deal with […]

Tanner: Obama’s ‘mindless austerity’

By Michael D. Tanner In announcing his $3.999 trillion budget proposal for FY 2016, President Obama said that he was putting an end to “mindless austerity” in federal spending. In response to which, one wants to ask, “What color is the sky on his planet?” There has been no austerity, mindless or otherwise, during the […]

Tanner: Obama’s Class Warfare

By Michael D. Tanner The American economy is finally coming back, after one of the slowest post-recession recoveries in recent history. So naturally President Obama has decided that what we really need now is a return to the era of tax and spend. Oh, and of course, a healthy batch of class warfare too. The […]

Tanner: How Obamacare Is ‘working’

By Michael D. Tanner No matter how badly you want something to be true, simply wishing will not make it so. This is a lesson that Obamacare supporters need to learn, as they tell us yet again that the Affordable Care Act “is working.” The latest claims stem in part from evidence that the number […]

Tanner: The court and Obamacare

By Michael D. Tanner Probably no later than next June, we can expect the Supreme Court to rule on whether the Obama administration can provide subsidies for Obamacarethrough federally run exchanges despite explicit language in the law that limits subsidies to “an exchange established by a State.” There is no guarantee, of course, about how […]

Tanner: The 2014 tax revolt

By Michael D. Tanner As they whistle past the post-election graveyard, Democrats have found a new tune: Voters may have rejected their candidates for everything from U.S. Senate to dogcatcher, but they really still agree with them on the issues. Of course this clearly isn’t true when it comes to Obamacare, which just dropped to […]

Tanner: On its one-year anniversary, ObamaCare gets an ‘F’

By Michael D. Tanner This past Wednesday marked one year since enrollment in ObamaCare began. What began with the disastrous rollout of healthcare.gov has ended with the health law’s supporters claiming victory. It is true that some of the worst predictions have not yet come true. Yet. But in the last year we’ve also seen […]

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