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Bandow: No more lifetime Supreme Court appointments

By Doug Bandow | Democrats and Republicans alike have turned Supreme Court appointments into a partisan slugfest. No wonder: while the judiciary has long been described as the least dangerous branch of government, the court has become instead a continuing constitutional convention. Just five votes can turn the Constitution inside out. The latest Supreme Court […]

Bandow: North Korea’s dangerous shakeup

By Doug Bandow North Korea’s “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-il has been dead for two years, but his son, Kim Jong-un, appears to have taken firm control—and in a much bloodier fashion than many predicted, with the execution of his uncle and one-time mentor Jang Song-taek. However, no one knows whether the regime is stabilizing or […]

Bandow: Congress fakes fiscal responsibility

By Doug Bandow There never was any doubt that the Senate would follow the House in voting to hike spending and taxes. The New York Times exulted: “A Break in the Inaction: The Bipartisan Budget Deal May Not Be A Washington Cure-all, but It Clears the Air.” How grand! A majority of Capitol Hill Republicrats […]

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