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Tanner: Why is there so much government hostility to private charity?

By Michael D. Tanner | Last week brought some of the most brutally cold weather in years to the eastern U.S. In Elgin, Ill., Greg Schiller recognized the threat such cold posed to the area’s many homeless people and decided to allow some of them to spend nights in his heated basement. This selfless act […]

Tanner: The risks and rewards of welfare reform

By Michael D. Tanner With tax reform finally behind us, President Trump has been dropping hints that welfare reform might be the administration’s next big undertaking. Few areas of government are as ripe for reform as our bloated, inefficient, and ineffective welfare system. The United States has spent more than $23 trillion fighting poverty, roughly […]

Tanner: Graham-Cassidy a too-mild Obamacare improvement

By Michael D. Tanner | Yogi Berra was right: It’s déjà vu all over again. Health-care reform is back on the table. With time rapidly running out — the reconciliation rule that would allow legislation to pass with just 50 senators’ votes expires on September 30 — Republicans may take up yet another proposal to […]

Tanner: Trump’s ‘toughness’ an insult to law enforcement

By Michael D. Tanner | By now, we’ve all seen the pictures: police officers and sheriff’s deputies wading into Houston’s floodwaters to rescue people, exhausted from working 20-hour shifts, disregarding their own safety to help others. Nothing could be more emblematic of the tens of thousands of professional law-enforcement officers in this country who do […]

Tanner: No to coal subsidies; no to corporate welfare

By Michael D. Tanner | Conservatives have long been among the biggest critics of welfare programs for poor and low-income Americans, mostly with just cause. But such criticism would probably be received better if there was even half as much outrage directed at welfare for corporations. The latest outrageous example of corporate welfare comes from […]

Tanner: Debt-Ceiling Fight Looms as next Big Test for Congress

By Michael D. Tanner If you thought the recent fight over health-care reform was fun, get ready for the next big Washington circus: raising the debt ceiling. In October of 2015, Congress chose to avoid the usual fight over setting a symbolic debt target by agreeing to waive any limit on the debt for 17 […]

Tanner: The health-care debate isn’t going away

By Michael D. Tanner If you thought that the recent debacle marked the end of the health-care debate, guess again. As much as Republicans in Congress would like to move on to other things, the issue isn’t going anywhere. First, of course, none of Obamacare’s failures have gone away. Millions of Americans are still forced […]

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