Hoping for success

A federal bankruptcy judge has given the Alaska Dispatch News a new grip on life by approving a $1 million sale of the newspaper to the Binkley Co.

That is a very good thing for Anchorage and Alaska.

In a letter to readers this morning, the newspaper’s new owners said they are committed to putting the state’s largest newspaper back on solid footing.

“The ADN is not going away,” they said. “As owners we vow to do whatever it takes to set Alaska’s paper of record onto a strong foundation that will last for generations.”

What is needed now for success is a laser focus on local news, the nuts and bolts of what is happening and why, and a measured, unbiased approach to its coverage. The newspaper should have a strong editorial voice. To succeed, it must become a necessity for Anchorage residents, something to agree with or fight with, but not something that can be ignored.

It should not be all that hard; the publication already has aboard talented staff members who can make it happen.

We wish the new owners the best of luck. They have taken on a difficult task. The city and Alaska need them to succeed.









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