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Tanner: Neither Trump nor his message built to win a national election

By Michael D. Tanner | Let the precriminations begin. Somehow Donald Trump has survived to fight another day. But with each passing hour, it becomes more obvious that he is going to lose this election, and most likely take a Republican Senate down with him. Even Republican control of the House is now in jeopardy. […]

Tanner: Big-government presidential candidates, look at Venezuela

By Michael D. Tanner Even as Americans lurch toward the conclusion of a monumentally unsatisfying election campaign, Yon Goicoechea is sitting in a Venezuelan prison for demanding the basic political rights that we take for granted. Goicoechea, who won the Cato Institute’s Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty in 2008, for organizing student opposition to […]

Tanner: In comparative economic freedom, the U.S. Is in 16th place

By Michael D. Tanner Hooray, we’re number … 16!? The latest Index of the Economic Freedom of the World was released last week, and the United States held its ranking as the 16th freest economy (see page 8 of the report), the same ranking as last year. I suppose it could have been worse. The […]

Tanner: How did Bill Clinton’s welfare reform turn out?

By Michael D. Tanner Happy birthday, welfare reform. Twenty years ago this week, leaders of both political parties gathered in the White House Rose Garden to watch President Clinton sign the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, which represented the most extensive revision of federal anti-poverty policy in more than 30 years. Echoing one […]

Tanner: Economic revival, Trump-style

By Michael D. Tanner After one of the most disastrous couple of weeks in recent American political history, Donald Trump has attempted to relaunch his campaign. His speech on Monday laying out his vision for reviving the economy certainly represented an improvement over insulting Gold Star mothers and encouraging Russian espionage, but for anyone who […]

Tanner: Keeping polls in perspective

By Michael D. Tanner Trump is up. No, Hillary is up. Is Gary Johnson surging? Hey, is that Jill Stein? Political junkies are obsessed with polls, and almost every day brings a new one to feed our fix. The latest numbers suggest that Trump’s convention bounce has dissipated, and Hillary is enjoying hers. Most polls […]

Tanner: Brexit – What now?

By Michael D. Tanner The short-term shock and turmoil of Brexit will eventually pass. Markets will stabilize as investors realize that the scare campaign by the anti-Brexit establishment was vastly overblown. The Britain of today is largely the same as the Britain of a week ago. The big question, though, remains unanswered: Will Britain seize […]

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