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Tanner: Embracing the hard realities of health-care reform

By Michael D. Tanner It is an old joke among health-policy wonks that what the American people really want from health-care reform is unlimited care, from the doctor of their choice, with no wait, free of charge. For Republicans, trying to square this circle has led to panic, paralysis, and half-baked policy proposals such as […]

Tanner: Portland victims proof America never stopped being great

By Michael D. Tanner Rick Best was a 53-year-old Republican who had unsuccessfully run for county commissioner on a conservative platform that stressed his opposition to tax increases and excessive spending. He was a 23-year army veteran who had served tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. And he was married with three teenage sons and […]

Tanner: Trump’s plan to cut corporate taxes would help workers and businesses

By Michael D. Tanner | Donald Trump is expected to announce his long-awaited tax-reform plan this week, the centerpiece of which is reportedly a reduction of the top federal corporate-tax rate from the current 35 percent to 15 percent. Even before the plan’s formal announcement, critics have reacted with predictable wailing and gnashing of teeth. […]

Tanner: The budget battles to come

By Michael E. Tanner Don’t look now, but the next big legislative battles of the Trump presidency may be just a few weeks away. Republicans must pass a budget by April 28 to avoid a partial government shutdown. Yet, as was the case during the recent failed effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, Democrats are […]

Tanner: Is Trump serious about cutting the deficit and the national debt?

By Michael D. Tanner Even before President Trump was sworn in, Washington was abuzz with leaks about his coming budget. According to some reports, he would propose as much as $10.5 trillion in cuts over the next ten years. Among the cuts would be programs that have long been examples of wasteful, unnecessary, or counterproductive […]

Tanner: What to expect from ‘Obamacare’ replacement

By Michael D. Tanner Republicans officially have begun the long and complex road to repealing and “replacing” “ObamaCare.” And if you believe congressional Democrats, various special-interest groups and much of the media, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are about to be unleashed. Former Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid paused on his way out the […]

Tanner: Conservatives should think twice before supporting Jeff Sessions

By Michael D. Tanner When President-elect Trump selected Alabama senator Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general, many conservatives cheered. Immigration hardliners were thrilled to have one of their own in the position, while other conservatives saw Sessions as the type of dynamic presence needed to clean out the Stygian morass of President Obama’s Justice […]

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