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Tanner: Medicare’s costs and benefits

By Michael D. Tanner What’s with all the newfound love for Medicare? Last week, at a rally in New Hampshire, Donald Trump proclaimed, “Medicare works! You get rid of the fraud, waste, and abuse, and it works!” That probably shouldn’t come as a surprise from Trump, who once advocated a single-payer health-care system for the […]

Tanner: And coming up on the Left, Bernie Sanders

By Michael D. Tanner | As Hillary Clinton continues to stumble, her leading opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, is having quite a run. Sanders continues to lead Clinton in New Hampshire, is running close in Iowa, raised nearly as much money as Clinton during the last quarter, and attracts Trump-like crowds at his events. And, if […]

Tanner: The pope and poverty

By Michael D. Tanner Pope Francis has come to the United States, bringing with him more criticism of capitalism than a Bernie Sanders rally. He speaks with eloquence, fervor, and great moral standing. He is also wrong. The pope’s emphasis on the needs of the poor is important, especially in today’s politics, where poverty is […]

Tanner: America’s eroding economic freedom

By Michael D. Tanner | Just in time for the GOP’s latest presidential debate, a consortium of think tanks from nearly 90 countries released its annual Economic Freedom of the World Report. The report has some good news for much of mankind — economic liberty increased slightly around the globe — but not such good […]

Tanner: The U.S. is now the real welfare state

By Michael D. Tanner In 2013, the New York Times reported on the case of Carina, a 36-year-old Danish single mother who had been on welfare since she was 16. Denmark has long had one of the most generous welfare systems in Europe, and Carina was able to collect about $2,700 per month in benefits, […]

Tanner: Republicans and crony capitalism

By Michael D. Tanner As Carly Fiorina gets a second look following her strong performance in last week’s debate, observers are noticing the emergence of an interesting theme in her campaign: opposition to the crony capitalism that infests so much of our economy today. “What we have now is less and less free market,” Carly […]

Tanner: Who would not favor economic growth?

By Michael D. Tanner One of the enduring fault lines in American politics has been over how to best increase economic growth. Conservatives and libertarians have generally argued for lower taxes and fewer regulations. Liberals have called for government investment in infrastructure and measures designed to boost consumer spending. Supply-side versus demand-side stimulus gets debated, […]

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