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Tanner: America’s entitlement crisis just keeps growing

By Michael D. Tanner | One problem with living in times as interesting as these is that important news often gets lost amid the swirl of rapidly changing events. If you blinked last week, you may have missed the latest report from the trustees of the Social Security and Medicare systems. But for the sake […]

Tanner: A prison-Reform Bill Passed the House 360–59. It’ll Probably Die in the Senate

By Michael D. Tanner | Imagine legislation that was drafted with the help of presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner. and, unsurprisingly, supported by President Trump himself. Imagine that this same bill is supported by such stalwarts of “The Resistance” as the Urban League and the Equal Justice Initiative, and also backed by prominent conservative groups such […]

Tanner: Obamacare is still with us, and getting worse

By Michael D. Tanner | Speaking at a campaign-style rally in Michigan last week, President Trump declared Obamacare dead. “Essentially, we are getting rid of Obamacare… . Some people would say, essentially, we have gotten rid of it.” Um, no. Whatever those mysterious “some people” might think, not only is Obamacare still with us, but […]

Cannon: The VA’s biggest problem isn’t who’s in charge—it’s centralized government control

By Michael F. Cannon | The Department of Veterans Affairs is really hard to staff. Its Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has 30,000 vacant clinical positions. Eligibility-claims processers are in such short supply, there remains a waiting list 75,000 veterans long. Appeals of eligibility denials have a backlog of more than 300,000 and take an average […]

Grabow: Uncle Sam’s surprising role: sugar cartel kingpin

By Colin Grabow | Kirk Vashaw, CEO of the Spangler Candy Company, employs more than 500 workers at his company’s Bryan, Ohio, production facility. He says he’d like to hire more, and with 900 applicants for jobs last year there is no shortage of interest. But Vashaw says that the federal government’s meddling prevents the […]

Tanner: Why Americans love Amazon, and why Trump is wrong to attack it

By Michael D. Tanner | I have firsthand knowledge that President Trump is right. For years, the tech giant Amazon has been carrying out a nefarious plot to sell me things I want at a price I like. How evil can they get? Many commentators have noted that the president was wrong about almost everything […]

Illarionov: Putin’s new term—from Brezhnev to Stalin

By Andrei Illionov | As was widely expected, on Sunday Vladimir Putin was once again reinstalled (reconfirmed, re-enthroned) in the Kremlin. The term “elected” cannot be used in this case since nothing that happened on March 18, 2018, or in the months leading to this date, qualifies for the internationally recognized basic standards of the […]

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