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Grabow: Uncle Sam’s surprising role: sugar cartel kingpin

By Colin Grabow | Kirk Vashaw, CEO of the Spangler Candy Company, employs more than 500 workers at his company’s Bryan, Ohio, production facility. He says he’d like to hire more, and with 900 applicants for jobs last year there is no shortage of interest. But Vashaw says that the federal government’s meddling prevents the […]

Tanner: Why Americans love Amazon, and why Trump is wrong to attack it

By Michael D. Tanner | I have firsthand knowledge that President Trump is right. For years, the tech giant Amazon has been carrying out a nefarious plot to sell me things I want at a price I like. How evil can they get? Many commentators have noted that the president was wrong about almost everything […]

Illarionov: Putin’s new term—from Brezhnev to Stalin

By Andrei Illionov | As was widely expected, on Sunday Vladimir Putin was once again reinstalled (reconfirmed, re-enthroned) in the Kremlin. The term “elected” cannot be used in this case since nothing that happened on March 18, 2018, or in the months leading to this date, qualifies for the internationally recognized basic standards of the […]

Tanner: Trump Returns to His Democratic Roots

By Michael D. Tanner | It has largely slipped under the radar screens of partisan hatred in Washington, but has anyone noticed that in the last couple of months Donald Trump has become … a Democrat? Of course, for most of his life, Trump was a Democrat, a faithful fundraiser for Chuck Schumer and Hilary […]

Tanner: Why is there so much government hostility to private charity?

By Michael D. Tanner | Last week brought some of the most brutally cold weather in years to the eastern U.S. In Elgin, Ill., Greg Schiller recognized the threat such cold posed to the area’s many homeless people and decided to allow some of them to spend nights in his heated basement. This selfless act […]

Tanner: The risks and rewards of welfare reform

By Michael D. Tanner With tax reform finally behind us, President Trump has been dropping hints that welfare reform might be the administration’s next big undertaking. Few areas of government are as ripe for reform as our bloated, inefficient, and ineffective welfare system. The United States has spent more than $23 trillion fighting poverty, roughly […]

Tanner: Graham-Cassidy a too-mild Obamacare improvement

By Michael D. Tanner | Yogi Berra was right: It’s déjà vu all over again. Health-care reform is back on the table. With time rapidly running out — the reconciliation rule that would allow legislation to pass with just 50 senators’ votes expires on September 30 — Republicans may take up yet another proposal to […]

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