VPC blows it again

It is always exciting when pro-gun rights groups make valid points in the ongoing fight to preserve the Second Amendment. It is even more exciting when anti-gun zealots make the points for them.

Take, for instance, a report from the very anti-gun Violence Policy Center on people with concealed carry permits. It set out to make the case that concealed carry permit holders are legalized “killers,” but it actually ended up making the case that those licensed to carry are safer than police with guns.

The VPC report says since 2007, 1,108 deaths have been linked to concealed-carry holders. Suicides accounted for 399 of those deaths. When compared to the murder numbers in Chicago during that time period – 5,343 – the national death rate linked to concealed carry holders is about one-fifth. When you consider 16 million people across the nation have permits, the percentage is miniscule.

But, of course, none of that is important to the left and anti-gun zealots. To them, the end justifies the means and misleading reports are all part of their game aimed at duping Americans.



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