Diversity Day

Today is Patriot Day everywhere across this great nation – except here in Alaska.

Today everywhere else is a day that has been set aside by Congress, Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump and state governors over the years to remember and honor victims and heroes who fell to radical Islamic terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001 – and to remember the monumental costs since in blood and treasure.

In the 49th State, though, we apparently are a little more squishy.

Gov. Bill Walker has declared today “September 11 Commemoration Day,” a day where “we as Americans reflect on the importance to our nation of freedom, tolerance, patriotism, diversity, and respect for others, and are grateful for the rights and freedoms that we hold as Americans.”

Instead of Patriot Day, Walker scraped up all the politically correct sop he could muster to gut the original meaning of day. What the heck, after all, does “diversity” or “tolerance” have to do with what terrorists did to this nation and the world on 9/11 or since? And patriotism? It gets short shrift behind tolerance in his declaration – and just before diversity.

It is almost as if Walker is joining with many on the left in their effort to blur recollections of that day, to reduce the memories of its catastrophic effect on this nation and the world. Tolerance. Diversity. Respect. Three thousand of us were slaughtered.

We realize it is the election campaign silly season, but there are limits to what Alaskans will stomach, even from politicians.

Walker’s politically correct proclamation is well over the line.



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